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  • Anarch Characters Only - if your character goes Camarilla or Sabbat, please update the wiki entry immediately.
  • Log-Ins are issued to the Player, if you have more then one Character, please use the same log in.
  • Only significantly edit the Rumor section of another players page; however, "wiki gardening" is acceptable and welcome.
  • Follow "Wheaton's Law"
  • Please do not create pages for other people's PCs unless you are their STs or they personally have asked for your assistance.
  • Please make sure you fill out the Black Box section fully.
  • Please keep the format of the Wiki pages, however feel free to be as creative as you like in the layout of your page. Just please keep the same general format for the content.
  • Be careful about copyright. If it's not yours or if you do not have permission, don't use it.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Wiki SubCoord.
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