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Gang Children of Loki
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige Committed, Proselytizer
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player P David Gill



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Alias(es): Varies; Warren Kovacs, Warren Zivo, Jimmy, Jimmy Kovacs, "Big-J", Johnny B (whatever he can think up at the time)

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late Thirties

Concept: Fast-talker, Wise-Ass

Physical description: 6 foot Tall, 226 lbs, short brown hair with bits of grey.

Relevant Mechanics: Though Warren is a bit too talkative, his voice is Enchanting and his demeanor pretty Calm, considering he's probably in trouble at the time. If given a chance, he can be quite the heated preacher when it comes to freedom and equality.

Character Information

Warren tends to come off as a wise-ass. His talkative and flippant attitude can get him into trouble at the drop of a hat. He usually has good intentions and good ideas, especially for free kindred and equal rights.

Known History

Basic Timeline: Embraced in the Midwest in the mid-70's, he's traveled from St. Louis MO to Gary IN. He's always known what was up even though he seems to come and go, usually falling into torpor every few years. He seems to only have information from specific time periods of the area, such as the mid 1990's and early 2000, then only for several months in 2006. He didn't know the Gangrel rejoined the Cam or the Assamites joined, but he did know the Gangrel left the Cam and the global blood hunt of Gabriel Camaratta. Recently he's been out of touch since 2013, but now he's back.

Current Activities: 2015: He just woke up to find 2 years have passed him by. 2011-2012: He returned to the Anarchs to find a new deal with the Cam and Sabbat against Infernalists and the Neo-Carthaginians, the Convention of Fire. He was given a due date to find Anarchs to vouch for him or else Bulvi would kill him (Bulvi asked nicely while he held Warren against a wall and by the neck, at an Anarch meeting). He's been paling around East Peoria and the traditional Anarch hangouts on Chicago's South Side.

Merit Details: Enchanting Voice

Background: He's always been a loyalist to the Movement's core values. Although he doesn't always relish the fighting bit, he's not a coward. Warren prefers the strategy and planning parts of resolving issues. He's been know to politic and negotiate in the past. He's a good proselytizer and rabble-rouser, though sometimes he questions for question sake a little too much and at the most inopportune times. He used to visit Gary IN when it was an Anarch domain and visited Krieger Klein, but now its a Cam Domain under Prince Nicholas Tept. He always seems to know a bit of the local History of the midwest, from Phillip Walkin and his time in Champaign to the local business of Chicago with Katja Nothing.


Children of Loki.

He previously ran with a biker gang in the 80's and 90's called the Iron Horse gang. It *may have been the same one run by Svidi Iron Horse at that time. He also used to run with a gang on the South side of Chicago in the 90's (background. no name of importance).


Kreiger Klein Svidi Iron Horse Bulvi War Tooth Sylvester Svin Annad Austin Aaron Cross Phillip Thistle 606 607 Star Tom Addler Volos

He has name dropped many different Brujah and other Clans, in the past, some Cam. He says he's fought alongside the Warlord of the Midwest back in the day (in the 90's), but was that Jon Sebastian or Cullen Masters when they played at being an Anarch? No one is sure or cares. Names Dropped: Marathon, Mordock, Krieger Klein, Tovar Ravenfeeder, Jonathon Winters, James Jones, Kevin Wynn, Stephan McNeil, Dana Stone, Michael Jeager, Sasha Ravnos, Johnny Black, Blackwood, Warren Ellis, Nevermore Family, The Masters family, The Hunter family


He hates those who use Dominate on others, especially on Anarchs or Brujah. Though he also tries (poorly) not to let them know he hates it.









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