Virgil Douglas

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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige None
Barony None
Political Impulse Militant
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Christopher Keeler



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Real Name: Virgil Douglas

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Concept: Pissed MC leader

Physical description: Virgil is a large muscular man. He has short messy brown hair and hard blue eyes. Everything about him screams that he is something that you do not want to mess with. He is usually found wearing jeans and sweatshirts with ripped up leather or jean vests on with the Cut of his MC on it. He also has the Brujah Clan symbol tattooed on the back of his left hand, and "Virge" on his right knuckles

Relevant Mechanics: Bruiser, Obvious Predator, Low Humanity

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Formed Blood & Zen with Savannah & Elroy Cobb in Panama City Beach during Spring Break of 2009. Helped Marty B keep the PCB Setites on their toes and wandered Florida.

Current Activities: Blood & Zen moved to Becker, MN to help the Anarchs there reclaim St. Cloud from the Sabbat, which was lost in 2011. They are scoping out the political situation in the Twin Cities in hopes of finding a way to regain the area from both the Sabbat packs currently residing there, and the Cammies who claim ownership of the area

Since arriving, Virgil has cleaned out at least one Sabbat Gang, and caused another to go to ground almost single handedly. At the same time, he has organized something of an agreement with the current Prince of the Twin Cities that will guarantee St. Cloud to the Anarchs.

Most recently, the Camarilla requested the Anarch's help in choosing their sherif. They would have to find and capture the Anarchs and whoever acquired the most would win. Only Virgil remained free and the end of the evening.

Recently, Virgil was placed into Torpor surrounding mysterious circumstances. When he awoke, he broke any connection with Blood & Zen.

Merit Details: Ambidextrous and Daredevil



None Currently




Marcus Douglas




None Known

Character Inspirations

William Wallace - Braveheart


"Digging up the Corpses" - Devildriver
"Dirt off your shoulder/Lying from You" Jay Z & Linkin Park
"Let's Ride" hed P.E.
"Handlebars" Flobots
"Imma Tell" Tech n9ne


"Shit boy! I don't hate you because your a Ghoul. I hate you cause your black!"

"No, your dick totally grows back."

"Heartbeat, your Jaw looks like it's healed. Let me fix that."

"I fucking HATE the Lakers!"

Prince Alexi: Virgil! What is your opinion between these two for Sheriff?
Virgil: Don't hardly know enough about them to make a decision.
Alexi: I would like an opinion
Virgil: Any opinion?
Alexi: Yes.
Virgil: I like Pizza.

Roy: Charlie and I play Doctor!
Virgil: Like Labcoat and everything, or are ya puttin it to her?
Roy: Don't I wish
Virge: Damn. Cause if theres any lick that needs to get put too it's Charlie.

Natasha: I really missed you Virgil
Virgil: Well, cant say that I missed you. Cause of the Torpor and all I really didnt miss anything.
Natasha: Virgil, you know those scenes in the movies where it's better off if they dont say anything? That was one of those times.
Virgil: I didnt really wanna lie to ya darlin.


  • Virgil is Gay
  • Virgil is Camarilla in disguise
  • Virgil is Sabbat
  • Virgil Does not wear underwear.
    • There are at least 2 female Torreador and 1 female Tremere who can confirm this
  • Virgil is trying to sleep with all the female Toreador in the Twin Cities Domain
  • Virgil is receiving remedial Camarilla lessons from Natasha Taylor
  • Virgil has a crush on Natasha Taylor
    • Virgil is dating Natasha Taylor
  • Virgil has ordered his MC to commit several Crimes in the Twin Cities Domain, including Theft, Rape, Murder, and Arson
  • Is possessed by a Demon
    • The Demon's name is Malkav
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