Vaux Saladin

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Gang None
Clan Followers of Set
Position Baron
Prestige None
Barony Buffalo, NY
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Honorable Accord ••
Player Dan K



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Alias(es): Vaux Saladin

Real Name: N/A

Apparent Age: Mid-twenties

Concept: Soldier of Fortune. Came to the Movement with ideals on bridging the gap between his clan and sect.

Physical description: A clean shaven man of dark complexion, Vaux is clearly foreign, though his mixed heritage makes difficult pinpointing from exactly where. A best guess approximation would put his origins somewhere in the Middle-East. Vaux holds himself strong and firm and always seems observant of his surroundings though he rarely looks directly at others while speaking to them. His manner of dress is plain, favoring a plain pair of jeans and a trench coat. Other times he can be seen with a plain tan tunic.

Relevant Mechanics: Notable lack of humanity.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Vaux came to prominence within the Movement when he moved to Buffalo, NY around March of 2009.'

Current Activities: Baron of Buffalo, NY, Vaux presses into the Camarilla's business within the domain and attempts to strengthen the local relationships. Through deals and force of arms, Vaux has secured a large section of teritory from the Camarilla domain for the Anarch Movement.

Background: Vaux is a rarity among Anarchs, a Setite who has openly embraced the Movement. While he was relatively unknown before his move to Buffalo, he has been a member since shortly after his embrace citing his inability to remain politically neutral while having a fundamental disagreement with Camarilla principles.


Aaron Cross, Chasca, Cory Ashford Buchanan III, Jack Stiles, Nobody Important, Sondra Delori, Zach Miller


Vaux's loyalty to the Movement has only been publicly questioned once, which is very infrequently for a Setite...

Vaux is rumored to be a magician of great renown.

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