Trent Silver

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Gang None
Clan Caitiff
Position None
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Autarch
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Player Name



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Alias(es): Entirely too many. Considering his career choice though, it's not much of a surprise.

Real Name: Not even he knows anymore.

Apparent Age: Early Thirties

Concept: Ex-Coyote

Physical description: Almost unnervingly unremarkable his look would allow him to blend in almost anywhere with a caucasian population. The only noteworthy thing about his mutable and bland self is his deep voice.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Early 2012- Everything was going just fine... It was business as usual for Trent in his gig as a Coyote, smuggling Mexican Nationals across the border into America if they had the cash to make it worth the risk. That night didn't go as planned though. He's not overly fond of relating the grusome details but it involved a Gangrel that looks like a Chupacabra, some Federales and a pick up truck door to the face... After that night, he took to the road again only to discover, after nearly igniting as the sun came up, that he'd have to give up the Coyote thing forever. A few weeks of roaming later and he ran into Big D, who knew him for what he was before Trent even had a clue about him. A short conversation later and Trent was on his way towards a new life in Gainesville after setting his other affairs around the states in order.

Current Activities: Setting up shop in Gainesville for his... "Alternate" business.

Merit Details: None to speak of.

Background: Slowly but surely in Gainesville, Trent has built a reputation as a computer specialist of some repute and capability. It's not uncommon for him to be completely out of sight for weeks or months save for semi-regular communications with seemingly random members of the freestate of Gainesville where he disseminates information he's dug up using his computer and a dash of common sense.


Not a part of one yet.


Big D and the rest of Diesel and Dust


He's got them... or at least he thinks he does.


Some dead creepy looking fuck AKA "That fucking Chupacabra lookin' thing."


Not for another hundred years at least


Christ he hopes not.

Character Inspirations

Original concept







"Wait a minute... What do you turn into? Not a fucking Chupacabra I hope."


His Sire may have actually been Sabbat.

Trent is an unabashed Coward

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