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Gang The Midnight Garden
Clan Caitiff
Position Former Baron
Prestige Old School
Barony Baton Rouge
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player John Sitton



Thistle Curls.JPG

Big T, DJ Thistle

Real Name:

Heironyous Thistlewight IV

Apparent Age:

Early 20's to mid 30's


Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. & If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you don’t got it, flaunt it more.

Physical description:

Over 6’, alarmingly pale skin under layers of white makeup and glitter. Obnoxious designer clothes; often Avant-garde. 4 to 6 inch heels; and a wig that may, or may not fit the attire.

Relevant Mechanics:

Thistle is a famous DJ who is wealthy, well-connected, and influential in the region. He spends a lot of time in Astral keeping an eye on things. He often carries around a personalized silver walking stick that has been hardened and warded versus Garou.

Character Information

Little Thistle.jpg

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 1978ish: Entrance into Kindred Society; mistreated by the Camarilla
  • 2000ish: or later Joined the Anarch movement
  • 2008: assisted formation of the Jefferson Parish Anarch territory with Douglass Ross who would be it’s first Baron
  • Early 2009: Baron of Jefferson Parish. Would step down and regain this title 2 times over a few months. First child Luke is sired. Oldest companion, Daniel, who had been with him since before his embrace leaves.
  • Summer 2010: Conflict with Prince Alexander Xavier of Baton Rouge leads to the fall of that city to the Anarch movement. Thistle named the first Baron. Luke is killed; Thistle blames the Assamites.
  • September 2010: At the Grand Masquerade, Thistle tricks prince Mandeville who claims the state of Louisiana into recognizing the Free State of Baton Rouge as belonging the Anarchs. Prince accepts that his vassal had violated the Treaty of Thorns. This was recognized and agreed to by Archons, Princes and Harpies of three continents.
  • Spring 2011: Stepped down as Baron to be followed by a succession of short-lived Barons. Currently, his youngest child Akila is the Baron of the City.

Current Activities:

Thistle is touring the country as a DJ, promoting himself and building a name for himself. He also is the leader of a gang known as The Midnight Garden

Merit Details:

  • Deathly Pallor (Cappadocian Flan flaw)
  • Enchanting Voice
  • Eat Food


Thistle was showed up in the vampire scene around the end of the 70’s. Orphaned, recognized by no one, he eked by for years at the fringe of Camarilla society, learning the barest bones of cammie politics and the simple truth that he would never be anything or worth anything to them. It’s unclear when he joined the Anarch movement specifically, but he has shown his commitment to the cause repeatedly in conflict with the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Initially he worked within the territory carved out by the late Baron Douglass Ross in Jefferson Parish (New Orleans West), he followed Baron Ross in leading the Anarchs of the Parish.

Never the most popular of Barons, he has been instrumental in keeping the local movement going at key times.

When Prince Alexander of Baton Rouge started violating the treaty of Thorns, Thistle joined the forefront of those challenging the Prince for control of the state capital. In the final confrontation between the Anarchs and the Prince, the ingenuity of Thistle and another Caitiff named Billy was able to turn the tide. Main force was failing, but Thistle and Billy forced the Toreador Prince to choose: loose forever the last of the art created by his true love (who had only recently fallen), or abandon his city. That night Thistle became Baron of the Free State of Baton Rouge. More recently he has stepped down from the position of Baron, as other draws to his time keep him occupied, and his children Akila has been Baroness for several months.


The Midnight Garden


Sigmund Brunt

Bomber Bill Stephens



Prince Mandeville of New Orleans (NPC)

Bob, The Mad German






Luke (deceased)



Character Inspirations

Thistle Disco.jpg

'80’s Glam Rock

Victorian Goth



Welcome to the Donut Domain

I checked with my agent, and I’m just not scheduled to die today. Sorry.

You loaded what into the basement?

Why no officer, I don’t see anything amiss. And neither do you. More tea?


Thistle is immune to all manner of intoxicants; his blood is so thick with the stuff that it’s instantly addictive

Thistle can teleport for long distances

Thistle is a Ventrue

Thistle is a Camarilla sympathizer

Thistle is a Sabbat sympathizer

Thistle has repeatedly met final death in front of witnesses

Thistle can only feed during sex

Thistle is a pawn of the Tremere

There are actually 12 Thistles, that's how he gets so much done; you can tell them apart by the color of their underwear

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