Steven Zyrgewski

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Gang Sons of Odin
Clan Ventrue
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Hardliner
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player ZH



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Alias(es): Stevie

Real Name: Presumably Steven Zyrgewski

Apparent Age: Mid-30's

Concept: Amnesiac Anarch

Physical description: An amazingly ordinary-looking man in his mid-30's. He stands just over six feet in height with an unassuming build and a rather generic 'melting pot' mix of features. He could, with minimal effort, pass for any number of other ethnicities.

Relevant Mechanics: Steven has the stature and bearing of one born to lead others (Narural Leader).

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Current Activities: He is currently attempting to find a place he can call 'reasonably safe enough' to spend an extended period of time at.

Merit Details: Steven has the stature and bearing of one born to lead others (Narural Leader).



The Sons of Odin


Most of the Sons of Odin


Steven has been known to talk a lot of shit about other people, specifically members of the Camarilla who throw shade at, or slight, Anarchs. This tendency seems even more vile when it's toward members of the Ventrue Clan. As far as within the movement, he's been a vocal opponent to the Knights at times, though that seems to have faded with the death of Aaron Cross. In Aaron's place, Steven has made considerable commentary about Ellie Rowlands and her questionable devotion to The Movement, calling her out as a traitor, infiltrator, and many other things.


Steven has acknowledged no memory of his Sire.


Steven is fairly sure he hasn't created any childer, but he also isn't positive if his amnesia truly extends to the moment of his embrace, or some point after.


If he has them, he's not quite sure who they are.

Character Inspirations

Kip Killigin and Nick Nitro
Harry Hart
Matt Helm
Michael Weston


Me and Mine - The Brothers Bright Blood on My Name - The Brothers Bright

Bombs Away: The Rise of C8H14N10O18

On February 9th, 2018, Steven released the following on "Anarch Net"

We are all hostages, living in the wake of a massive epidemic of Stockholm Syndrome. The Camarilla is a towering edifice, rotten from the inside, which seeks to extend its pervasive ruin to all corners of the globe. And we stand idly by as they make excuses for their atrocities, nodding along with the claim of "this is the last time," while it happens again, and again, and again.

The Sabbat is a group of inhumane religious fanatics, praising their false vampire god and waging war seemingly without reason or thought. To them, we’re fence-sitters in a never-ending violent assault on their enemies, whoever they may be. They are mindless and hedonistic to a dangerous point; they are creatures with no regard to the freedom of others who only praise their false release from oppression.

We are, at best, disregarded. We are, at worst, murdered without repercussion or memory.

“Just another worthless Anarch,” they always say. “Someone call the Scourge, the cockroaches are loose, again.” Maybe you’ve even heard “If they don’t drink from our cup, they don’t deserve to live.”

The Bottom Right is just as necessary as the Top Left.

Sympathizers, Reformers, and Radicals all have their place in the movement. I understand this, and I think most others do. At this point we will always need someone that is ready with sweet words to quell the angry spirit of the righteous Acknowledged Camarilla citizen when they find out an Anarch dared stop at a gas station in their precious Domain and fill up their bike. We are always going to need the positive spin and ignorant pleas for the violence to stop.

By the way, it will never come to an end. Not until we bring it to one.

Nihilists, Mercenaries, and Hardliners will act, where others merely talk. We will shred their Domains and not ask for their Hospitality as we do so. As much as we need people on the inside, people telling the blind slaves how it really is, we need people on the outside willing to bring the construct to its knees.

Asking for peace and retaliating when the line is crossed has resulted in nothing positive for The Movement. We achieved what we have through pain, suffering, and violence. The Convention at Thorns was nothing more than an enforced surrender document. The Status Perfectus is a pleasant-minded ideal with no teeth. The Red Question was an attempt at creating introspection, but only resulted in a moment of fear as they realized their networks were not secure.

Words and declarations are nothing without action.

That is why I am taking action.

In the next few weeks, Camarilla and Sabbat strongholds that have a history of Anarch oppression will receive gifts. These gifts will not be detectable by normal procedures used by courier services, nor will the impact they make be easily disregarded or brushed aside.

This revolution WILL BE televised, and it WILL NOT be ignored, and it WILL CONTINUE until oppression ceases.

Those of you that want to assist, to help join me in the new proactive revolution, you can feel free to make contact. This action requires numbers, and while I will be disruptive on my own, a larger number will create a larger statement. It will put an exclamation point on the pronouncement of this action.

Those of you that want to try and talk me away from my path, save your breath. Arguments will fail you now, just like words and arguments failed The Movement. Action is what matters. I am taking action.

For every Anarch that dies due to the machinations of the Camarilla or Sabbat, another message will be sent. For every Free State that is put under assault from Independent forces, or whenever a Baron is assassinated by a cowards weapon, another message will be sent.

If they retaliate, me and those that choose to stand with my statement WILL escalate. Eye for an eye was good for Hammurabi, but now it NOT the time for equality. Life for an Eye will be what they are met with.

This WILL NOT be a peaceful revolution. This WILL NOT be a bloodless statement. THAT is the cost inaction has required, and the price that will need to be paid for action to occur.

Steven Zyrgewski


On being asked why he is an Anarch, as opposed to a member of the Camarilla:
"Despite my amnesia and lack of formulated memories, there is something intrinsic within me that is less compatable with an Oligarchy that I feel would be necessary to exist within the Camarilla."

In Response to Responses Regarding a Plan
"Our revolution was originally fought with fire and blood, numerous ghouls, and countless allies. Pitchforks, swords, torches, and siege engines brought down castles, literal castles. We've come a long way in the last 600 years, far enough that we don't need to take to the streets to work against autocratic elders or burn fields full of crops to make our voices heard.

Yes, there will likely be real authentic need of these services. Yes, some people may die from the inability of these emergency services to assist them. Yes, this will put a target on me if it gets back with my name on it (which I'm almost positive it will). Yes, this is shockingly close if not the exact same thing as domestic terrorism.

But, it's better than tearing down the walls of mansions that surround autocrats who rule with iron fists. It's better than physically slaughtering police officers who have been blood bound or conditioned to do their masters bidding. It's better than driving through the streets and firing shots at unblooded mortals who have been blackmailed, duped, or otherwise coerced into serving unseen vampiric masters.

It makes a point, the point that no matter how loud you can threaten people, or how brutally you oppress those smaller and weaker than you, there's always an avenue that the smaller guy can use to strike back for the underdog. That with just enough ingenuity, that dog can bite back at your hand when you go to smack it, and you should be a little more careful next time because that dog just may have had enough the next time your back is turned.?


He's a traitor on the run, and his 'amnesia' is fabricated.

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