Robin Marx

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Gang Big Top, The
Clan Caitiff
Position None
Prestige 1
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Militant
Path Humanity ••••
Player Ryan W



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Alias(es): Robin Marx, Anarch Joe

Real Name:Alex Jones

Apparent Age: 30,s

Concept: Lets Make Windy Van Hooten's a reality

Physical description: 5’6”, Wining smile, a bit flabby.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

1910-Bastrop Louisiana, County Seat of Morehouse Parish the birth of a 6Lb 4oz baby boy named Alex Jones raised the population by 1%

1926- A young Alex makes a list and runs away from home to join the glamorous world of accounting.

1926-1927- The “glamorus world of accounting” is not as wlcoming as had been hoped. Dispite having exelent math skills no one is willing to hire a contry bumkin with out even a suit.

May 1, 1927- At the end of his rope Alex sees a flier for a carnival needing work. He attempted to join as an accountant but needing a job accepts being a roustabout, an inauspicious day to start working in a carnival for a man with a fragile ego.

1927-1934- A bad attitude, chip on his shoulder and poor timing led Alex to be saddled with the name “First of May” for the next seven years rather than the traditional one. He worked for 11 different carnivals and 3 different circuses during that time. In each case he was the biggest factor in his poor treatment. Eventually even the Freaks where looking down on him and harassing him.

May 1, 1934- A caitiff is embraced.

1934-1948- A Caitiff is trained to maintain the masquerade, feed, hide, hate/fear Sabbat, avoid danger and notice, keep his mouth shut and generally survive.

1945- Alex Jones takes the name Robin Marx.

1949-1962- Robin makes his way around the country with carnivals and circuses, hitting all 48 states and the Alaskan Territory. He avoided contact with other vampires as he had been taught.

May 1, 1962 Robin meets Molly Brown and learns of the Anarch Movement.

1962-Present- with the guidance of a mentor, the help of fellow Anarchs and goals to strive for besides survival Robin was much more open and friendly to all he met. Though he still generally avoided Camarilla and Sabbat domains he actively sought out Baronies and Free States.

April 2009- Robin spent some time in the Camarilla domain of Winona, MN. Of the two nights he attended Corte he had 11 discussions about the wonders of the camarilla and the depravity of Anarchs.

August 2010- Robin visited the Camarilla domain of La Crosse, WI and talked to both a werewolf and a mage.

Current Activities: Working his way around the upper Midwest looking to start a Wintering hole.

Merit Details:



Big Top, The


Molly Brown- Friend, confidant, mentor, buddy and more. Molly has gotten me out of more hot water than anyone. Shame she is not around more

Blood & Zen, Good folks all of them. Roy,Elroy Cobb, may be a little high strung but he speaks truth to power. Frankly that's something I wish I did more of. Virg, Virgil Douglas, has got a bug stuck up somewhere about something but he is more level headed than he plays it and he was the only one of us to escape the Cammys in the big who wants to be the sheriff game. Savannah could be around more but has her wits about her when she is.


Digger- the man threatens me, announces me as a villain and taunts a blind man all in the fist night we meet.

Character Inspirations

  • Carnival
  • The road less traveled
  • Wolf Girl
  • Tim Curry
  • The Great Sate of Louisiana


Carousel By Skinny White Chick

Toby Keith by It Works For Me

Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland

Enter The Circus Lyrics by Christina Aguilera


  • Take care of yours, and just plan take others.
  • He was taunting a blind guy so I punched him in the back of the head.
  • The night started with a genie. I don’t know what to say about that. Its not something you think you will say or hear said. You don’t rehearse in your head the possibilities of how that conversation will go. Never the less, there it was, a genie.


  • Robin Marx is not his real name.
  • Robin knows the truth about Billy's accident.
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