Robin Lansdale

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Gang Redemption Song
Clan Toreador
Position Baron
Prestige 2
Barony Mobile, AL
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Coordinator NPC



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Alias(es): Rob, Robbo

Real Name: Robin Lansdale

Apparent Age: late 30s

Concept: Extreme Modern Artist

Physical description: Tall, thin black male with a shaved head.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Robin arrived in the early 21st century to the SE to assist Jenny and other Anarchs in Mobile. Where he was embraced, or who his sire was is a mystery. After the liberation of the city, he was able to gather a group of tired and scared shovelheads who didn't even really know what they were fighting for. This trio now composes his gang, and they loudly proclaim the Status Perfectus.

Current Activities:

Merit Details:

Background: Robin was a wandering Anarch who heeded the call to come to Mobile when it was being sieged by the Anarchs. Gritty, tough, gruff and rough spoken littered with cursing, but with a big heart, he showed a very shrewd tactical mind, and saw things in how the city was laid out on a map that gave away key Sabbat positions.

In his spare time, he makes chainsaw art (carvings made with power tools), and seems almost Brujah in behavior (not stereotypical Toreador). Robin curses like a drunken sailor on shore leave, using expletives like art and finds new and colorful ways of using tired curse words. He is exuberant and quick to laugh, always looking for an opportunity to make a joke or insert an insult.


Redemption Song






Character Inspirations




  • His gang still quietly uses some auctoritis ritae to keep themselves 'a leg up' on other gangs, and enemies of the Anarchs.
  • He's actually a caitiff, or at least a Toreador that somehow doesn't have their clan's endemic merits/flaws.
  • He may have been one of the Sabbat shovelheads made to stave off the Anarchs in the assault of Mobile--but got away and defected to the enemy.
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