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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige Asshole
Barony Hamburg NY
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Possibly Power and the Inner Voice
Player NPC



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Alias(es): None

Apparent Age: 30s

Physical description: Varies, often a short swarthy man in top physical condition.

Relevant Mechanics: Natural Leader. Blush of Health. Bright Aura

Character Information

Rex is a civilized monster from the bad old days of humanity's past. He is passionate about freedom, while remaining a complete ass. Demonstrates the evils of tyranny by tyrannizing those that don't get it. Obsessed with the Jihad.

Known History

Basic Timeline: Embraced Unknown, pre Anarch revolt.

Lived for a time in Greece.

Fought against the original Carthaginians, although never with the Venture or their allies.

Active world traveler since the 1700s.

Spent around 50 years in Argentina from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Retired to Batavia NY around 1950.

Mentored Marcus Cole as well as a number of other young neonates in the nature of freedom and the importance of combat in political negotiations.

Was woken out of his retirement by the return of the Neo-Carthaginians.

Is currently an "active" elder within the Buffalo sphere of politics.

Current Activities

Hunting any Autark kindred within his stomping grounds.

Actively recruiting members for the Anarch movement / creating tools out of members of the Camarilla to suit his and the movements needs.





Jack Stiles (Jack is no longer actively trying to kill Rex, that's an ally right?)

Marcus Cole (Deceased)

Aegis Cole (Missing)

Johnathan Hunter


Sondra Delori (Deceased)

Von Vorbeck

The Slav (Deceased)

The Traveler


Viktoriya Karina Koltovskaya

Thurl Fitzgibbons (Deceased)

Sean O'Connor (Deceased)








Character Inspirations


Remember the Name - Fort Minor
Amaranth - Nightwish
The Ballad Of Serenity - Sonny Rhodes
Do You Hear The People Sing? - Les Miserables


You aren't an Anrach, you're an autark. You're worse then the Sabbat, at least they picked a side. You think you can just sit this out, that the war won't come for you? You're wrong. The war is here now, and if you don't pick a side, I'll pick one for you.

Why would I ever inflict the embrace on a human. I'm fighting for freedom from monsters older then writing. I will not make thier mistakes and create childer to be my soldiers. Every childer we create is tomorrows new enemy.

Koltovskaya is mine. No one is allowed to kill her until she knows that I was right and admits that she was wrong.

When I die, I hope it is at least at the fangs of another Anarch trying to fight the good fight.


Active proponent of diablery.

Claims he can only teach others to move as fast as he can if they are also elders.

Claims to be one of the original Anarchs that refused the treaty of thorns but that he is also not Sabbat.

Has actively recruited and supported pro Anarch Princes.

Murdered everyone involved in Marcus Cole's death.

Has survived multiple assassination attempts from Hit Marks.

Offered to teach Puissance to anyone that gutter rolls Sachin of clan Tremere.

Works with the Sabbat.

Works with Werewolves.

Works with Fey.

Can never return to Argentina.

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