Rayne Gry

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Gang Mayhem
Clan Caitiff
Position Ambassador
Prestige None
Barony Muscitine, IA
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity
Player Sara S.



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Alias(es): Rayne, Storm, Slut Canoe

Real Name: Nope

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Free Love Visionary, Hippie

Physical description: Shoulder length light brown hair, Light Blue Eyes, Bohemian Chic style of dress

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Nothing is really known about Rayne. She showed up in NoCal a few years back, and has been traveling various with Brothers and Sisters every since. She has settled in Iowa for the time being for a variety of reasons, most importantly to the get line of communication open between the Baronaries of Iowa.

Anyone who talks to Rayne knows right away where she stands and that she has no problems talking about her beliefs. She is known for talking to other members of the movement about there dream worlds, and how they would like to see things change. She is always asking questions. It's clear her focus is on the future and living by example of how she thinks unlife should be.

Since coming to Iowa, she has taken up sitting in Elysiums to gather information and pass along to the Baronaries, getting there input on the situation, and taking it the the nearest Baron with the info she's gathered for them to do with it what they wish. While previously, the Barons might have heard of our other territories int he area, they now speak openly and have a sense of camaraderie since Rayne's arrival.

While sitting in Cammie gather, she enjoys talking about everyone's differences and trying to gain an acceptance of Anarchs. Common topics include the awesomeness of having the freedom to do and believe what I will (which normally ends up drawing a crowd), the bullshit of progeny, accounting, destruction, and there reputation system. But mostly, she likes exposing them to all the things they missed out on being spoon fed by there elders, or being micro-managed, and not allowing themselves to enjoy eternity. She also has a problems with labels, so when asked what clan she is, she says that is not a label she wants to be judges by, and would much rather be judged for her beliefs and actions.

With her time in Iowa being so successful, she has expanded her horizons to neighboring areas to spread her word. She's was last seen rolling with Mayhem, patch in full view.

Current Activities: She paints,dances, and breaks hearts.

Merit Details: Enchanting Voice



Mayhem Motorcycle Club - full patched in member - Iowa Chapter President/Club Ambassador




Victor Gry


Felix "the Firebug"


They have been poping up as of late

Character Inspirations


Times are a changing -Flogging Molly

The ocean-Led Zepplin

Up around the bend - Credence Clearwater Revival

Follow Me - Muse

Just a girl- No doubt

Elders - the offspring

I believe in a thing called love - the darkness

Save the world - Jon bon jovi

I need your love - ellie golding

Safe and sound - capital cities

Harder better faster stronger - daft punk


She has been rumored to be Malkavian, Gangrel, Ravnos, Toreador, and Ventrue.

She'll sleep with anything that's pretty.

Is an old lady to a member of Mayhem.

Went on a date with a werewolf.

Had a group of Anarchs hire some Sabbat to kill her.

Her goal in life is to save others, which is why she joined Mayhem in the first place.

Is the go between for the Movement and Camerilla when issues arise.

Is well versed about the convention of thorns.

Has slept with various barons, princes, harpies, and an archon's child.

There is a tape of her, the female Archon's child, and a female harpy floating about.

Has a collection of paintings she's made, all revolving around the same male's sex life.

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