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Gang Vanguard
Clan Caitiff
Position Deceased
Prestige 1
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Militant
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player David Rabon





Real Name: Paul Wheeler aka "Paulie" and "Two-Shot Wheeler"

Apparent Age: 27

Concept: Runaway Lasombra seeking redemption.

Physical description: Paul is 5'9 with short black hair and green eyes. His skin is tan, but he appears to be of European heritage. He is face is clean-shaven.

Relevant Mechanics: With Paulie being a Caitiff of the Lasombra clan, he shares their weakness of their blood. He has no reflection when he looks in the mirror.

Character Information

Fame 1- Cold and efficient gang leader and arms seller.

Known History

Basic Timeline: The Specific timeline of Paulie is unknown but certain events are known to most Anarchs in the area:

Paulie has spent much time in the military. He was a sniper. He does not talk about what he did specifically, but he has talked about how he is quite good at what he did and he is not proud of the things he was ordered to do.

Paulie, after his term of service in the military, spent a lot of time drifting from town to town trying to escape his problems. It was at this point where Paulie started drinking a lot.

Paulie was grabbed from the street on day and was embraced by a Lasombra, and was forced to be a Soldier for the Sabbat.

Paulie one day ran from his sire and escaped the Sabbat.

Paulie joined up with the Anarch Movement while hiding from the Sabbat in Orlando.

In September 2009 Paulie joined up with the Anarchs in Gainesville, Florida. The night he came to Gainesville, a Lasombra attempted to get to Paulie, but was destroyed by the Anarchs for lying about who he was.

November 2009- A Lasombra, Stroke, comes to Gainesville. Paulie takes him out quickly after learning who he is. Unbeknownst to Paulie, Oro (an Archon of the Camarilla) was attempting to take Stroke as well. Archon Oro dominates Paulie to sleep and takes Stroke from him. Later, after insisting to personally see the destruction of Stroke, Archon Oro topors Paulie and takes him away along with Stroke. It takes a lot of dealing from Mendoza in order to get Paulie back.

Current Activities: Paul was banished from Gainsville, his actions in his last nights showed the Movement that he had been working with the Sabbat to kill the vampiric residents of Gainsville. He claims it was retribution for the deaths of Jackal and Mendoza. He was last seen leaving the gathering that confronted him at the Lab.

Rumors persist as to his whereabouts currently. Some feel he rejoined the Sabbat, and may one night return to his former comrades to finish his vengeance. Some say he became independent, and is seeking to reclaim his way before he returns to the Movement. Others say he never left Gainsville, and was slain before he could leave. All that is truly known, is no one has seen Paul since he was banished from the Movement,

Merit Details:

Lucky- Paulie is always getting caught up in trouble, but he is always able to escape somehow.

Acute Sense (Sight)- With his military training as a sniper, Paulie has trained his eyes to spot even the most minute of details.

Ability Aptitude (Stealth)- Because of his rigorous sniper training, Paulie is able to hide himself even from the some of the most skilled spotters.


Lasombra Kill Count

Kill Number 1. September 2009- One Lasombra comes to Gainesville to try to claim Paulie's life. The Lasombra is taken down by Paulie and later destroyed by a spirit of fire.

Kill Number 2. November 2009- One Lasombra, named Stroke, comes to Gainesville for unknown reasons. When Paulie hears who he is, he takes Stroke out. He is taken from Paulie by Archon Oro. Stroke is later destroyed by elders of the Camarilla.

Kill Numbers 3, 4, and 5. December 2009- Three Lasombra attack a girl outside Wal-Mart. Rocky, Dozer, Bodybag, a Brujah, and a Gangrel fight the Lasombra. Two of the Lasombra were taken out by Paulie and Paulie helped with the final Lasombra.

Kill Number 6. November 2010- A Lasombra and about 6 others from Ocala came to Gainesville to reclaim my blood. What they didnt know was that we were prepared for them. I killed two of them, one of which was their leader, the Lasombra.


Midnight Kings


Rocky- "He is one of my only friends left. He sees me for who I am and not the animal I have become. He sometimes has to act as my conscience when the beast within me gets out of control. We help each other survive by watching the other man's back. I do not know what I would do without him.

Mendoza- "He saved my life. He bartered for my life with Archon Oro. I owe him a lot. If he needs my help, I will be there."


Clan Lasombra: "They robbed me of my humanity and forced me to become the monster I am today. I escaped their clutches and now they will come for me. I will never be truly free until that clan is destroyed. They are K.O.S."

The Sabbat: "They are a group of crazy religious zealots who will kill anyone who doesnt agree with their "religion". I escaped their cult, and now they want me dead."

The Camarilla: "Until recently I had no beef with them, but their Archon, Oro, changed that. They think they can walk all over us and expect to get away with it. I will show them that it is unwise to mess with The Movement. They are K.O.S.


An unknown Lasombra.





Character Inspirations

The Boondock Saints



"My life is a tragic story. I grew up an orphan, became a murderer, then an alcoholic, and now a monster. But if I have learned anything it is that God has a plan for us all and I am sure that I will be able to at least do some good with the powers of my blood."

(While talking to a Serpent of the Light) "So, your are a Setite antitribu then? I didnt think that those existed. And you say you worship a voodoo god? So the difference between you Serpents and Setites is that you think that Monotheism is too far fetched, but voodoo dolls are kosher?"

"Lasombra are the epitome of the worst things about being a vampire. They are cheaters, liars, and just plain evil. They are so evil that they can materialize the darkness within them. This is called Obtenebration."

"They will pay for what they have done. This I swear."


  • It is true that Paulie is not ACTUALLY a Lasombra, but the rumor is that is is naturally able to use Obtenebration.
  • Paulie wears the symbol of the Lasombra-antitribu in order to lure out other Lasombra in order to kill them.
  • Paulie has a wooden leg named "Steve."
  • Paulie will do whatever it takes to survive, even betray his allies.
  • Paulie is looking for new ways to aid The movement besides being an enforcer.
  • The real reason Paulie kills all Lasombra on sight is to keep them revealing his true motivations for being in Gainesville.
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