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Gang The Anarchs of Western New York
Clan Nosferatu
Position Deceased
Prestige None
Barony Buffalo, NY
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Unknown
Player Steven Hoffman



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Alias(es): Nobody Important

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: A battered nobody finds importance through his membership in the movement.

Physical description: Larger than most, Nobody is really rather plain. Mostly because of his use of Mask of 1000 faces. Underneath is a scaly mass of scar tissue and dried leather, which barely passes for humanoid, yet alone human.

Relevant Mechanics: Nobody has the traditional nosferatu clan flaw.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Nobody appeared in 2008, he traveled the country seeking a domain to take him in. After being turned away from his fifth Camarilla domain, he found his way to Buffalo NY. When he got there in early 2009 he was told that the prince wasn't accepting any Nosferatu into the city as there were already twenty of them in residence. Nobody quickly found out that the Domain of Buffalo was practically Anarch, as everyone from the Harpy to the nos Primogen encouraged him to join the movement.

He spent some time talking with and learning about the movement and was eventually recruited by Vaux Saladin and Jack Stiles. The movement had never crossed his mind, but once it was explained to him, it was everything he had ever wanted.

Current Activities: Nobody hasn't been since since he was blood hunted in Hartford CT in June of 2012


While not officially a gang, the Anarchs of Western New York look out for each other, and while there are a few odd men out, they are looked after as best as possible.


The Anarchs of Western New York, The Wild Cards


Michael Flatz, Ventrue - Camarilla (DECEASED)


It is rumored that Nobody is on the road of the beast.

Unlike many Nosferatu in the movement, Nobody barely tolerates his Camarilla brethren.

Nobody fought Archon Theo Bell and then dropped a building on him in order to escape.

Nobody was blood hunter for saying that Anya was still possessed by a Neo-Carthiginian

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