Michael James della Passaglia

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Gang Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze
Clan Giovanni
Position None
Prestige 0
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Independent
Path Path of Honorable Accord ••••
Player Sean Rickmeyer



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Alias(es): Aloysius Carter Hartley-Smythe

Real Name: Michael James della Passaglia

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Gaijin yakuza oyabun

Physical description: Michael stands about six feet, three inches tall, and probably weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred ninety to two hundred ten pounds. His long black hair is worn in a ponytail, and a pair of sapphire blue eyes peer from behind blue-lensed sunglasses. He's almost always immaculately dressed and groomed, often wearing a three piece suit with a black microfiber dress shirt and a charcoal grey necktie. Intricate Asian-style tattoos peek from beneath the cuffs of his sleeves and at the collar of his shirt. The lapel of his suit bears a silver pin of the Giovanni family coat of arms encircled widdershins by an Oriental dragon wrapped in a thorned black rose vine.

Relevant Mechanics:

  • Blush of Health: Michael's skin retains a bit of color from mortal life rather than the pallor of death, making it easier for him to pass as "normal" among mortals.
  • Eat Food: Michael is able to hold down normal food for longer than most Kindred without any sort of exertion of his will.
  • Sanctity: Despite the fact that Michael no longer holds to his Humanity in favor of walking the road of Honorable Accord, he has a saintlike quality about him that is hard to pinpoint but impossible to deny. He is trusted, even if he is not necessarily trustworthy. He tends to get lesser punishments for wrongdoing, and most Kindred and humans like him. He is two traits up when initiating non-aggressive Social Challenges.
  • Natural Linguist: Michael speaks thirty-seven different languages, including his native English, thanks to decades of study and cultural immersion, and has an easy time picking up additional languages.
  • Enchanting Voice: Michael's voice is very resonant and commanding, granting him two bonus traits for challenges to influence others with his voice.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 4 April 1831 - Michael James della Passaglia born to Caitlyn Dunsirn and Paolo della Passaglia in Monmouth Courthouse, New Jersey
  • 4 April 1856 - Proxy-kissed by Marc Anthony Giovanni
  • 21 January 1861 - Joined First New Jersey Cavalry with commission as a Captain
  • 3 July 1863 - Fought at Gettysburg, injured leg when horse was shot from beneath him
  • 10 May 1869 - Traveled to San Francisco by transcontinental railroad and on to Japan by ship
  • 1933 - Briefly returned to United States to make personal report to Marc Anthony Giovanni before returning to the Orient
  • 1941 - Migrated from Japan to Hong Kong, then Australia, in days leading up to US involvement in World War II
  • 14 September 1945 - Returned to Japan, became involved with Yakuza
  • 4 April 1960 - Assumed control of Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze gumi as oyabun
  • 2006 - Returned to United States to work with "William Dane" Giovanni, Embraced later that year by Marco Giovanni, began transplanting gumi from Tokyo
  • 2007 - Embraced Yuki della Passaglia and Angelika Koenig.
  • 2008 - Met Saedra and Naunica

Current Activities: Michael is under the Don of Orlando, but makes various trips up to Gainesville for various economical and diplomatic reasons. Michael has been asked specifically by the Don of Gainesville to act as 'emissary' to the Anarchs of North Central Florida.

Merit and Background Details:

  • Resources x5: Michael has made a small fortune through shrewd business deals and a successful (legitimate) import-export business and is able to easily call upon $30,000 in cash any given month.
  • Fame x5: Michael is known across the United States as a noted patron of the arts and (in certain circles) as one of the few Westerners (gaijin) to become the head of a Yakuza gumi.
  • Military Force x5: The Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze gumi is an organization of significant strength and size, controlling a large portion of central Orlando.
  • Retainers x5: Michael has several retainers, all officers within the Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze gumi.
  • Wraithly Retainers x5: Michael, through his powers of Necromancy, has gathered a small retinue of wraiths to work for him.
  • Wraith Reputation x5: Michael is known by many in wraithly society to deal fairly and honorably with the restless dead, and many ghosts are predisposed to work with him if he asks.
  • Family Status x5: Michael is the oyabun (equivalent of a Don) of the Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze gumi.
  • Family Ties x5: Michael can call upon the services of nearly two dozen members of the mortal subfamilies of the Giovanni clan.
  • Haven x5: Michael maintains a secure haven in Orlando in an expensive high-rise condominium.
  • Shadowlands Haven x5: Michael also maintains a secure haven within the Shadowlands aboard the wraithly shadow of an old Japanese aircraft carrier.
  • Herd x5: Michael has a group of regular "blood donors" to draw from.
  • Alternate Identity x1: Michael has a weak alternate identity through which he'll do business he doesn't want traced back to him.


My name is Michael James della Passaglia. I was born on the fourth of April, 1831, in Baltimore, Maryland. My mother was Caitlyn Dunsirn, the daughter of a Scottish banker, and my father was Paolo della Passaglia, a former Portuguese merchant. My parents made sure that I went to the best schools, and I excelled in my studies, learning Latin and Italian and becoming a decent artist, though what my “Great Uncle” Marc Anthony Giovanni saw in me that was worthy of the Proxy Kiss, I’ll never know. But whatever it was that he saw in me, he managed to convince the anziani of my merit. I was given the Proxy Kiss in 1856, while the Transcontinental Railroad was still being constructed.

In 1861, as the southern states began to secede from the Union, I did my patriotic duty and joined the Union Army. Thanks to my family’s wealth, I received a commission as a cavalry captain. My company served with distinction, but at the battle of Gettysburg, my horse was shot by a Confederate infantryman and collapsed beneath me. My foot became fouled in the stirrup and I was unable to jump clear of the falling steed. The noble beast pitched to the left, pinning my leg against a rock, breaking it in three places. Though the field surgeons were able to set the broken bones and save my leg, the fractures did not heal properly, leaving me partially crippled and dependent upon the use of a cane to walk.

When the railroad was completed on the tenth of May, 1869, I was one of the first to travel by train to California. Once I arrived in San Francisco under orders from Marc Anthony Giovanni, I boarded a ship bound for Edo, Nihon – what is now known as Tokyo, Japan – and participated in the industrialization of the Empire of Japan. I served as an arms merchant for the Giovanni family and spent a great deal of time studying Japanese culture, learning to speak the language as well as a native speaker. I also became familiar with the code of Bushido and the methods of the Yakuza.

In 1933, I returned to the United States to report my observations to Marc Anthony Giovanni. Soon afterwards, I returned to the Orient, setting up shop in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Macau. Within a few short years, the Japanese had overrun the coastal regions of China, including the European-dominated enclaves of Hong Kong, Macau, and Shanghai. In 1941, as the Japanese conquest of Hong Kong grew imminent, I relocated to Australia, though I returned soon after Allied forces had retaken the region. When the Japanese surrendered in 1945, I returned to Japan and became deeply involved with the Yakuza, becoming the only gaijin to successfully take over a Yakuza syndicate by 1960.

In 2006, I was called back to the United States to work with “William Dane” Giovanni once more, this time in sunny Florida. Unfortunately, my benefactor had run afoul of both the Camarilla and the Don of Gainesville. The Don felt that “William Dane” had become something of a loose cannon and therefore untrustworthy, and the Camarilla alleged that he had violated the Promise in some fashion. As such, I was Embraced by Marco Giovanni some two and a half months after my return, with an eye toward keeping “Dane” on a short leash. Fortunately, the conflicting loyalties I felt from competing Blood Bonds were eliminated soon after my Embrace; unfortunately, it came at the expense of Marc Anthony Giovanni’s unlife, determined to be forfeit for some perceived breach of the Promise.

A year after my Embrace, I was given permission by my elders to Embrace Yuki della Passaglia, a member of my family of Japanese descent and the ane-san of the Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze gumi. Not long after her Embrace, I met Saedra and Naunica, a pair of gifted Toreador singers. After several nights of conversation, it was decided that they would reside in Orlando with me. A few months after that, I was given Angelika Koenig. She'd impressed someone in the Family, but had managed to offend another, so I was told to Embrace her. She has remained with me since then, handling parts of my operations for me when I'm focused on other aspects.


Yayakoshii Kuromeru Roze gumi


  • Saedra and Naunica - Toreador singers Michael met in St. Augustine who now reside with him in Orlando





Character Inspirations

  • Captain Nathan Algren - The Last Samurai
  • The pilots and aircrew of the Second American Volunteer Group



  • (in a perfectly civil and refined tone) "Dame dayo! Uchi no kaisha, onobori-san." (Japanese for "Shut the fuck up! Don't screw with my friends, redneck.")
  • "I'm a man of honor, a man of my word. If I tell you I'll have something for you or get something done for you, you can be damned sure that I'll uphold my end of the bargain, and if circumstances beyond my control prevent that, I'll make appropriate restitutions for it. But you'd better hold to your end, too, because anything else is bad business... and my men don't like people who engage in bad business."


  • Michael James della Passaglia will not steal your soul if you know his password.
  • Michael James della Passaglia will not steal your soul, but he'll make you a damned good deal for it.
  • Michael James della Passaglia will not steal your soul, just borrow it for an hour or so.
  • Michael James della Passaglia is a "troubleshooter" for the Giovanni - if you make trouble, he'll shoot you.
  • Michael has a member of the Giovanni family proper staked and locked in his closet for causing problems for Don Paolo.
  • The Anarchs don't actually respect della Passaglia. They just consider him entertainment when they are bored.
  • Michael James della Passaglia has sex with his sister.
  • Michael James della Passaglia doesn't have a sister... but he's probably had sex with yours.
  • Michael James della Passaglia is on thin ice in Gainesville.
  • Most of the Anarchs in Gainesville are on thin ice with Michael James della Passaglia, despite his friendly demeanor.
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