Mica Ashford

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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position Sweeper
Prestige None
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Player Name



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Alias(es): For as long as Micah has been in the movement he has used his nickname his sire gave him. Never one to shy about his family ties, his sires last name took.

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Micah appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties.


Physical description: Caucasian with hints of Hispanic linage, with a number of subtle scars scattered across his exposed skin. Often dressed in a simple leather jacked and T-shirt and jeans. He has been known to clean up well and own a few suits.

Relevant Mechanics: Flaw: Cast no reflection. Infamous sire Chase Ashford

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 1923 Mica arrives in the united states.
  • 1923 Joins up with the Aubry gang
  • 1945 Has a fall out with the Aubry gang over sect feuding
  • 2007 Awakens from a forced nap In Hartford
  • 2007 Joins up with other Anarchs in Springfield Ma and becomes the leader of Fury And Peace
  • 2008 Fight for New London CT
  • 2008 Fury and peace splits up and Micah comes back to Hartford
  • 2008 Get Blood hunted
  • 2009 Walk about
  • 2010 Escapades in New Orleans with Smiling Jack
  • 2011 Convention of fire
  • 2011 Got unblood hunted,
  • 2011 Destroy the whore of Babylon.

Current Activities:

Merit Details: Dynamic personality, Natural Leader, Enchanting Voice.

Enchanting Voice: Mica's voice talent is not natural, but hard earned over years of practice. Since his joining the ranks Micah has had a talent for music, not known in his breathing days. Was only a matter of time before he expanded on that field of skills.




  • Harry the Gangrel
  • Ratsbane
  • Toby Ashford
  • Galina
  • Logan
  • Cale
  • Most others are gone or dead.
  • Jorska Virisi, Brujah Elder of Hartford Deceased
  • Ratchet Deceased
  • Nexus Deceased
  • Sharky Deceased


  • Harkness, with a low fondness for clan Tremere
  • Roman Pendragon



  • Andrea (deceased)
  • Cruz
  • Gabriel
  • Rose
  • Malcolm


  • Lillah Ashford
  • Victoria Ashford
  • Lord Fucking Nax (deceased)
  • Charity Ashford
  • Sacha Ashford
  • Lydia Ashford
  • Thea Ashford
  • Sophia Ashford
  • Tempest
  • Carl VonShafer
  • who knows how many others

Character Inspirations


  • Two steps from hell Heart of Courage
  • Muse Uprising
  • 30 seconds from Mars This is War
  • Red Let it burn
  • Breaking Benjamin I will not bow


“Cam, Sabbat no matter what they claim they are the monarchies of old. Old men to good to get their hands dirty sending children to die in their place.”
"When you grow up and find a pair I'll see you on the mound."


Some have wondered if Micah is even really a anarch. With his blood ties reaching across all sect lines. Few whisper that he is really a Lasombra. Recent rumors claim he tried to assassinate the prince of Baltimore.

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