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Gang N/A
Clan Brujah
Position N/A
Prestige N/A
Barony N/A
Political Impulse
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Grant



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Real Name: Martini

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Super Gay Brujah

Physical description:
Martini is about six foot tall, and 180 lbs soaking wet. He wears a black jacket, black boots, and black skinny jeans. He has a come hither look, something that can pull a flirty bird from across the room and into his lap (seductive x4). Overall he is your supernatural gay twink with a little stud sprinkled on top. He has sharp eyes and a flawless smile the whole getup is a little plastic.

Relevant Mechanics:
Oracular Ability, Martini is known to divine the future through Tarot Cards.
Natural Leader, He is someone people are willing to follow because he is charming and good with words. Not scared to fight either.
Known to be Dead, Martini fell in the war where the Sabbat took Lakeland from the Anarchs, just before the Camarilla took it from the Sabbat. The domain was shot to shit and that is how Martini's body was lost in the battle.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • Martini was dropped off in Lakeland to be raised by the Anarchs. The local group respected where he came from and raised him up right and proper like an Anarch.
  • Soon after laying his routes in Lakeland a Malkavian picked him up and found a liking to Martini. They were both derranged so the common ground made for a good foundation.
  • War between the Sabbat and the Anarchs, Martini goes missing after falling in battle.


HD Caster: Two gay Brujah that were/are under the tutelage of the same bat shit crazy Malkavian. It's a beautiful parring.
Lillah Ashford: She hears from Martini often, but they have never met.

Character Inspirations

My own gay self.


  • He is dead.
  • Everyone just thinks he's dead.
  • He lives in a house with an Elder Malkavian and another gay Brujah. They screw like animals and the Malkavian gets off by watching.
  • Fights the Sabbat for fun.
  • Stays clear of the Cammies in order to stay safe.
  • Is quite often seen guiding others through their oracular visions.
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