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Gang None
Clan Assamite
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Mercenary
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Justin S.



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Alias(es): Unknown.

Real Name: Unknown.

Apparent Age: Early thirties.

Concept: A man who wants to save the world from monsters.

Physical description: Luther appears to be an African American male. He stands at around six feet tall and has a muscular build. His body build is like that of a professional athlete or someone who has served in the military for years. The hair on his head is black and shaved close to the scalp. His facial hair consists of a mustache and short beard that connects with his sideburns.

Relevant Mechanics: If any attempt is made to read his aura, the user of Aura Perception will see diablerie veins.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

July, 2014: Luther is introduced to some of the Gainesville Anarchs by his clanmate, Nairi Riad. He claims to be an Independent, but Nairi informs the Anarchs that he is interested in joining the Anarch Movement. The Anarchs greet him warmly and he tags along with them as they go on a "road trip" to nearby baronies.

July-September, 2014: Luther and the Gainesville Anarchs arrive in the Barony of Panama City, looking to have a good time. However, they quickly discover that not everything is fine. The crew discovers that some Anarchs are not pleased with the Baron nor the Setites that have taken root. Thus, the crew looks into the matter... in various ways.

October, 2014: Luther aids the Gainesville Anarchs in their struggle to end an elder Gangrel's reign of terror over its own kin and the Barony of Panama City. The elder is destroyed, but many of those that lived in and on the outskirts of the Barony lost their lives from various battles. The barony has been freed from the threat of tyranny, but at great cost.

Spring, 2015: As the Anarchs return to Gainesville, they discover they now have werewolf problems. Luther acts as bodyguard for Nairi Riad and maintains a distant relationship with the Anarchs as a whole, especially when a Gargoyle admits to murdering humans.

Summer, 2015: Luther is no longer seen in the presence of Nairi Riad. No one knows where the Independent has gone.

Current Activities:


Merit Details:



Luther does not talk about his past to everyone, so his background is largely unknown. The only things people really know about him is that he calls himself an Independent and that he works with/for Nairi Riad.




Nairi Riad









Character Inspirations




"I chose this because I wanted to make a difference."
""What does it matter?"" The reasoning always matters!"
"The others are trusted enough even though it's known where they came from. I'm immediately treated with hate and distrust simply because I used the word "domain." How fair is that?"
"The entire system is flawed. You won't be able to get everyone to agree to one thing. Even if it were possible, what would you do if the anarchists took over? The city would be run by those that simply wish to destroy. They would not hesitate to attack someone else showing up and saying, "Hello, I'm just passing through," or someone saying, "Hello, I'd like to make a deal with you." It would be utter chaos."
"Ignorance is no excuse."


Luther is a complete and utter asshole that doesn't respect anyone.
Luther only thinks the worst of everyone he meets.
Luther hangs around the Anarchs just so he can gain information.
Luther is not his real name.
Luther cancelled his contract with Nairi and is now spying on the Anarchs from the shadows.

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