Lochlan Paige

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Gang The Brown Coats
Clan Gangrel
Position Deceased
Prestige None
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Militant
Path Path of Humanity
Player Brian



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Alias(es): Jack Robins, Jack Twist, Harry Bogari

Real Name: Lochlan Gerald Paige

Apparent Age: 37

Concept: Unwilling Soldier

Physical description: He stands about 5'7 and has a very well built body from his time in the navy. If you see him with his mask down he has wolf ears, Wolf Eyes and Double canine.

Relevant Mechanics: Character Information: Lochlan tends to hang around with more of the Thorns anarchs than any other. He has a long history with the clans of the Camarilla and knows many of the archons and princes personally

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Lochlan/Jack was embraced during the LA riots after the Rodney King case. He was a retired navy Paramedic that got pulled out of his truck by his Sire Thomas Swain. After that he followed his mortal family to just outside the DC area. He lived in DC under the princeships of Dean Famularo, Calliope Van Horne, and Shen Dubois. After a fall out with the local anarchs, he moved to Gainesville where he has worked behind the scenes.

Current Activities: Jack is currently in Gainesville where he has been bitterly fighting the sabbat that are coming to take over the city. His lasting mark is the aquarium he built as an elysium.

Merit Details: With his training as a paramedic, he has a natural aptitude to Medicine. Catlike balance.


The Brown Coats


Jonah The Nosferatu


Svidi the Ironhorse

Diptheria Plaguerat (Wormtail)


Jordan Cooper



Dean Famularo


Edmund Sullivan



Thomas Swain, Member of the Black Hand of the sabbat is Lochlan/Jack's sire. Before he ate Jack Twist and fled to the sabbat with his allies. Thomas was an independant gangrel that ruled Loudon county. He once blood bond Jack to him after Jack joined the cam.

Cassandra - Ventrue anti Bishop and tried to kill Lochlan earlier



Character Inspirations


New World Man by Rush

Angry Young Man by Billy Joel

Warrior's Code by The Dropkick Murphys

Ghost of Tom Joad by Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello


"As Svidi the Bastard has spoken, Lochalan Paige is no blood of mine nor of the Gangrel, he has conspired with the denizens of the pit. Hunt him to the ends of the earth. Know I am coming for you Childe." ~Thomas Swain, The Old Man of The East (2/27/2012)


Lochlan Paige has offered himself as a "back door resource" to many a Baron.

Lochlan Paige has too many Camarilla allies and is a little too quick to rely on them for his needs before going to the movement for assistance.

Lochlan Paige had his eyes ripped out of his head for breaking Elysium.

Lochlan's favorite activity is dominate Anarchs to dance for him when they are being uppity.

The Anarchs aren't really sure Lochlan is truely an Anarch like he says he is.

He has moved to the Militant opposition

Lochlan is infernal, and hunted by his former clanmates.

Lochlan's ashes were delivered to Svidi in a mason jar.

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