K the GarGrel

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Gang The Scholars
Clan Gangrel
Position None
Prestige None
Barony San Antonio, TX
Political Impulse Nihilist
Path Humanity •••
Player Brendan Thompson



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Alias(es): "K"

Real Name: Fuck Off

Apparent Age: 22

Concept: Bad Gangrel

Physical description: K is for lack of better terms, an overweight Minoatur whos skin is made up of a grey stone of some sort. Where fur would be, there are vicious spikes of clumped fur as if they cant move easily. In addition to this he has a few notable different features.

Atop his head are a set of medium bull like horns that protrude from the sides of his head, pointing up towards the sky.

Protruding from his bottom lip are a set of oversized teeth that make up what seem to be tusks. An inch thick but rather than coming to a point, they grow blunt at the tip as if cut off. Around one of them is a silver band with archaic sigils of some sort that don't stop moving.

When he speaks he slurs his words a bit as if the tusks prove difficult to speak with, but in addition to that he has a silver tongue piercing.

He remains mostly naked proudly showing off his gut with a smile but does wear a simple pair of shorts and a set of large chains are looped around his chest and down attaching themselves to his shorts and back up diagonally. Plain black that have a couple things attached. A silver coin attached to a silver chain dangles from his shorts that he messed with occasionally which has a set of archaic sigils that dont stop moving. Attached via carabiner is a black stuffed gargoyle that remains at his side. Its seen better days but its still there. And finishing up the waist occupancy is a leather pouch that houses Pedro's Shinies. His legs extend down misshapen into a pair of bovine hooves. His arms have weird Tiger like black stripes down their length and his hands are thick and extend into jagged stone claws, the tips blackened and hardened as if made to rend flesh and a layer of titanium claws fitting over his normal ones.

Behind him at the base of his back a bovine tail extends out that is always in motion betraying how he feels. As well as a collapsed down crossbow that seems to be made to attach to something as well as a holster full of bolts.

Pedro Fou'Drake The appearance is the same as described before except for these additions His claws extend out becoming intimidating in and of themselves. Claws turned truly jagged meant for ripping flesh asunder with alarming effectiveness. Horns grow out as blood pours from their base as they do only ceasing when the horns stop growing. After which they have become much like the claws, specifically tailored to impaling whatever unlucky foe they come across. The weight of the horns however cause Pedro to haunch over a bit. As such he is usually seen prowling or running about on all fours. His teeth extend out in this process as well as he bares very visible fangs at any who approach.

Relevant Mechanics: Bright Aura, Sanguine Humor, Time Sense

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: K was on the run after his embrace mid 2019 after having a run in with his would be sire. He found sanctuary in San Antonio still fleeing from his old life and knowing absolutely nothing about what he was beyond sun bad, blood good. It was in this city that he was found and taken in by the Gangrel Jason the Fox and his Gang The Scholars. However this wasn't meant to last, the gang fully disbanding some time around the Spring of 2020. After which he has been rarely seen. Most of the time when he does he is accompanied by a Gargoyle and is found in weird places

Current Activities: These night after K was tutored on a lot of the ways of vampire society he simply stays in his house, prefering his form of survival to be that of playing video games and not getting involved in drama. This may have stemmed from the death of his gangmate and father figure Jason. However when he is out and about even then its hard to tell him apart from any other animalistic onlooker. Typically taking the form of various animals and simply observing from a distance watching others. When this isn't an option he is found fawning over and possibly even hanging from the arm of a gargoyle living the simple.

Merit Details: Totemic Change, Sense of the Stock, Baby Face, Bright Aura, Time Sense



Formerly, The Scholars. Recently disbanded




Archbishop Westwood



Nicodeamus Crow



Character Inspirations



"Well this is gonna end badly, Lets do it"

"Pedro did what now?"

"Stop grabbing my tail! That's what the Metal Loops are for! Learn your Foreplay!"

"That is not your ass to smack good sir!"

"Don't worry, I wont kill you... He might though and I'm not telling him no"


K is actually a wight that just gets lazy sometimes and rolls around in piles of gems, stones, gold, and silver

K is actually just a wight with an odd obsession for shiny objects

K plays dark souls all the time to simulate the experience of dying all the time because he keeps getting told that Gangrel are warriors and hes not about that life

K is actually a Gargoyle

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