Jon Daniels

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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Barony Central Ohio
Political Impulse Nihilist
Path Path of Humanity
Player ZH



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Alias(es): Jon D

Real Name: Jonathon Daniels

Apparent Age:Early / Mid 20's

Concept: Angry Ex-Con Wanting A Shot

Physical description: An angry mid-20-something with either a perpetual scowl on his face or a mischievous grin that quite obviously shows that he's just done or is about to do something very offensive.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: He came to Columbus in the middle of 2008 and quickly made a loud and obvious name for himself. After being in the area for a while, he went missing for nearly a year only to make a rather loud and angry return after being 'freed from the box that traitorous slut bitch Ziata put him in' (his words). Since then, he's been in and out of the Domain, typically announcing his arrival in a rather crude or 'headdesking' manner, but never ever in a way that could be called subtle.

Current Activities: Reluctant Baron of the few Anarchs in Central Ohio

Merit Details: Bruiser, Natural Leader, Infamous/Prestigious Sire: Garrett Dannington

Background: He reformed after being thrown under the bus by his former gang. They sold him out for more profit and left him out to hang and dry; though while he spent his time in a cell he managed to accomplish a few things he never thought he would (Like getting his GED). A few years passed and he cooled down considerably, and his street-thinking were what eventually grew his Sire's eyes to him.

All that cooling down though, seemed to get washed right out the window after the Embrace as the Brujah blood boiled through his veins. Rage and passion, along with a high-pitched fever of anger and violence, ripped through the walls of restraint that he had build up and now he's nothing more than a loud, typical (almost stereotypical), Brujah thug.


He is a member of no known gang, but if his childe keeps embracing her family members, he might be forced into one out of sheer need to be able to watch over them all.


With the death of his Sire, Jacen Pompeii, and many other members of 'The Shadow Coterie" Jon has been short in real friends for quite some time. It's not that he doesn't try, it's just that either his callous regard for life, desire to slaughter Caitiff, or casual racism always seems to get in the way. He doesn't seem that upset by it, though; and always manages to come out of any argument or altercation either better off or at least not in the worst shape.


While no one has come out and directly said they want him dead, Jon has pissed off quite a few people that most likely wouldn't bat an eyelash when they hear of his demise. He personally has an absolute loathing for Viktor Von Steinwitz however...over a case of infiltrating the Anarchs and abducting his childe Rosa, then keeping her captive for several months while Jon looked for her.

And now, after time, there's the Setites in Columbus. After they mocked the passing of several old friends and even claimed to have killed Jon's Sire, his murder-hardon for them only got worse.


Garrett Dannington (Deceased)


Rosa Daniels (Presumed Deceased)


Brian Dannington (Deceased)

Character Inspirations


And eventually has come...
Farewell Ride - Beck


"My Sire rode...yes, fucking rode, a goddamned gargoyle anathema that had true faith laser beams shooting out of its eyes. And you ask me if I think a basement full of crackhead gangbangers is too much to handle? Shut the fuck up and get behind me."

"No, I don't want to be Baron. But someone that's less than half retarded and more than half insane needs to do the job and I'm the only one around that fits the bill."

While dealing with his hispanic childe and hispanic grandchilde arguing. "Stop it, goddamnit, I don't speak maid. Speak English!"


  • He means well, but the results don't always show...
  • He's not really racist, he just uses that to feel people out.
  • His level of hate for mortal gangs ranges somewhere on the 'genocide' level
  • He hates Caitiff so much because he secretly is one.
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