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Gang Biloxi Blues
Clan Caitiff
Position Gang Leader
Prestige 2
Barony Biloxi, MS
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Coord NPC



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Alias(es): Jenny McNeil

Real Name: Unknown last name, although some mistake that she's the childe of 'that' MacNeil.

Apparent Age: late teens/early 20s

Concept: Political activist/Columbia

Physical description: Pixie-ish build, complete with same red hairdo, and green eyes. Dancer physique.

Relevant Mechanics: Natural Leader.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Jenny was embraced as a mistake sometime during the late 80s or early 90s. She didn't know much about her sire, save for that he was likely of a 'high clan'. When it was realized she didn't have the endemic powers of her sire, he attempted to kill her as to not be disgraced. Timing was on her side however, as happenstance found a group of Biloxi caitiff finding the would-be back alley murder in progress. Numbers drove off the sire, and Jenny came with them.

After the grief of what had happened had subsided, she stayed in the fringes of Biloxi society, and even managed to get acknowledged for a little while. Being a caitiff, and a bastard of a former local no less (her sire had fled before she made an appearance in court), she was often put down upon by the members of the court who knew their lineages.

Unwilling to suffer this long, she began planning an overthrow of the Biloxi court. She had no idea how well it would work, or how it would spread so fast... Given her natural leading skills, and seemingly endless luck, she saw final victory with the death of Prince O'Neal, and the establishment of the Barony of Biloxi/Gulfport.

Current Activities: 'Retired' to being merely a gang leader, she does travel along the Gulf Coast, marveling at what has occurred here in the last ten years, but also cringing at the often time lack of solidarity once common enemies are thwarted.

She's still a true believer, and tends to see things differently than others. She's not interested in fame or glory, and refuses to work with the Camarilla. Some say she is ultimately interested in Golconda. Jenny is soft-spoken and almost never raises her voice; when she has something to say, her quiet voice demands that you pay her full attention. Cursing is also not in her vocabulary, nor is “college talk.” Imagine the way a devout nun, quietly fervent in her belief, might speak about her faith.

Merit Details: Lucky, Natural Leader, Nine Lives

Background: Jenny's possible sire is likely a Ventrue or a Toreador, as the powers she naturally manifested are Auspex, Presence & Dominate.







Character Inspirations





  • Some ignorant Anarchs believe that she's the childe of Jeremy MacNeil.
  • Jenny cannot sire.
  • While she has the power of Dominate, she refuses to use it except in cases of protecting the Masquerade.
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