Jasmine Wantland

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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Northern Ohio
Political Impulse Nihilist
Path Path of Humanity
Player Player Name



Apparent Age: Early 20's

Physical description: Tan olive toned skin, obvious Greek facial features. At 5'11" she is taller than most other women she knows, but she still enjoys wearing heels. Her deep brown hair is cut short in a 20's style bob. Always one for fashion, she enjoys the finer things in life and expensive clothing.

Character Information

Known History: Jasmine came to Cleveland at the behest of her Sire. She is a skilled Architect and her abilities were needed by the clan in Cleveland for a time. Setting up Cleveland as her home, she moved up through the ranks of the Camarilla stations, holding every position except Sheriff and Harpy. She has been actively involved in several attacks against the Sabbat in Cleveland, including the current push to regain Toledo. Tired of the Cams inability to function and get the job done, she began to work with the Movement towards this goal. Over time, the Movement proved more capable of working together and working as a unit. In January 2010, she gave up her 7 status to join the Movement. Since joining the Anarchs of Cleveland and Columbus have taken out one Sabbat pack, and are in the process of hunting another.

After capture by an Archon on suspicion of infernalism, she escaped and has joined with the Sabbat. Subsequently, she has been bloodhunted by the Sons of Odin.

Basic Timeline: Moved to Cleveland in 2005 to be with Anton Zackarov Became Prince of Cleveland in 2007, and held it for almost a year Left the Camarilla, and became a member of the Movement in 2010 May be infernal, has ran to the Sabbat in 11/11.

Current Activities: Assisting the Sabbat


formerly The Sons of Odin



You're Going Down - Sick Puppies

Bitch - Meredith Brooks


"Shut the Fuck up bitch, I wear heels bigger than your dick!"


May be infernal or Sabbat... and has gone underground since escaping an Archon under the suspicion of going to the Pit.

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