J.D. Ritter

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Gang None
Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Prestige Fuckall
Barony None
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Ben Fleming



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Alias(es): JD, That Guy Who Always Lurks Under Obfuscate

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mask of One Thousand Faces - late 20s

Concept: Cabbie Extraordinaire

Physical description: Average looking Irish man in his late 20s. Average height, average weight. Reddish brown hair and beard when Masked, few have seen his true face.

Relevant Mechanics & Visible Merit/Flaw Details:

  • Eerie Presence

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 1975: Born in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1994: Emigrated to Boston and found work as a cabbie.
  • 2000: Picks up an odd Irishman named Donovan who proceeded to pick his brain about Boston, its nightlife, areas to avoid, etc. Ghouled.
  • Early 2001: Leaves Boston with Donovan, headed for the Free State. JD would go on to become the driver of choice for many anarchs wishing to run below radar in the Free State. Many would tell stories of the insane Irish cabbie who drove like no human should drive.
  • Late 2001: Donovan chooses to leave the Free State while JD stays behind and accepts the Embrace from a Nosferatu named Ritter. Despite his new blood, JD would forever reject the Ritter's home in the sewers and made his own place above ground.
  • May, 2010: Tired of the clannish infighting and violent shortsightedness of the L.A. Anarchs, JD chooses to head to the Midwest to see if he can find Donovan.

Background: J.D. Ritter was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1975. After attending school, he emmigrated to Boston in 1994 to seek work. He had always been an exceptional driver, and quickly picked up work as a cabbie in Boston. He worked in that capacity until 2000, when he picked up an odd Irishman named Donovan for a ride one night. Donovan picked his brain about Boston, it's night life, areas to avoid, etc. He made quite an impression on JD with his knowledge of history and his outgoing personality, and JD ended up becoming his "go to" guy for rides, despite local cabbie rules. Eventually, Donovan ghouled the young man, and brought him slowly under the shadow of the Kindred's secret world. JD and Donovan stuck pretty closely together in those nights, and both of them left Boston together in 2001. In 2001, JD drove Donovan back to the LA Free State, where JD. met many of the local Anarchs, and rapidly became the cabbie of choice for Anarchs looking to move surreptitiously throughout the LA area. JD became friendly with a Nosferatu named Ritter who operated in the LA area, often ferrying him around the city. When Donovan left LA, JD stayed behind, and accepted the Embrace from Ritter, with Donovan's blessings, in 2001.

Current Projects

  • Hiding from his idiot clanmates
  • Pissing off other Nosferatu
  • Donning his HazMat suit and spray-painting "JD was here, come and get me you fucks" in sewers around the Midwest




Donovan Creeve


  • Pretty much all other Nosferatu - ugly fuckers that they are. JD has been well known in the Midwest for taking a strong dislike to any other Nosferatu he meets and telling them so in no uncertain terms.


  • Ritter



  • Unknown and JD really doesn't care.

Character Inspirations

  • Ghost of Christmas Past - Scrooged



"Who t'fuck are ye and what t'fuck are ye on about? Oh, ye're a Nos? Take your stinky, fuck-ugly ass outta here before I tear yer fuckin' arms off and stuff 'em up yer arse."


  • Addison, former ghoul to Shane Masters, former Harpy of Milwaukee, WI, was last seen in his presence before she disappeared at Midwinter, 2011.
  • Knows nothing of Animalism but seems to have an affinity for Auspex
  • Once told Simon Iscariot to go fuck himself and is yet still around.
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