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Political Impulse is what describes the ideological philosophy of individual Anarchs. There is a full spectrum of ways that this may be described, essentially in three different aspects, each with three 'subcategories'. Below are links to the individual pages, where one can see where Anarchs fall within them, as well as brief summaries of each of said philosophies.

Loyal Opposition: The Loyal Opposition are closest aligned to the Camarilla, and may even carry Camarilla status. Overall, they wish to 'change the system from within', and work to liberalize the Ivory Tower. Many of the Anarchs that follow the 'Treaty of Thornes' are aligned with the Loyal Opposition.

Disloyal Opposition These Anarchs do not identify with the Camarilla, and see the Movement as a separate and third sect. Most Disloyal Opposition see the Treaty of Thornes as trash, only to be used as a political tool to 'get out of jail' should the need arise, but otherwise despise this document of surrender. Those Anarchs of the Status Perfectus are Disloyal Opposition.

The Fringe This is merely a catchall for those Anarchs that don't fit into the above categories. Often times not even really identifying with the Movement at all, they are more likely to ally themselves with Anarchs than anyone else.

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