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Concept: Anarch Freedom Fighters and political activists. Guardians of the main artery to Los Angeles.

Territory: Kern County. Specifically, the Kern County section of the I-5 Freeway known as The Grapevine.


  • Creeper - The Leader and Baron of Kern County
    • "The truest form of leader is one who serves not just his subordinates, but the greater good. He does both of these with humility and respect, and because of it I don't only respect him, I will follow him to whatever end." - Anabel Bransford
  • Anabel Bransford - The Second and the Voice
    • "They say that Helen of Troy had the face that could launch a thousand ships. My Anabel has that face and so much more...her body can make men weak and her voice can sway hearts and souls. She can inspire greatness in anyone. She is what the movement needs now, more than ever." - Creeper
  • F.E. - The Sweeper
    • "It's better that you do not mess with F.E. unless you want to see the traditional Brujah negotiation tactics." - Anabel
    • "My F.E., my running mate and my hitgirl. I've run with a lot of Brujah in my days, but none that could keep pace with me and my jokes. I pity any poor fuck who comes in her sights that ain't our welcomed guest in Kern." - Creeper

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • April 30th, 2011: The Wardens are officially founded. Creeper, Baron of Kern County, appoints Anabel Bransford as his second and his old friend F.E. as his Sweeper.
  • May 7th, 2011: Word is officially sent to the Camarilla Domain of Los Angeles that The Wardens now guard the Grapevine pass and that their territory is to be respect as it was solely under Creepers watch.
    • During a visit with the OC Anarchs, Anabel and Creeper meet one of the whispered about Carthaginians. They escape with the Harpy of Los Angeles, Ethan Neumann, in their care and see to his safety as they flee the Methuselah and his croonies.
  • May 14th, 2011: The Wardens offer to open the borders of Kern County to any Anarch or Camarilla citizen fleeing from a Carthaginian threat.

Current Activities:

Background: Only very recently established, The Wardens watch over and protect one of the main arteries into the Los Angeles area; The Grapevine. Situated in the southern edge of Kern County, The Wardens are establishing themselves in the area and cementing their hold on the northern side of the vast highway expanse in the little towns and traveler areas and trucker stations. From here these Anarchs control, at least in theory, the northern end of the highway.


The Wardens, being such a new gang, count precious few allies among the other gangs. However, due to the sirens call of Anabel Bransford and the grassroots campaigns of Creeper, their allies are sure to stack up quickly.





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