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Won't Back Down: Gainesville, FL

Geoff n' Griff of the Gainesville ST staff.

Welcome to the Gainesville, Florida OWbN Anarch Vampire LARP. You can find information on the characters, places, and further tidbits about our corner of One World by Night. Gainesville's genre is Anarch Vampire, with a smattering of independent characters who sometimes come to do business with the members of the Movement. Occasionally, Camarilla and Sabbat members come to call, but they should beware conversion conversations.

For our House Rules, go here: Gainesville House Rules

To join the Gainesville In-Character list, write to this address:

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IC History

Gainesville, Florida is known primarily as the home of the University of Florida. Settled first during the 17th century by Europeans, it was Timucuan Indian territory prior to this, and Seminole Indian afterward. The city remained a sleepy train stop in North Central Florida, and known as 'Hogtown' due to pork production in the area, until the University moved there officially in 1903. Explosive growth followed. The college sports many majors and schools, including a law school, veterinarian school and medical program. Practically every power player from Florida has a degree from this University, and the reach of it's alumni is great. During the 60's, it was referred to as 'the Berkeley of the South' due to student unrest regarding the Vietnam War. The college football team routinely outsells the majority of the NFL in sales of merchandise, and is the true heartbeat of the community.

Flanked to the north and south by swamps (San Felasco Hammock & Paynes Prairie), this liberal city is a blue dot in a sea of red, and an oasis of civilization surrounded by rural living. Practically all commerce in the city, even the county, is as a result of the University. Current population is pushing half a million citizens ((like many cities in the World of Darkness, Gainesville's population is artificially inflated)), almost all within the city itself.

Far removed from the nearest Camarilla Domain and Sabbat Diocese, the Anarchs here have relative peace, but still face threats from without. For over 100 years, the city was a small Camarilla Domain, ruled first by Tremere, and was stable. From its inception to the turn of the Millennium, there were only three Princes. With the dawn of the 21st Century, and the death of its last elder Prince, there was a rapid succession of no less than a dozen neonate and ancillae Princes, whose control over their peers was shaky at best. Not able to govern effectively as a Camarilla city, eventually the system collapsed, with no small help or effort from the Anarchs who'd begun flocking to the city. There are still a small handful of Camarilla citizens living in the city, specifically on the campus grounds. The University itself is more or less 'off limits' to the Anarchs, as there are at least two or three powerful Camarilla kindred that live there.

There are also a few independents who have lived in and around the city. They are those such as Gangrel that come through San Felasco, as well as Giovanni near the city center, and at least one Setite who plies the student population with whatever pleasures they desire. How the Anarchs react to them is more or less on a case to case basis.

The ST staff of Gainesville (consisting of Geoff, Corey, Jesse, and Gabi) can be reached at:

Brief timeline of Gainesville since the Anarch takeover

Fall 2007: The last gasps of the former court of Gainesville comes with three Praxis changes in a month. The Camarilla suddenly finds itself outnumbered by members of the Anarch Movement who are loyal to the Status Perfectus. Big D proclaims Gainesville an Anarch Free State, and himself to be Baron. Prince Henry Hawkesmoore-Croft (Tremere) abdicates, and dissolves the office of the Camarilla, ordering all Camarilla citizens to regroup elsewhere. Several low-standing members of the Camarilla, including Suicide, Mendoza and Art join up with the Anarchs.

Spring 2008: Almost as soon as the Anarchs take the city, in-fighting begins. Not knowing the secrets of the city, one gang manages to irritate the werewolves of Paynes Prairie. This gets the werewolves involved in the fighting, which could have united the Anarchs. Instead, each gang attempted to manipulate the shapeshifters to their own advantage. The resulting violence and death left the 43rd Street gang as the dominant force in the city, a position they will keep for the next two and a half years.

Summer 2008: Since things are settled for the most part, Jackal challenges Big D for position of Baron. D, having other things to do, acquiesces. Unfortunately, Jackal then disappears for about six months. The city manages fine on its own without central leadership, as the 43rd Street gang keeps the peace. During this time, Meade Ministries makes their first excursion into Gainesville, looking to end the 'scourge of the demonic' that plagues the city, aka, vampires.

Fall 2008: Exacerbated by Masquerade breaches from 'vacationing' Camarilla members, conflict with Meade Ministries members come to a head. The Anarchs stop the 'exorcism/execution' of a Sabbat member at their hands, and rescue Jackal from their clutches, as he'd been captured. Keeping a very low profile, Meade's people find other things to busy themselves with, believing they'd done their job protecting the mortals from the demonic scourge.

Spring 2009: Delilah takes over as Baron of Gainesville, as Jackal has to recover from his time captured. Relative peace reigns in the Domain.

Summer 2009: Hosted by Giovanni, members of the Sabbat of Ocala, the Camarilla of St. Augustine and the Movement of Gainesville come together for an 'auction' of rare items, some of which the two large players of the Jyhad have interest in. Anarchs act as enforcers, and violence is at a minimum. Only two Sabbat members are reported MIA after this, and the Camarilla once again violates the Masquerade within the city. Camarilla members are told that Gainesville is off limits, save for the ones residing on the UF Campus. A zero tolerance policy is enacted towards visitors from the Tower.

Fall 2009: The Movement has its first convert from the Sword come into the city. Four individuals are put through a 'circle of hate; three independents fail, one former Sabbat passes.

Spring 2010: Delilah and Anna begin a diplomatic mission, and visit Southern California to strengthen ties between the separate Free States. In Gainesville, a were-rat infestation of the sewers leads to war with these odd shape-changers. Mostly a draw, the were-rats move on from Gainesville, to then parts unknown. The war lasts three months.

Summer 2010: Delilah steps down as Baron. Rocky takes over as Baron.

Fall 2010: Delilah and Anna make another foray into diplomacy, this time visiting members of the Movement in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Spring 2011: Spring ends with an all-out free for all in Palatka, Florida, at first a three way war between Anarch, Sabbat & Camailla. Once within, the true foe is revealed as its clear that the vampires within are infernal. All three forces have to join together to stop a strange demonic ritual being enacted. It turns out the paper mill had been 'infested' and sending paper to parts all over the globe--but to unknown purpose. Void takes over as Baron.

Summer 2011: War with infernal forces continue. An infernalist is unveiled within Gainesville itself, and put down violently. Void abdicates being baron after the diablorie of said infernalist, and John Russo is elected to the position.

Fall 2011: War with the infernal continues, a force that calls himself Joel appears and wreaks havoc in the city. Russo is attacked by Werewolves and left in Torpor. His sire Jordan Cooper is elected to the position. The war with Joel ends with a explosion at the Casino.

Spring 2012: War with Werewolves subsides while another battle rages. Meade Ministries makes another push into Gainesville, this time however they are able to set up a base of operations.

Summer 2012: The hunter group at Meade is put on their heels, and the city is no worse for wear. Anarch on Anarch violence picks up briefly with the appearance of a gang exiled from Valdosta, GA (the Thunderbolts). This is put on the backburner when it appears that the Giovanni are making another push into the area.

Fall 2012: Students have returned to Gainesville, and with them, an influx of new Anarchs...

Spring 2013: The Anarchs of Gainesville seem to be in constant flux- new members arrive monthly it would seem, and problems from within and without arise. The Baron seat changes hands once more, but no one can be sure if it's for better or for worse quite yet. The Giovanni have made themselves well known to the Movement locally, and entrench themselves within the city quite heavily.

Summer 2013: Giovanni come to call again, attempting to establish a 'neutral ground' that they can operate in. Politically charged intrigue with sides arguing 'Treaty of Thorns' and 'Giovanni Promise' leads to violence again.

Spring 2014: It appears that every enemy that any Anarch in Gainesville has made comes back to call. They don't target their 'normal' enemies either, but instead go after allies of the individual Anarchs. The ranks of the Anarchs are split as a result, and both infighting and out-fighting dominates every night. The enemies are vanquished or driven out, but only after an explosive fight at the State Penitentiary in Starke, FL.

Summer 2014: Most of the Anarchs of Gainesville take a 'summer vacation' to Panama City Beach. Here they discover and blunder into the internal machinations of that city, and get embroiled in the fight between Anarchs, Independent Gangrel, and Followers of Set. The resulting fight ends with no faction in control over the city, the collapse of all vampire society there, and werewolf occupation of the area.

Fall/Winter 2014-Spring 2016: Anarchs return to Gainesville en masse, to discover that werewolves are there as well, investigating the fire at the State Penitentiary. Skirmishes continue both via mortal pawns and in person. Gangrel, thinking they were crippling a mystic area in San Felasco, unwittingly open an area of power that is taken by the werewolves; San Felasco is taken by the werewolves as a result. After making a deal with Black Spiral Dancers, the Anarchs are able to clear all shape-shifters from the city.

Fall 2016: After much debate, the Anarchs decide to adopt the idea of a three member Council, as proposed by Concord. The first election results in Edmund Sullivan, Nairi Riad, and Tera Jacobs being named as the initial councilors.

Fall 2017: The second Council election is held, and the winners are Concord, Nairi Riad, and Tiffany Wester.

Spring 2018: At the suggestion of Edmund, the Barony elects two Sweepers. Edmund Sullivan and Rick Calhoun are the winners.

Winter 2018: The third Council election is held, and the winners are Lyra Fraizer, Nairi Riad, and John Russo.

Summer 2019: After only a little over halfway into their term, the Council of Gainesville is dissolved after a vote is called by Lyra. It is likely that a Baron will be elected in their place, though questions remain as to how this could affect the alliances set up over the last three years. Meanwhile, a cold war is threatening to go nuclear between Edmund, The Giovanni, a Sabbat element from Jacksonville, and the Werewolves of Tallahassee. The Barony is watching, concerned as to how this could come to haunt Gainesville at large. One month after the Council is dissolved, Lyra Fraizer is elected as Baron.

Fall 2019: Edmund and the Giovanni go to war over Starke, with the understanding that neither party would be able to use Gainesville as a staging nor fighting ground and that Edmund would be acting as an individual not a representative of Gainesville. Edmund emerges victorious and now holds Starke, but he suffered heavy casualties on his side.

Spring 2020: A Sabbat pack sets up shop in Waldo and begins breeding monsters to wage war on the nearby Barony. When the Anarchs get wind of this, they launch a raid on one of the havens, managing to take down or capture all of the individuals present at the farmhouse. However, not all of the threats have been addressed, as the enhanced pigs and pack leader are still out there.

Points of Interest

Friendly Locations

  • The Hippodrome State Theatre - Elysium - Features as the heart of downtown Gainesville, with the Sun Center flanking it and Bo Diddley plaza just to the north.
  • Wash King Laundromat & Speakeasy Florida - Salon & Social Scene - Located just south of downtown Gainesville, one of the newer venues to open in Gainesville.
  • The Baughman Center - Elyisum - Located on the shore of Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus.
  • The Laboratory - Social Scene with Drinking & Dining - A Cafe of Science (run by mages, Larry and Gary) located at the border of Downtown and Midtown, just east of the University.
  • The Rack - Businesses and residential area along University Ave. from 13th St./US-441 to Main St. excluding Innovation Square and the Laboratory.

Allied Territories

  • University of Florida - Camarilla
  • Ben Hill Griffin Stadium - Clan Gargoyle
  • San Felasco Hammock (primary) - Clan Gangrel
  • San Felasco Caern - Wererats
  • Sewers - Domain of Clan Nosferatu
  • Innovation Square - Clan Giovanni under Don Baldasare
  • Putnam County - Joe Barclay
  • Gator Sports Pool Hall - Clan Setite (Independents)

Locations to Avoid

  • Paynes Prairie - Werewolves
  • Devil’s Millhopper Geological Site - Maintained by an Independent who wishes to be left alone
  • Harn Museum of Art - Only unfriendly in Astral Realm, personal territory of Erkan Mahir (Children of Haqim)
  • Gainesville Police Station - Consecrated against Kindred
  • Masonic Temple - Likely owned by mages and/or True Faith folks


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