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No matter where you go among Anarchs, it is rare you will find two areas run exactly the same way, or even two anarchs who believe a city should be run any particular way. Such is the blessing and curse of Anarch society. For the most part, any Anarch area falls under the classification of the following three terms, which are used very loosely.


A Barony can be defined as any area in which one Anarch or group of Anarchs claim “ownership” of the area. They set the rules, and their word is Law. Not often are these rules as restrictive and oppressing as the Camarilla Tradition, but to many Anarchs, the idea of one person, or a group, having final say in all matters is still unsettling. It is important to note, that simply because a city has a Baron, does not make it a Barony by definition. The Role of Baron is different in many places, some they act as peacekeepers among Gangs, some they act as an emissary to other sects. However, in a Barony, often they are the ones calling all the shots. It is commonly known in several places of the United States, where Camarilla held cities are nothing more than Loyal Opposition Anarch Baronies, they just dare not point such out, lest they draw unwanted attention from the higher ups in the Tower. A Barony may not have only one person in charge, it may be an area in which is controlled by one gang in particular, that may or may not allow others to live there as well. A Baron in these types of cities may go by other titles, like Governor, President, Councilor, or anything they so choose. A Barony will usually last as long as those who claim it theirs, can defend it.


A Freestate, as the term has been coined since the LA Revolt in 1943, is defined as an area in which some form of “Government” has been formed. Like the Revolutionary Council of Los Angeles, a Freestate is usually formed after a liberation of territory from an outside force. Whether they set up a Gang Leader’s Council, or a Group of Senators from regions, or even a delegates of a Congress, Freestates tend to be very Democratic in nature and governance where the people choose who they want to lead them or have some limited say in the matter. Politics play a bigger role in these cities, if only simply for the fact that there’s more cooks in the kitchen so to speak.


A Loose term for a very small group of anarchs, that exist in a territory predominantly controlled by another sect. These Anarchs have it rough for the most part. For the time being, Barony or Freestate doesn’t mean anything to them since their main concern is not being hassled by the Local Prince or Bishop and staying alive. By choice or not they usually form a tight knit group or gang out of necessity for survival. If the Prince or Bishop has allotted a small territory for the Anarchs to exist in they are at least more at ease, but usually face feeding troubles or other issues.

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