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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Prestige 0
Barony Hartford
Political Impulse None
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Ash



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Alias(es): Bree Wolfsmith, Cheese, God in a Leather Jacket. You probably shouldn't call her the last two.

Real Name: Lita Abelssen

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: Hunter turned by her prey.

Physical description: Lita and Bree look like two very different people, but her camouflage uses more mundane means than Obfuscate. By a combination of hair dye, makeup, and ill-fitting clothes, Bree comes off looking like a harmless vagrant, a vaguely shapeless 19 year old girl who's far too attached to her ugly red leather jacket and her Converse sneakers.

When she Hunts, she doesn't bother hiding her blonde hair, or trying to look short. She's just herself: a modern day warrior with armored black motorcycle leathers and a sword.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Shows up in the Camarillan domain of Hartford in the middle of June 2009, accompanied by the deputy sheriff, the Gangrel that had just found her in a hotel room. Bree had been tortured by the Sabbat for a week before being turned as a joke, and she got permission to stay in the city under the Gangrel's charge. She disappeared from public view for nearly six months, learning more about her new state of being and mastering her rage at the cruelties of the Sabbat. She reappeared in January of 2010 and underwent the accounting for a short while, before bucking under the too-restrictive and watchful eye of the Camarilla.

She met up with the local Anarch Baron, a fellow Brujah girl named Bonnie, and together they worked with the Anarchs and Anarch sympathizers in the Camarilla to protect their meager holdings against the looming shadows of Boston and New York, the giant Sabbat holdings threatening Hartford. Bonnie eventually convinced her to defect again to the Camarilla, and they were both placed under a lengthy Accounting. Bree balked at the strictures on her freedoms, and when Bonnie was Acknowledged and Bree was left behind, she walked away from the Camarilla for good.

Alas, Bree left the Movement, became a Scourge, and met her end in February of 2012.

Current Activities: These nights, Bree finds herself the de facto go-to girl of the Anarchs, and while she doesn't wish for the title of Baron by any means, she has grimly taken up the task of making sure her brothers and sisters get the sustenance and safe havens they need. The newest Prince of Hartford has banished them to the Barrens and refuses to consider an alliance. For now, Bree waits in the shadows. Some night soon, Prince Pendragon will require aid against the Sabbat that threaten Hartford. Some night soon, he will call the Anarchs to the front lines.

Some night soon, he will be sorely disappointed.

Merit Details:

Higher Purpose: The Hunt, as defined in Laws of the Reckoning.

Code of Honor: She is God's weapon against the Darkness. She will not fail, nor falter, nor weaken, for God is her bastion against the enemy.

Background: Lita was born to two well-to-do immigrants. Her mother, Margot, was a former model, and her father Erik was an aeronautics engineer. She grew up happy and loved, until the night a Sabbat pack broke in and murdered her mother, her father, and her little sister Lise. The shattered ten year old had no one left to care for her, and she got bounced around for two years inside the foster system. At twelve, she was adopted by a young couple, and happiness seemed to be in the cards, at least outwardly. But she had to learn the hard way that there were far worse monsters than the ones who had killed her family. With enough money, even the social workers can be bribed to look the other way or falsify records, and Lita landed a starring role in a child pornography ring. When not dragged out to perform, she was kept in a cage in the basement with her fellows, and for four years, she waited to die.

At the age of sixteen, she was finally saved by the police, and the lawyer in charge of her case worked hard to make sure she became an emancipated teenager, with a new identity: Bree Wolfsmith. One of the detectives who uncovered the ring let her stay with his family while she worked on her GED, and they talked. She told him about what happened to her family, and he gave her a choice. If she wanted, if she was one hundred percent sure, he would tell her everything she needed to know to make sure that nothing like it happened again.

And that was how she took up the Hunt. She wasn't called by God, but in her mind, it never made much difference: she was still righteous. With a combination of good luck and vicious cruelty, she worked the Northeast by herself for a few years, killing her share of stupid Licks. One night, her luck took a turn for the worse, and she fell to the tender mercies of a Brujah Catharist, a member of the Sabbat. He kept her for a week in a shabby motel room, torturing her and taking her to the brink of death over and over again, before deciding that her devotion to her cause should be rewarded with one final test. He made her a vampire, smiling as she promised to kill him for what he had done, and then he left her. Bree hasn't seen him since, but God and all His angels won't help him when she takes up her hunt.



Jack Sawyer

Bonnie N. Clyde


Caia Wickham

Joe Evans (tentatively)

Galina Petrovna


Her actual sire, an unknown Brujah AT.

Roman Pendragon

Micah Ashford

Actually, almost anyone not on the Allies list.


As her own sire isn't worthy of the term, the person Bree looks to most for guidance is Jack Sawyer. He's the Gangrel deputy sheriff of Hartford who found Bree and took her in as his adopted headache. He often calls her his Brujah childe, and is probably the person most responsible for her development as a person and a hunter. She knows she can always count on him to be both an absolute stick in the mud and the one person she can turn to when she needs safe haven. For a time after her Embrace, she tried to pursue a romance with him, but after realizing her own power, she looks at the matter with a faint embarrassment. Lucky for her, Jack is too much of a gentleman to mention it, and Bree's perfectly happy to forget the whole thing.



Character Inspirations

Faith from Buffy with a helping of Dean from Supernatural. Add a sprinkle of horror, a dash of darkness for flavor, and let simmer in angst. Voila!


Carry on my Wayward Son, Kansas

Light up the Night, the Protomen

Uprising, Muse

Re-Education (Through Labor), Rise Against

The Trooper, Iron Maiden

The Wicker Man, Iron Maiden

Run to the Hills, Iron Maiden

Killer Queen, Queen


A mortal who's been given a gun and some bad ideas by a reckless hunter: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I know God wants me to do better! Apparently God is a very nice lady in a red leather coat!"


"One day, I'm going to put him in the floor of my new house. And I'm going to make it a glass floor, a foot thick, with just enough room for him to wriggle around, and drip him just enough blood so he wakes up. And I'm going to stand on the floor every night and wave. Just so he knows I remember he's there, and what he did to me."


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