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Gang Princes of the Universe
Clan Malkavian
Position Baron
Prestige Commited
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Hardcore
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Marshall



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Alias(es): Alex, Al, Batman, The Bat, That-Crazy-Bloke-Who-Needs-A-Beer

Real Name: Alexander Winner

Apparent Age: Late 20s to Early 30s

Concept: A Malkavian deranged enough to try and save the World of Darkness from itself

Physical description: 6'3", jet black hair with ice blue eyes, Alex cuts an impressive figure, no slouch before his embrace he seems to be in peak physical condition for someone his age

Relevant Mechanics:

Famex1:Whether as the guy hanging around at the bar, or as The Bat lots of people seem to have heard of Al

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: 1918-1947: Alex lived his mortal life in Manhattan. He kept close to his parents and stayed in touch with his immediate family, until the faithful night when they where lost to him forever.

1947-1950: Several years are lost to Alex as the Curse of the Malkavians comes upon him. All he can remember of his first years of embrace are constantly being on the run in New York and it's boroughs. After finally piecing his shattered mind together Alex was forced to figure out the basics of Kindred life by trial and error.

1951-1988: Firmly planted into the Batman persona, Alex dedicated years to training himself in combat, science, computers, stealth, reading others, and the most modern investigative techniques. Taking to patroling forgotten alley ways and dark corners, Alex drew the Bat around himself like a child would a security blanket, the memories that haunted him and the voices inside demanding that he strive to be the best and never fail like he had before.

May 27th 1988: On a nightly patrol Batman stumbled on to a scene like no other. The motionless body of one Lexington Parker. After recognizing Parker for what he now was, Bats spirited the body away and provided a safer place for the new Kindred to awaken and learn.

1988-2008: After teaching Lex the lessons he had to learn the hard way, Batman continues to prowl the night seeking justice with his new ally. As years pass New York becomes less and less habitable, and Alex and Lex head South. Each pursuing their own objectives but glad for the company. They are joined in Charleston by the newly turned John Marshall. After a short time all three decide to journey to Florida together and form a tentative gang, or League as Batman would say.

2011-2012: Alex, Lex, and John arrive in Gainesville. Hoping to assist the movement and prove that they can belong the "Misfits" band together aid the Barony from threats mundane and supernatural. This a turbulent time for Alex as he runs into many situations that Batman cannot handle. Without the Bat's guidence Alex almost loses way not to long into his stay in Gainesville.

2013: Seemingly renewed with purpose and fire Alex has started to take his duties as a commited member of the Movement more seriously than ever before. Now, after a particularly firey and unprepared speech he wrested the title of Baron from the Brujah Tiffany and is currently serving Gainesville under that title.


Alex has been a part of several gangs since coming to Gainesville, but being Batman has prepared him for constant roster changes. Whether they know it or not he has internally dubbed this version of his gang as the Princes of the Universe.


Lexington Parker

John Marshall





Pulled a pretty nasty trick on the Camarilla of St. Augustine so they're not to fond of Alex there.







Character Inspirations

Batman from Batman the Animated Series

Batman from DC Comics

The idea of your average person, turned vampire, turned crazy, turned hero


Motion City Soundtrack - Capital H

The Protomen - Light Up The Night

Danny Elfman - Batman Theme

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al



Alex has completely removed the Batman from his mind and makes his way as his own Anarch

Alex is currently talking to Big D about making some waves in Gainesville

Alex is the target of small Korean assassins

Alex really doesn't want to be the Baron

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