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Gang None
Clan Ravnos
Position Deceased
Prestige The Reaper
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Militant
Path Unknown ••
Player T. Collett




Anger is a wound gone mad...

Alias(es):The Autistic Ninja, The Reaper

Real Name:Unknown

Apparent Age:Early 20s

Concept:Disturbing S.O.B.

Physical description:Quiet and twitching and apparently always ill at ease, the young denim clad man clearly has something wrong with him. Many suspect he suffers from some mental deficiency or perhaps some sort of head injury before his embrace... But those who take the time to know him see there is much, much more beneath the surface and the deeper one digs the more they wish they hadn't.

Relevant Mechanics:

Eerie Presence,


Surreal Quality,

Blush of Health

Beacon of the Unholy

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: 2010: Embraced by his sire somewhere in Indiana after an extended period as a ghoul to an unknown benefactor. Since that time he has wandered the midwest helping Anarch and Camarillan alike. Becoming a probationary member of the Sons of Odin at the Midwinters Ball in Milwaukee, he finally has a gang.

After heading a successful strike against the Sabbat held city of Palatka with the aid and assistance of those in Gainesville, he has been elected as the cities Baron in a surprisingly short period of time and has already made a name for himself as someone to not be trifled with.

After hounding an infernalist's heels out of the city, Void has quietly let it be known that he is of Ravnos blood.

Shortly after this, Void has stepped down from being the Baron of Gainesville.

Some months after, in order to keep the free state of Gainesville safe, he ended the life of an infernalist in a particularly unsavory way... and then Killed a Werewolf when the anarchs were forced into their territory to escape a large group of hunters, taking the dead ones pelt as trophy...

all of these things mean a fair number of powerful people now want him dead regardless of his reasons or righteousness... And so he is on the run, dead set on redeeming himself.

Current Activities: Providing a hardline stance on the Anarch communications forum that brooks no room for the weak or stupid.

Surviving as people hunt for him

Killing people.

Confusing people.

Changing minds about those with Autism.

Destroying any threats that may occur against his families.

Merit Details: Void has a number of strange, special and unique gifts that he rarely speaks of but frequently uses to extremely disturbing results. He keeps most of his true nature a secret. When he laughs, the echo's that come from it seem to bounce and hang about in the air.

Background: Little to nothing is known about Void. Where he comes from, who he is, what he does and just what is going on in that head of his are any ones guess. He says very little on the subject and most find him so difficult to talk to that they wont bother trying.


The Sons of Odin



Whiny bitch ass punks that pretend you get to be lazy in the movement.






None known

Character Inspirations


Whats eating Gilbert grape.

The Hanar.

My own time teaching special needs kids.

Shows I've worked on in the past about the Autistic community.


Void's Battle theme!

Void's statement of purpose

Void at rest

Every single day for Void

The last day of his old life

Good times

His happy place

His main theme

Going to war

One for the traitors

Void the Outcast


  • Truth is a dangerous thing... don't get too attached to it.
  • This one is perfectly fine with twisting the heads off of Anarchs that threaten the movement... Why? Aren't you?
  • Void- "Hi! This one is Void..."

Prince- "This one? Are there others too?"

Void- "What?"

Prince- "Others... that share the same body?"

Void- " You mean like MPD? Fuck that noise. This one is strange, not fucking psycho."

  • Your perspective is weak and undeveloped. Your purpose is chained to someone else... and now you beg for life? Nope, This one can't give back to you what you gave up to the wind. Mkay, bye..."
  • Void - "Can this one kill them?"

Archon - "Ask the prince."

Void - "Mkay! (Dials the prince) Mr. Prince? Hi, yeah... um... can It kill these guys that were abducting the new Malkavian?... Yup... Mkay *Click*. Prince says yes!"

(Ashes the poor bastards)


  • Void is said to be able to kill at will with no fear of losing himself to the beast. His appearance seems to suggest he is not an adherent of humanity. The Juxtaposition of this fact coupled with his Autism provides for a disquieting experience.
  • He is especially sensitive towards people he suspects of being violated.
  • His entire "Autism thing" is an act.
  • His entire "This one can't talk about itself with self referential pronouns" thing is an act.
  • He is a stone cold murdering bastard and finds his purpose in the ashes of his opponents
  • His mother was a drug addict and that is why he's the way he is.
  • Void is actually Malkavian.
  • Void does not refer to himself in the first person because he actually sits in astral all night long and uses melpominee to relay his words.
  • Will flat out fucking murder anyone that double crosses or betrays him.
  • Is the deadliest toad in the world........... You had to be there......
  • "Accidentally" lost his virginity when he unwittingly challenged a neo-einherjar Baron of the movement... oops?
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