Vincent King

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Gang Sons of Odin
Clan Tremere
Position Deceased
Prestige 0
Barony Loudoun County, VA
Political Impulse Autarch
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Ian
Former Archon Vincent King (right), With (from left), Archons Cock Robin, Federico Di Padua, and Lithrac at the Los Angeles Conclave, July 2005.



Alias(es): Vinny, VK, BAVK

Real Name: Vincent King

Apparent Age: Late 30's

Concept: Former Camarilla big wig

Physical description: Vincent is always wearing some kind of hat and his denim Harley jacket. It is rare that there is not a Padron cigar being held in one hand or in the process of being smoked. He is a loud and boisterous man who is usually heard before being seen. His appearance usually has a person guessing what family he actually belongs too. He smells of a mix of smoke, blood and bike oil, and when at all possible can often been found near a pool table, stick in hand.

Relevant Mechanics: He loves talking about pretty much anything. He will attempt to debate a subject way beyond the ‘dead horse’ point, especially if he is on the losing side.

Vincent was (is?) known as "Keeper Emeritus", for his views on Elysium, and how they should be upheld. Will the Anarch Movement respect him for the same?

Character Information

Known History

Vincent has been in the Northern Virginia area for over a decade now. His past before coming to the U.S. is not relevant, but if a person listens to him long enough he does have a very slight Aussie accent. His history as a Camarilla member is well known, especially as a former Archon to the Nosferatu Justicar, Ctarinov. His support of the Ivory Tower was without question, or so everyone thought. He quit the Tower in a bold way, causing quite a scatter of chatter amid the Camarilla. Since joining the movement, he has been a constant source of debate and controversy, but despite being a Tremere, he was prospected and patched in to the Sons of Odin. Since joining the gang, King has proved himself a vital asset and earned the Sgt at Arms title within the National/Ironhorse Mother Chapter. He also assisted fellow clan mate, Henry Jones, in transitioning from the Tower to the Movement. Though many still do not trust him, various Anarchs- within his own gang and without- have asked for and received assistance from King, and he has asked nothing in return. In recent nights, King has been seen not only wearing the Sons Patch, but that of the thought to be defunct War Daughters Chapter.

Current Activities:

Vincent is the current Sgt At Arms of the Sons of Odin Mother Chapter and seems to devote his time these nights to assisting The Sons in their endeavors. He has earned the Nick Name "BAVK" from his gang mates (Bad Ass Vinny King) and forged what seems to be a good relationship with two of his female Gang Mates, Kit Dillon and Ellie Xian. After the Ivory Tower's rather odd intervention on Prince Kelly the Halfblood, Vincent seems to have developed a keen interest in what various Princes actually do when put in a hard place between the Tower and their so-called Anarch Friends. The theory of "put your money where your mouth is" has seemingly become most popular with him these nights.


Sons of Odin



Jack Sebastian. Many others he is sure. He's on the Sabbat's "Pack of Smokes" List.


Not for dissemination


Richard, Duncan, Puck, Severus, Wilhem, Bridget, Roderick


Attacus Frost

Character Inspirations



“Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd


"Given enough time, magic can do anything”

“Would you like an Eightball?”


  • Vincent’s recent claims are all false and he is trying to infiltrate the Anarchs, badly.
  • Vincent has armed the Sons of Odin with a magical arsenal that is absolutely asinine and has increased their power ten-fold.
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