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Disclaimer and Introduction

What follows are lineages approved for play and use by those interested in playing an Anarch Ventrue. There is no obligation to use these lines, they are provided as an extra resource. Please note that this document is an OUT OF CHARACTER (OOC) resource. The information found below is not In Character (IC) information. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Anarch team at

Vivi Scarskoff

  • Aken Hoten [4th]
    • Helena of Athens [5th]
      • Sarah of Cyrene [6th]
        • Vivi Scarskoff [7th] [1299-present] Anarch Ventrue Line NPC
          • Jamie Cottonwood [8th] [1790-present] NPC
            • Erroll MacRoy [9th] [1825-present] NPC
              • Ola Pojah [10th] [1950-present] NPC
              • Maxwell Harvey Calles [10th] [1945–present] PC

Overview of Vivi Scarskoff

Apparent Age: 24 years old

Death Night: 1299 AD

Concept: Rebel / Architect

Physical Description/History: Vivi was a gorgeous, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Scandinavian woman hailing from the great white Northern Europe area of Norway. She was Embraced when her sire, Sarah of Cyrene, came to the area to recruit some of the Gangrels of the North to have at his side in the war in England. He took her on as a childe to help with the transition of the Gangrel into England for the religious uprising and revolution that was going on.

However, Vivi saw this time as a chance to break away on her own and make a name for her instead of being controlled by her selfish sire. Upon escaping her sire's rule with a few select kindred, she traveled to the New World, where she met a fellow calling himself Smiling Jack. She decided it was time to be free of the chains of the Tower, and joined the Anarch Movement completely along with others who had traveled to what would someday be the United States of America.

Francois Bardonia & Angioletta

  • Alexander [4th] [382 BC] {1231 AD}
    • Demetrius [5th] [213 BC]
      • Lady Justania [6th] [1087 AD]
        • Francois Bardonia [7th] (Pre 1st Anarch Revolt) Progenitor of The Bardonia Family(NPC)
          • Isabella Bardonia [8th] NPC
            • Samantha[9th] NPC - Deceased
          • Deidrick Bardonia [8th] PC
            • No Name Yet Bardonia [9th] NPC
          • Ulrich Bardonia [8th] PC
            • Stuart Greys-Bardonia [9th] NPC
        • Angioletta [7th] [1057-present] Anarch Ventrue Line NPC
          • Julia of Greece [8th] [1111-present] NPC
          • Nkruma of Nigeria [8th] [1775-present] NPC
          • Enu of the South [8th] [1776-1813] NPC
            • James Burrows [9th] ]1875-present] NPC
              • Elena Gutierres [10th] [1975-present] NPC
                • Lucas Rico Vega [11th] [2004-present] PC

Overview of Francois Bardonia

Note, this is an NPC controlled by the Rockland: Under the Rock game. Please contact for information.

Apparent Age:30 Something

Death Night: No one knows for sure how long he served Lady Justania before he rebelled.

Concept: Revolutionary / Architect

Physical Description/History: Francois was raised of high quality Dutch, nobleman blood: a pinnacle of etiquette and decorum. His respect for his superiors and his martial prowess made him a perfect candidate to be embraced by Lady Justania. All that glimmers[L1] is not gold however. During an unknown period, sometime within[L2] the Dark Ages and the First Anarch Revolt, Francois mistakenly overheard the plans of his sire to escape the manor with her other childe Gilbert and leave Francois to die defending it. From all known accounts of that time frame, after the manor was sieged, Francois had fallen to the Anarchs and died valiantly defending his Sire and broodmate. What really happened remains a mystery none speak of, but Francois emerged nearly 3 centuries later in the American Colonies and was very blatantly acting against the European Camarilla Influence on the colonies and defending the liberties of all Kine, Kindred, and Cainite. It is said that many of his clan’s traditions are carried out among himself and his line despite their declaration of allegiance to the Movement and not the Camarilla. His line is a very tight knit one, rumored to all be his actual mortal descendants in some fashion. It is widely known that he and most of his line are practicing Free Masons

Overview of Angioletta

Apparent Age: Late 20s to Early 30s

Death Night: 1057 AD

Concept: Anarch Leader

Physical Description/History: A beautiful female of Italian descent, she was embraced during her travels as a safeguard due to her great fighting skills; which were seen as a boon for a would be knight. During the First Anarch Revolt Angioletta was assigned to help protect her sire’s belongings, but it was soon discovered that she was actually helping the Anarchs in their assaults of the lands. After her revolt against her sire became public, she got away at the last second, running to join the other Anarchs in the open rebellion all over Europe.

After the Revolt, Angioletta heard of the plight of the slaves from South Africa in the New World and decided to come over to the colonies to help stop the slavery on the plantations. She embraced a few of the slaves she saved as well, creating more Ventrue in an effort to help the cause out even more. These childer were a pair of lovers that she saved from the tortures and punishments of their masters. Angioletta and her pair of childer helped to abolish the slave trading to the New World in 1808, but only on paper, they knew they could not stop it completely.

Angioletta and her childer aided in the war of 1812 as well, where Enu of the South was killed off by the Sabbat which caused her lover, Nkruma, to grow hatred towards the Sabbat. His ever growing contempt and attempts to lash out against the Sabbat caused a lot of problems for the Anarchs down the road. After the war Nkruma ended up going back to Africa to help out in the war of slavery at the forefront of things.

Nightstar & Louis Fortier

  • Nefer-meri-Isis [4th] [2600 BC – present] NPC
    • Alexander Vargos [5th] [20 AD – present] NPC
      • Godefroy [6th] [220 AD – present] NPC
        • Titus [7th] [400 AD – present] NPC
          • Nightstar [8th] [Unknown – Present] Anarch Ventrue Line NPC
            • Louis Fortier [9th] [1754-present] Anarch Ventrue Line NPC
              • Catherine Du Bois [10th] [1910-present] NPC
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