Ulrich Bardonia

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Gang Knights of Rockland
Clan Ventrue
Position Gang Leader
Prestige F*ck Status; I'm an ANARCH!!!
Barony Rockland
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Evan



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Alias(es): None known

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late 20s

Concept: Rebel with or without a cause

Physical description: Tall, Handsome, Well Dressed, Custom Tailored Clothing, Somehow Inspirational.

Relevant Mechanics: Blush of Health, Natural Leader

Character Information

Ulrich has many resources at his disposal and always makes sure that he is utilizing them and expanding them.

Known History

Ulrich has been in Rockland for a very long time. Although he is the childe of Francois Bardonia, he has done a great deal (both positive and negative) to earn his own separate reputation. Ulrich is known for being passionate and headstrong. He is willing to charge into any situation so long as he believes in the cause. As a gang leader he leads by example. As a member of the Bardonia family he is very influential among the anarchs and has been known to help Barons rise or fall based on his opinions of them.

Basic Timeline: Ulrich is known to not be as old as any of the Masons, but to be older than the vast majority of anarchs.

Current Activities: Everything

Merit Details: Natural Leader, Enchanting Voice

Background: From the Bardonia Family


Knights of Rockland. A group of common minded anarchs willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of the anarch cause. Each member regardless of position in the gang is valued equally and the position of Gang Leader and Enforcer are mostly to say they have one. Each member of the gang takes a pledge of loyalty when joining. If you are a knight you are a knight for life and would give anything and everything to your fellow knights.)


Nearly every Anarch in Rockland


"The Rock" aka "Fruity Pebbles" Steven Rockledge, Miguel, Allura


Francois Bardonia


Stuart Greys Bardonia


Diedrich Bardonia (Mr. D)

Character Inspirations




  • Ulrich is always willing to die for a cause
  • Ulrich is hated by his sire
  • Ulrich is a pawn of his sire
  • Ulrich saved the whole county multiple times
  • Ulrich willingly sacrifices mortals without regard
  • Ulrich could buy the white house if he felt like it
  • Ulrich constantly oversteps his bounds
  • Ulrich is a Jerk
  • Ulrich will help almost anyone almost any time
  • Ulrich will never give up the claim that Anarch Ventrue do exist!
  • Ulrich has had to personally count every penny in Rockland
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