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Gang Strange Fellows
Clan Unknown
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Wouldn't You Like to Know?
Political Impulse Autarch
Path Path of Humanity
Player Morgan




Twist in his skewed reality.

Alias(es): Twisted

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 18-20

Concept: Prophet of Nightmares

Physical description:

Wiry build. 5'8 and about 140 lbs. Black hair, but has a dusting of purple in the light like a raven's feather. Right eye blue, left eye green. He speaks with a slight Irish accent. He has an otherworldly quality about him that seems to attract attention whether he wants it or not. His eyes usually seem to be calculating and mischievous when not zoned out and bored out of his mind. He has an infectious smile.

Twist wears a small antique butterfly ring on his pinky finger. On his wrists he wears "evil eye" bracelets and something that resembles a slender manacle.

When not confounding the Cammies and Anarchs alike, he's teaching Trickster style lessons in the most annoying way possible. Witty and possibly quite insane, this mystery is a new addition to the Movement.

Relevant Mechanics:

Registers as alive



Has a pulse

Has a regulated body temperature

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: The Malkavian Anarch known only as "E" discovered Twist one night after his Malk sense "told" him to wait for Twist on a street corner. This was August of 2011. E, an ally of the Sons of Odin, convinced Twist to try joining the Movement. Intrigued and a little bored, Twist agreed.

Became a founding member of the Gang known as Strange Fellows October of 2011.

Shortly after the founding, he assisted in successfully rooting out the Infernal, Kaylin Winters, with visions and ingenuity on E's part. The Strange Fellows were expelled from the Springfield, IL Domain upon pain of death. Awesome reward, huh? Since then Twist has dropped off the radar.

Current Activities: Confounding allies and potential enemies. Building a name for himself in the Movement.

Merit Details: Natural Leader

Flaw Details: Surreal Quality

Background: He has yet to speak of his past, and seems to revel in the confusion and agitation his existence causes. He has yet to admit Clan or even if he is really a Kindred at all.


Strange Fellows

People Are Strange by Echo and the Bunnymen

Lydia Trent

Torvald (RIP)


Dante Solaris (RIP)

Julian Baynes


Tim Bogart (R.I.P.)




Nick "Bulvi the Wartooth" Night

Archklown (Deceased) >:)

Prince Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhart

Any other traitor mother fucker that threw us to the wolves!!







Character Inspirations

Twist was initially a character played in a one-shot D&D game. He was a rogue half-doppelganger and adopted son of Umberlee. Needless to say he was a chaotic S.O.B.

Reprising the D&D character in another game. Still chaotic.


Gypsy by Ronan Hardiman

“Family Ties” - Neobedouin by Abney Park

“He Sends His Nightmares...” - Nightmare by Ronan Hardiman

"Waking up to a Nightmare" - by Perti Alanko

"The Prophet of Nightmare" - Black Day by Abney Park

“Writing the Gospel of Nightmare” - A Book of Blood by Javier Navarrete

“Make It Stop…” - Tender Sugar by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

"The Movement or The Sword?" - The Sound of Madness by Shinedown (acoustic version)

"Twist of Fate: Falling for a Child of Haquim" - Beautiful Tragedy by In This Moment

"Bear-Baiting" - No More Words by Endeverafter as suggested by Archklown <--- better version and full lyrics

"Catalyst" - Firestarter by The Prodigy

"Us Against the World: Strange Fellows Betrayed!" - Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

"Catharsis... Unlikely Allies... The Movement or the Sword?" - Shinedown Remix -- Breaking Inside... Crow and the Butterfly... and a Second Chance

"Why didn't you take to my warnings? It's in the Cards..." - Crow and the Butterfly remix separate

"Gaining Direction. Is this a purpose? Is this madness? Truth Through Illusions..." - I Will Not Bow -(H³²º Dubstep remix)

"Disobedience: Ready or Not" - Sound of Madness (Exile Remix)

"I Come With a Message: He's Coming For You. Follow the Breadcrumbs..." - Illusion and Dream by Poets of the Fall

Homecoming by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

"Strange Fellows" - People Are Strange by Johnny Hollow

"You're Just Collateral Damage" - In The End by Black Veiled Brides

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  • (Meeting the Sons of Odin for the first time. They begin with a conversation of, of course, Odin.)

Twist: Oh please! You don't even understand your own religion! Odin's a fookin' traitor!

(Wide-eyed looks and gasps and so forth.)

Twist: Seriously, look it up. He's called the "treacherous god." Flip floppin' sides to whoever he's fancyin' ta win at any moment.

  • E: We need to come up with a Gang name.

Twist: Sons of Loki!

E: NO.

Twist: : ( Why not?

E: Because Svidi will kill you.

Twist: For what?

E: He follows those gods.

Twist: Despite popular Marvel belief, Loki's not the devil.

E: Just ...don't.

Twist: Kill me over religion? When the fook did we become "Sabbat Lite"?

E: *sigh*

Twist: He needs to get over it.

  • Twist: Wouldn't Svidi's name technically be pronounced "Sweetie"?

E: You can ask him that.

  • Jon-Apolo de Soult (then Senseschal of Springfield, now Archon): And who is Twist's Sire?

Twist: ... Who're ya askin'?

Jon-Apolo: You.

Twist: Oh, my apologies, I wasn't aware as you were speakin' in the third rather than second person. Now that I know you're addressin' me -- what was the question?

Jon-Apolo: . . . Who is your Sire?

Twist: No one alive.

Jon-Apolo: You're pretty adept at saying nothing.

Twist: Thank you.

  • Jon-Apolo: What is your Clan?

Twist: I'm in-between Clans right now.

Jon-Apolo: So you're a Caitiff?

Twist: I don't like that word. It means slave, and I have no inclination of bowing to you.

(then) Primogen Jonathan Hammer (now Seneschal) : (quickly interjecting) So Clanless!

(then Camarilla) Lydia Trent: Yeah, Clanless.

Twist: I never said that. That's your misunderstandin'.

  • E: Stop talking in circles!

Twist: You're Malkavian, you should be used to people talkin' in all sorts o' shapes!

  • Bulvi: I don't know what Clan you are, but I have a good guess.

Twist: Really now? I'd love to hear your theory.

  • Twist: (to Nick Night) Don't ever assume that I know nothin’ about the Beast. I’ve seen what it can do.

  • Twist: (to Archklown and Tim Bogart) Am I gonna hafta look out for you two to make sure you’re not candidates for torture?

Archklown: Are you threatening to torture us?

Twist: No, but you seem to be wellsprings of information. Wellsprings that need to shut the hell up before someone gets the idea that they can get whatever they want out of you. Especially with torture.

Archklown and Tim: . . .

(15 minutes later)

Twist: You two wellsprings have been awfully quiet.

  • Twist: (to Torvald) Trust no one. Not even me.

  • Twist: That Lydia... great ass. You could set a wine glass on that, you could.

  • E: Me and you are gonna fight one of these days.

Twist: What on earth for?

  • Bulvi: Are me and you still cool?

Twist: Oh of course. Like cucumbers.

  • Torvald: I thought you had a thing for Lydia?

Twist: She already has someone she'd die for. I'd never come between that.

  • (First Gang Meeting)

Lydia: I agree with you, Sons of Loki is a cool name...

Twist: I hear a but.

Lydia: But, you see, there was a Sabbat member that called himself Loki. Did some bad things to the Toreador. I don't think they'd appreciate that name.

Twist: You said was.

Lydia: Yeah, he's dead, now.

Twist: So the name's open, then?

  • Twist: (To Nick Night after declaring The Strange Fellows Gang) Why the fook you automatically think E's our leader??

Bulvi: (blink-blink) Who is the leader then? You?

Twist: Oh no. We don't have a leader.

Bulvi: What?

Twist: (throws fists up) Anarchy!

  • (After talking Archklown into Frenzy)

Bulvi: I hope you learned something.

Twist (laughing, he nods): I was testing his limits.

Bulvi: And you found them.

  • E: Didn't you say something about Lydia's ass, once?

Bulvi: What?

Twist: Oh, that. Yeah, first night I met her, she drops her pen, bends over right in front of me. Less than a foot away. (Motions the shape with both hands and bites his knuckle)

Bulvi: Yeah, she does that.

(E zones out.)

  • Twist: (shouting so that he can be heard by whatever Cammy is on the other end of Nick Night's phone) The Prince is setting fire to his Domain!

(Shock and awe and OMG shut ups later)

Twist: . . . Metaphorically!

  • Dante: I love you guys. Leaving the Cam was the best thing I could have done. You guys don't treat me like I'm inferior or stupid. I'm like you. You guys are my true friends. Thank you."

Twist: ... (struck silent with obvious emotion)

Torvald: (nods in stoic approval)

(Dante died in the scene afterward fighting Kaylin Winters)

  • (Archklown attempts to murder Twist, using the fight with the Infernal Kaylin Winters as a distraction. After hurting him in a Puissant grapple)

Twist: (at the top of his lungs) ARCH IS INFERNAL!!!!!

  • Twist: Do you really think I'm afraid of dyin'? It doesn't scare me.

Dr. Thornton: It's the fact that you're not that should.

  • Lydia: Tim's dead.

Twist: Wait... Tim? As in our Tim? For fook's sake, he was the only Son of Odin I actually LIKED!

  • Twist: You know, I blame him. Never had these visions until I met the Malkavian bastard.

(About E)

  • Twist: (pointing to The Moon card during a reading) Remember... see the Truth through the Illusions.

  • Twist: (driving and singing)

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener! For I’d be made of the very best meats! Ears and tails and snouts and belly buttons! And maybe even little piggy feets!

Torvald: (looks at him stoically) ... you forgot lips and assholes.

  • Twist: (in a moment of lucidity) I've Seen things far older than any of us in this room.

(Name Omitted): ... and what are they doing?

Twist: Eating.

(Name Omitted): Who are they eating?

Twist: Us.

  • (Name Omitted): Are you game?

Twist: Did you say "gay" or "game"?


(Name Omitted): Either one, really.

Twist: A bit wishy-washy. I hit on that one all the time. He doesn't seem to like it though. (points to Torvald)

  • Torvald: Sometimes I think that one (nods to Twist) lacks the self-preservation instinct.

(Twist smiles and nods.)

  • Twist: (on the phone to Bulvi) This thing between you and E was between you and E. The rest of us have done nothing to you.

Bulvi: Oh, you have, but that's neither here nor there.

Twist: E betrayed us. Throwing your gang-mates under the bus doesn't exactly win ya friends.

Bulvi: Doesn't matter. What E did, it became a gang war. You were just collateral damage.

Twist: That's a lovely way to see things. You had issues before we were a gang.

Bulvi: Like I said, you can leave the Domain safely.

Twist: This is over, then? Water under the bridge? We're cool?

Bulvi: Oh cool. Cool like cucumbers.

Twist: Glad you remembered that. ... You'll swear under the Hammer?

Bulvi: (pause) I will make no oaths. You'll just have to trust me.

  • (Twist, in full swing psychosis, begins to ramble about how he's failed the gang, and how Bulvi will eventually kill them.)

Twist: Torvald, why did you come with me?

Torvald: I made a promise. I intend to keep it. We belong here. Should have been here from the start. They listen to you here.

Twist: I'm going to get you killed.

Torvald: (shrug) I made a promise. (puts hand on shoulder) I trust you.

Twist: I told you not to.

Torvald: You have been everything Bulvi is not. You're honorable. You have never lied. Every vision you have had has come true.

Twist: Pshh. Honorable.

Torvald: You are. With how much you turn people's perceptions of themselves against them, you certainly have a hard time seeing the real you.

Twist: The real me is dead. He died a long time ago.

Torvald: Then it's time to go digging.

Twist: (laughs)

Torvald: I've seen him. Here and there. (pause) How would you see Bulvi?

Twist: Infernal?

Torvald: Personality-wise.

Twist: Treacherous. Like his God.

Torvald: (nods) And yourself?

Twist: (After a very long pause) Tricky, I guess.

Torvald: Are you seeing the parallels? How would you see me?

Twist: Loyal to a goddamned fault! (pause) Goddamn it, I can't get away from it.

Torvald: Odin, Loki, and Thor.

Twist: The non-Snorri Sturlson - Marvel bastardizations I hope.

  • Twist: What if I told you my father was a Troll?

Torvald: You are a troll.

Twist: (grins) True. But not what I meant.


  • He's not really Irish.
  • He is really a Malkavian.
  • He is really a Caitiff.
  • He isn't even a Kindred at all - maybe a Ghoul.
  • E is his Domitor.
  • He is a Ravnos.
  • He is a Tzimisce Revenant (Zantosa?).
  • He is a master of "Bear-Baiting."
  • Archklown Hates him with a Passion
  • He has visions, which he interprets with his Tarot cards.
  • He knew about Kaylin Winters being Infernal, but said nothing because he was in love with her.
  • He hates the Sons of Odin and publicly calls them "Traitors."
  • With E gone, Lydia Trent is now his Domitor.
  • He sneaks into Dizzy's Domain despite the exile.
  • He is really the Sabbat Ravnos called "Puque." Who is incidentally a woman.
  • He's really just Sabbat and should admit it already. I mean, seriously.
  • He is the Childe of the Sabbat member Loki.
  • "Secretly he's a time cop from gangrel world or something."
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