Todd Sterben

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Gang None
Clan Samedi
Position None
Prestige Comitted
Barony San Joaquin Valley, CA
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player Lee Elmore



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Real Name: Not Public

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Herr Doktor

Physical description:

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 1950 - Ghouled by Papa Rega in a small mountain town in Argentina.
  • 1960 - Embraced in a small mountain town in Argentina.
  • 1980 - Todd sets off to travel, settling the affairs of the dead where he can.
  • 2011 - Todd joins Nyx's cult that is eventually destroyed by the Camarilla.
  • 2012 - A small gang of Anarchs help give an adrift Todd a new purpose within the Anarch Movement.
  • 2017 - Todd's travels bring him to the San Joacquin Valley.

Current Activities: Working to help re-establish the Anarch presence in the San Joaquin Valley.

Merit Details: Speaker with the Dead - Todd constantly sees and hears the spirits of the dead. It requires great effort for him to shut them out.


Todd Sterben spent 10 years as a ghoul to an Argentinian Samedi named Papa Rega, who valued Todd's ability to readily see the spirits of the dead. Papa Rega taught Todd how to control his "gift" and then after 10 years, embraced him. Todd learned the fundamentals of necromancy for his sire and aided in his sire's work. 20 years later, Todd set off to chart his own course. He found the wraiths of some travelers and offered to help them settle their affairs, setting off to travel throughout the Americas.

It was a good life, that lead him eventually to the Emerald Triangle early into the 21st century. There he found a cult of people like him, all of thin blood who sought to create a better world. He found living and dead alike working for this utopian goal of a world where man need not fear the creatures in the shadows. It was a beautiful thing, until the leader - Nyx - fell to madness and bound them all to his unusually great power. It wasn't until that supernatural bond was full that he found the infernalism at the heart of the cult. The ideals were still there, but lacking power to create their utopia they fell prey to the tempting offers of quick power that hell brings.

The Camarilla of California staged an assault upon the cult. Most of the members were destroyed. The rest were scattered. Todd was lost and adrift, unsure how to fill the void in his life but knowing very well that suicide wasn't even remotely an option; even the worst life here was better than there.

Todd found a small Anarch gang that set up in some of the now empty territory. They talked with him about their ideas, about creating a vampiric society that openly accepted all. They were clear that this mission could only extend to vampires, but that still there was a better world they could carve together. They took Todd in and helped get him grounded back in this world. He accepted their mission, seeing it as a way to work towards the same inclusive goals he had known before.





Papa Rega



Character Inspirations

John Halder from Good




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