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Most Ravnos and Salubri...
Most Ravnos and Salubri...
The Yama Kings and Akuma
[  The Yama Kings], specifically Mikaboshi, Emma-o, and Tou Mu
Scorpion Eaters and other Heretical Kuei-jin
Scorpion Eaters, Akuma and other Heretical Kuei-jin
Yadoka, the Caress of a Thousand Hells, Akuma in service to Emma-o
Yadoka, the Caress of a Thousand Hells, Akuma in service to Emma-o
The Black Monk
The Black Monk of the Arcanum

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Name and Titles Three Jewels Radiant, Raj (Mandarin) of Winds and Whispers in the Court of the Ivory Tides, Resplendent Crane of the Blood Court, Ambassador from the Quincunx to the Camarilla


  • Camarilla (1): 1 'Phantom' Status from Ambassador Merit
  • Kuei-jin (6+2): Acknowledged (Blood Court), Cherished, Courageous x2, Diplomatic, and Loyal; As Mandarin: Invested and Revered

Alias(es): Has occasionally used the name 'Jorani'.

Real Name: Not publicly known

Apparent Age: Early 30's as a man, late teens as a woman

Concept: An utterly broken person, a trauma survivor, trying to rebuild their life

Physical description: Oddly enough, the Kuei-jin Mandarin and Ambassador sometimes appears as a Caucasian man, and sometimes as an attractive young woman of Khmer descent - though those who have stood beside the Crane in combat have seen a decidedly different, third form...

Relevant Mechanics: Three Jewels Radiant tends to be Red-Cycled, and thus appears to breathe, blink, and have flushed skin as if human. The Kuei-jin has been observed to have none of the problems western Kindred have eating or drinking foods besides blood. Recently, something about her has changed: she seems to radiate an aura of harmony markedly different from anything a Kin-jin would give off...

Character Information

Known History

If your are a Kindred with Politics/Kuei-jin Lore, you know that...

The Kuei-jin known as Three Jewels Radiant first came to North America as an Ambassador to the Northeastern United States Domains of the Camarilla, presenting diplomatic papers to then-Prince Anya. It was 2011, the Year of Fire, and the Kuei-jin quickly made common cause with the local Camarilla Kindred against the infernal, displaying an ability to cleanse infernal taint and close rifts to the Wicked City that was outside of the capabilities of western Kindred.

As the events of the Year of Fire eventually drew to a close, Three Jewels Radiant remained in Hartford as the local Quincunx Ambassador to the Camarilla, but kept a certain amount of distance from the night to night political concerns of the Camarilla. Occasionally, the Kuei-jin would re-appear, but it was not until the creatures of smoke - the Daeva - appeared, that Three Jewels once again found a night to night purpose. The Shining Ice Guardian fought beside her people in Chinatown when Boston fell to the Daeva, and was one of three Kuei-jin pivotal in saving the Kindred of Hartford from Wyrmwood.

Given new instructions from Beijing, Three Jewels began to push for justice in the matter of former Brujah Justicar Jaroslav Paschek's murder of a Kuei-jin Mandarin on the grounds of Elysium in San Francisco, taking on a position directly beneath the Bestowed Ancestor of the Quincunx as an Investigating Censor. In pursuit of a judgement against Paschek, Three Jewels traveled to Baltimore, and took the place of Jina Wei Mu Tian in the Quincunx's negotiations with Ambassador Marcus Jovan of the Camarilla. When Paschek was Blood Hunted, he ranted angrily, mentioning Three Jewels by name in his ravings and threats.

In the meantime, Three Jewels was part of the team that destroyed and cleansed the Demon Tower which had stood in the Hartford Shadowlands for years. As the influence of Mikaboshi spread from the Sabbat Stronghold of New Haven along the Connecticut Coast, Three Jewels began seeking Kuei-jin experienced enough to form the first Court on the East Coast of North America, with the blessing of the Quincunx. Now, the nascent Court of the Ivory Tides stands against the Yama Kings in the coastal city of New London, and Three Jewels Radiant has risen to the position of Mandarin of Winds and Whispers. The Court in New London has become a place for not only Kuei-jin to gather, but also Mages, Hengeyokai, and Shih.

Most recently, Three Jewels took part in the battles in the Bahamas against the Earthbound Oriel Fleshrender, working alongside all three Sects of Kin-jin, as well as stranger creatures; was part of the group who destroyed the Anathema Ossian in Hartford; and one of those who descended into the Baali Hive near Constantinople to destroy it.

Merit Details: As a Kuei-jin Ambassador (KJ Mechanics Packet), Three Jewels Radiant holds one 'phantom' Status in the eyes of the Camarilla.

If your are a Kuei-jin, Hengeyokai, or other Shen with Politics/Quincunx Lore/Resplendent Crane Lore, you know that...

将于1869年左右出生于法属印度支那的Kratié市的凡人将成为三宝石辐射的凡人。她的高棉父母赋予她“Jorani”这个名字,并且作为一个农民过着相当平凡的生活直到叛乱。 1885年,她被一名法国士兵强奸并杀害。因为她的身体被烧了,当她的匈奴从千禧地回来时,它和她的P'o拿走了他们能找到的最近的尸体:法国士兵的尸体。

Jorani是由Quincunx的Resplendent Crane发现的,他正在唐泉的金色法院旅行,并带着她回到北京作为他的学生。在她的回归结束时,乔拉尼改变了她的名字,并在她的祖国柬埔寨度过了几十年,试图照顾她的家人的后代。她反对红色高棉的崛起,但失败了,最终回到北京开始接受新角色的训练:北美的一个大使,她的长辈认为她的白人身体会允许她更好地服务于他们的目



Kage, of House Genji; Jina of the Devil Tigers, Ambassador of the Court of the Ivory Tides

Nemaru Hashimoto, Jina of the Thousand Whispers, Minister of the Floating Garden in the Court of the Ivory Tides

Byun Chun-Seo, Jina of the Thrashing Dragons, Yang Ambassador in the Court of the Ivory Tides


The Court of the Ivory Tides in New London, CT, including the late Maharajah, other Raj's, and younger Kuei-jin

Three Jewels Radiant has a longstanding - if at times uneasy - relationship with the Camarilla of Hartford

Che Valiente

Angelize Valez

The Cherry Blossom Resurgence Wu

The Bullet Club Sentai

The Shen of New London, including Hengeyokai, Shih, and stranger things...


Jaroslav Paschek, former Justicar of Clan Brujah

Oliver Thrace, Tremere of House Horned Society (Deceased)

Most Ravnos and Salubri...

The Yama Kings, specifically Mikaboshi, Emma-o, and Tou Mu

Scorpion Eaters, Akuma and other Heretical Kuei-jin

Yadoka, the Caress of a Thousand Hells, Akuma in service to Emma-o

The Black Monk of the Arcanum


Tang Quan, Resplendent Crane of the Blood Court


Damri, the Elephant

Character Inspirations


  • The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, by Luo Guanzhong
  • The Tao te Ching, by Lao Tzu
  • The Han Feizi, by Han Fei
  • The Best We Could Do, by Thi Bui [1]
  • Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking, by Anne Elizabeth Moore [2]
  • Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China, by Jung Chang [3]


  • The King of Masks
  • Lady Snowblood
  • Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
  • The Great Wall
  • Empresses in the Palace
  • The Rise of Phoenixes


  • Smot: Cambodian Buddhist Chanting
  • Any music to which the Apsara may be danced


  • "Chase Ashford? He is a very powerful Sabbat elder with a fetish for all things “Asian”. What is the word - a weeaboo."
  • “I sometimes feel like nothing that happens in Japan after World War Two makes any sense.”
  • To Yadoka: "Buddha sat under the sacred tree, and was tempted by the Demon Mara. You are no Mara."


  • In 2017, Three Jewels Radiant engaged in some kind of negotiations with the Elders of Clan Tremere that involved a visit to Dallas, Texas, and a Boon owed to Sovereign Prince Gold of Hartford
  • Three Jewels Radiant hates Salubri
  • The body that many recognize as Three Jewels Radiant is not the true physical appearance of the Kuei-jin
  • Jaroslav Paschek has sworn to kill Three Jewels Radiant
  • Though trained in Beijing, Three Jewels Radiant is not actually Chinese: any native speaker will recognize an accent in the Kuei-jin's Cantonese and Mandarin. Furthermore, the Crane wears a Cambodian Krama scarf as a sash or belt, and has been observed to carry a Japanese blade.
  • Three Jewels Radiant is gay, and has no romantic interest in women
  • A recent rescue mission to Hell left the Kuei-jin Mandarin suffering from a mysterious illness for nearly six months, though she now seems to have recovered
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