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Gang Knights
Clan Gangrel
Position Garden Variety Pagan
Prestige Anarch
Barony Orange County, New York
Political Impulse Gardener
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player Player Name



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Real Name:Um, No.

Apparent Age:40 ish

Concept:I speak for the Trees / Gangrel Eco-Activist / Protector of the Forrest

Physical description:

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: He has no memory of his real parents, only memories of St. Mary Agatha's School for Wayward Boys. He was dumped there by the state at the age of 7. His sire The Dearg Due and her gang were always watching as He escaped a few times but always went (or got sent) back. He stayed on long after He was released, He became grounds keeper and tended to the gardens into his forties. He was also teaching the boys at the school about gardening, He was often made fun of by the students as he went deeply into what the plants "needed" to grow and was heard to remark "listen to the flowers" and such. It never bothered him, he had heard voices from what he imagined were "other realms", or faeries or ghosts all his life. It seems in 1987 The Dearg had seen all that she needed. One night, He wondered more deeply into the endless grasslands of Ireland’s western expanse. He met and odd or old Lady or Lass or being of particular quality or menace. This was clearly the very first time OR one of a hundred times He had seen her. He was taken aback by the simple fact that he could not move. Neither this way nor that his attempts at movement were made all but silly. The Dearg Due stood in his way and gaze. “Hmm” she jested at him. “’oo ar ya?” He offered a query. “Iuy am but a mist and a dream and those who ponder mists and dreams.” “Well” He mused. “I am no dreamer.” He defiantly risked to say. “I know you, Ryan. I know your mind and heart. I want to…”

20 odd days later, He answered questions; questions about survival, anger, nature, trees, anger, deforestation, grasses, religion… He was something of a selfless loner. Not one that had been trained but one born. He was a natural fit to Dearg’s design. To bring war to those who rape the Earth. He had no god nor goddess but knew the power of faith as he had seen in half-truths his "teachers" had fed him all the years of his life. He had not the deep knowledge of science but felt deeply the heart of Nature! He respected deeply the mother of Earth but had no cause to understand. He once was human but in name only for he never quite understood what that meant. He was selected and he now was Gangrel.

Current Activities:

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The Knights




The Dearge Due



Character Inspirations

Dr. Seuss, Gangs of New York, Layla Williams from "Sky High"




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