Thaddeus Brown

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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position None
Prestige None
Barony Loudon County / Williamsport
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player Thaddeus



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Real Name:

Apparent Age: Early 30s

Concept: Reluctant Vampire Therapist

Physical description: Thad is of medium build and medium height. With mouse brown hair there is very little to make Thad standout in a crowd. He is of slightly Irish heritage, but it might have been a generation or two ago. His eyes are kind, but nervous; it is almost as if he is expecting the other shoe to drop anytime now. He dresses casually, never knowing when he will have to work with a child.

Relevant Mechanics: Thad was born to be a therapist, his voice is enchanting and he has all the marks of a natural leader when he chooses to make himself heard.

Character Information

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Known History

Basic Timeline: Thaddeus was embraced in January of 2011. After running from his abusive sire, he found his way into the domain of Martinsburg, WV. This began his introduction to the Camarilla, and to Kindred society at large. It seemed to start well as a Brujah named Kreiss picked up his Accounting. Thad quickly proved to be an intelligent, efficient, and capable young Kindred. So much so that he received his Acknowledgment from Prince Vermin in a scant six weeks. Soon after his Acknowledgment he was put into a key position during a 'vote' for the Praxis of Martinsburg. In the chaos of that night he fled the domain and took refuge elsewhere. Eventually he landed in the Barony of Loudoun County, VA.

After hiding out a while in Loudoun, Thad made his way up to Williamsport, PA. After egregious events Thad slept for a year in mourning. And only just recently awoke. With his friends dead, enemies abound and the neighbourhood in chaos, Thad must update his understanding of undead life.

Current Activities: Rebuilding his life. Occasionally publishes materials through the Humanitas Society. Overseeing The Bleeding Hearts Foundation for the betterment of all Kindred.

Merit Details:





Kreiger Klien - In the wind

Ellie Xian - deceased

Piscin - deceased

Henry Jones - deceased

Piscin - deceased


Elements in the Domain of Martinsburg seem to want him dead.


Unknown - Deceased






Character Inspirations

  • Dr. Richard Kimble
  • Oscar from Shark Tale
  • Trapper John McIntyre


There is a Battle going on for your mind - Flobots

Bulls on Parade - Rage against the Machine

I want my innocence back - Emilie Autumn


"Children and Fools can not lie"


Thad was mind controlled.

Thad was mind controlled in joining the Anarchy as a spy.

Thad has organized a pack of smokes list for Martinsburg, WV

Thad wants nothing to do with being a vampire and will likely meet the sun any day now.

Thad is currently a drug mule for the Son's of Odin.

Ellie Xian is actually his Sire.

Ellie Xian killed his Sire.

Vincent King taught him what it means to be humane.

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