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Gang 8th & Odd
Clan Gangrel
Position None
Prestige Committed
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse None
Path Path of Humanity •••
Player Jordan


Tera Jacobs- Artist Rendering


Real Name: Tera Jacobs


Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Happy, Go-Lucky, Animal Loving Young Gangrel

Physical description: Messy Brown Hair, always down, wears hats or hoods mostly to cover her beastials, blue/grey eyes when masked, fairly pale complexion, no makeup. Generally in more rugged street clothes, graphic tshirts, jackets, with sneakers. Usually smiling.

See below for description of beast traits when unmasked.

Relevant Mechanics: Bestial x4 Has slightly larger than average animalistic furry ears. Have a slight bobcat vibe though it's vague enough that you're not quite sure. Her back and spine are covered in scales, which peak out near her shoulders and lower neck. They are armored and ridged... like a gator. Her eyes, which are blue/grey when masked, are a soft yellow with large pupils, like that of a big cat. Her hair is streaked with long black, white and tan feathers, which blend into her hair when masked.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Early 2010: Woke up in the woods somewhere near Clingmans Dome in the Smoky Mountain National Park. Dazed, confused, and with zero prior knowledge of her personal history. Stumbling around, first thing she runs into is an abandoned truck with a Florida License Plate.

June 2015: After living alone and traveling from place to place, mostly keeping to the woods, up and down the Southern East Coast, she comes to Gainesville, FL

June 2016: Happy and settled in Gainesville, having acclimated and grown comfortable with living in a populated area, Tera starts trying to build a life. Gets a mortal identity, gets a part time job, starts saving some monies.

Fall 2016: The Anarchs of Gainesville have decided to elect a council and Tera decided to run, and she won. She knows she is young, but sees that as a strength. She doesn't have the biases that many of her companions have built up over the years.

Spring 2017: Something nefarious is turning the allies of the city of Gainesville against each other. Council is caught up in it all. First encounter with Sabbat members. Turns to Joe Barclay for advice and council on leadership and becoming stronger.

Summer 2017: Has begun weekly training with Joe Barclay. Meets the gangrel Steiner, very violent Einherjar who showed up in Bradenton. Clashes with him on morals and humanity. Barclay and Steiner pushing at her current intolerance to causing violence of any kind. Goes to national Anarch meeting. Meets many other Anarchs and Gangrel from all over. Comes to accept that casual violence is normal culturally for her clan. Continues training with Barclay to learn more of her clan and to strengthen herself to protect the city.

Early Fall 2017: Forms a gang with several other female members of the city. The small group of young Anarchs do not know much about what a gang is suppose to be or what they are suppose to do but now they are a gang and will figure it out together! Tera purchases the space for the exotic pet shop she has been working on opening the past year.

Late Fall 2017: A Private Investigator shows up in Gainesville, flyers in tow, spreading them all over town. These flyers depict a University of Tennessee undergrad who went missing 7 seven years prior. An anon tip call had reignited the case and brought the investigator here. The missing girls face looks eerily like, you guessed it, the face of Tera Jacobs.

Spring 2018: A Ventrue shows up in Gainesville claiming Tera is his property. After several intense conversations, an exploding airplane and a final meeting, the Ventrue is ashed, and Tera knows a bit more about her past.

Current Activities: Continuing training, building her gang and business, and protecting Gainesville.

Merit Details:

Background: Woke up deep in the forest of the Smoky Mountains National Park sometime in 2010, with no prior memories of her human life, and no one around. Lived alone in wilderness for five or so years, surviving as a lone gangrel, grew tired of that life and loneliness and started searching for a home and more of her kind. Found the Anarch city of Gainesville, FL. And so our tale begins.


8th & Odd: A gang created to unite the female Anarchs of Gainesville FL, except well, not all the gals wanted to join and some were already in gangs so... three young Anarchs decided to get together, make a girl gang, and figure out the rest along the way. Tera is a founding member.


Poppy: A loud, outgoing, and colorful Gargoyle who always has Tera's back, especially when Tera is too nice to tell someone off herself. Founding member of 8th and Odd.

Lyra Fraizer: A metalworking wonder of a Toreador, Lyra is always good for some fun, even if that fun is a bit more sexual than Tera wants in her life. Lyra is responsible for Tera's first pizza, has a metal leg, and is the first one to call if you need some "delivery" meals, a hug, and fun distractions. Founding member of 8th and Odd.


Olivia Jones

Margo Sinclair


Rick Calhoun - Rick is another gangrel who calls the city of Gainesville home, and who Tera claims as family whether he likes it or not. Tera sees Rick as a sort of brother, and likes to hang out with the gangrel and worries about him, since Rick has a bad reputation of breaking things without trying. She is usually getting on to him about communicating better, and she loves to bring up that one time Rick blew her up. (Literally. Like KABOOM! FLAMING OSPREY ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!)

Nairi Riad- Nairi and Tera served together on the council of Gainesville and grew to be good friends during that time. Tera looks up to Nairi and respects her opinion, though she doesn't always agree with it. Tera wants to show Nairi she is responsible and capable.

Joe Barclay- Tera sees Joe as a friend and teacher. If Rick is her brother, Joe is her growly Uncle. She knows that Joe and herself do not share the same views on humanity, but she doesn't really care. She cares for him regardless, and tends to think "Would Joe smile at this or kick my ass?" when making big decisions.

Georgie- Georgie is a zombie. He was a gift to Tera from the Prince of St. Augustine during a scavenger hunt in their domain. Tera cares deeply for the zombie, and he is her roommate in her apartment haven. It tends to shock people that Tera lives with a zombie but she doesn't understand why it is so weird.

Delilah Monroe- One of Tera's early friends, Delilah let Tera hang by close when she was new in town and was always nice to the young gangrel. She's since disappeared to the public eye and Tera has not heard from her in over a year.

There are more too, but I'll add them later. Tera is kinda friends with everyone. Cause why not?



None of your bussiness


Ew, I don't want kids.



Character Inspirations

Originally: A Super Happy Puppy... though growing into the adolescence phase




  • Tera, Poppy, and Nairi have an ongoing debate as to what kind of were creatures exist.
  • Tera believes in were-krill.
  • Tera won a zombie in a contest from the Prince of St. Augustine
  • Tera has been blown up by Rick twice.
  • Tera is on a search for a were-puffin.
  • Tera kissed a zombie.
  • Tera has been yeeted as a bobcat... at least 3 times.
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