Tate Mason

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Gang ¡Yo también!
Clan Brujah
Position ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Prestige 🖕
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Mercenary
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Frank R



Tate Mason


Real Name: Tate Mason

Apparent Age: Late 20's / Early 30's

Concept: Low-life mook with anger management issues.

Physical description: Wiry. Fucked up teeth. Probably did a little too much meth and oxy as a mortal.

Relevant Mechanics: Never seems to feed without using a straight razor. Flips his shit at the slightest provocation.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Bummed around Florida for a long time. Odd jobs and low level B&E type crap. His criminal tendencies displayed themselves early on. Tried to go straight in High School, but it didn't take. Never really got above the bottom rung of the hoodlum ladder.

Current Activities: Still bumming around Florida, and was embraced recently enough that he's occasionally still recognized by mean old dudes he used to deal to, or nice old ladies whose pools he used to clean, which makes for the occasional awkward encounter.

Merit Details: Seems to have a knack for squeaking out of situations which would seriously harm others.



None yet.


Let's meet some folks first.


Chances are there's some folks from the old days who are in for a big surprise if they step to him, but he hasn't (as far as he knows) managed to piss off any vampires yet.


Tate was young and he needed the money and the guy kinda smelled like his Dad. Tate got a new un-life, a stain on his shirt, and the bare minimum of instruction... but he never got the man's name.


None that he knows of.


If you met your sire while hanging out at truck stops chasing illicit opportunities, there's a chance that Tate is your broodmate.

Character Inspirations

A couple of Carnies I met while touring, whose names won't be revealed here, and whose stories are infinitely more f'd up and interesting than this cheap knock-off. If there's ever an X rated version of This American Life, perhaps you'll learn more about them.


March Broussard - Home

Fishbone - Sunless Saturday

Alice In Chains - Would?

Godsmack- Voodoo

North Mississippi Allstars - Keep the Devil Down


How many fucking times do I have to tell you, don't call me Tater!


Tate thinks he's a Mercenary, but he's really a Nihilist.

Tate is a Setite. The hair-trigger is a cover.

Tate loves to feed on tweakers, but he's too angry to be a Setite.

Tate is clanless, for real. He just fits in well with the Brujah because all he does is drink and fight.

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