Tara Winnifride Richter

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Gang The Seven Stakes
Clan Brujah
Position Deceased
Prestige Baron
Barony Baton Rouge
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Phoebe J.Y.L.



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Real Name:Tara Winnifride Richter

Apparent Age:25

Concept:Idealistic loudmouth Iconiclast with a dream

Physical description:Tara was an attractive but abrasive woman, who wile keeping her appearance up and maintained, was notably rough around the edges. She didn't LOOK like a lesbian, but was decidedly assertive about her personality including her proclivity towards womanizing. Tara carried herself with a decidedly feminine air, but was rather wiry and enjoyed showing it off. She was graceful, but had a healthy musculature, and consistently wore camisoles or sports bras along with often ragged jeans, high heels, and fingerless gloves baring the band logo "A7X." Her eyes and hair were brown, and she wore glasses, even after the embrace and despite her improved vision.

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Current Activities:Deceased

Merit Details:Alluring x3 Magnetic x2

Background:Tara was not shy about sharing her background. She was born in Missouri in 1973 to East German parents who soon had to return to their home country. She grew up being told where she was to fit in society. As she grew up and discovered her militant personality and sexuality, she began to resent her oppressive surroundings. She was disowned at only 17, and returned as a citizen to the United States at 19. Still spurned and rejected form any military career because of her preferences, she became a street punk who spoke against anyone being forced to fit in. By her mid 20's she'd caught the attention of a Brujah who embraced her and changed her life. The quiet reserved rebel became a passionate idealist, but most often her words fell on deaf ears in areas where the Anarchs had already gained some hold, or were hopelessly outmatched. Tara traveled the country, developing her idealistic visions along with a reputation of being a notorious womanizer, but she was always capable of more. She finally arrived in Baton Rouge in 2010, hoping to help lead the budding Free State into a new era. Tara struggled to become a leader among the squabbling Anarchs in Metairie, Louisiana, taking charge of those in her clan, and eventually wearing a mantle of a sort of captain. When the Anarchs repeatedly ignored her advice, she stepped back, but continued to fight, She waited, watched, learned, and spoke freely for months as the Anarchs moved east and claimed Baton Rouge as a Free State. She fought alongside them against the Marquis to help take the city for the Anarchs, and did what she could to keep the organized. In April of 2011, she claimed Baronship, was contested, and voted in legitmately by the Free State.

While slowly working with gang leaders, and other political figures, Tara tried to hide her growing weakness as the political landscape started taking shape. Nonetheless, the philandering Brujah was not adept at hiding her emotions and her affection for an enigmatic Toreador began to show. After the Toreador died in a tragic fire, along with two other confirmed deaths of Kindred, she began to suffer. When the sounds of her lost love's music invaded her ears after she was forced to put down a clanmate who had sold himself to infernalism, she lost control of her senses, and tried to tear her feelings out of her chest, resulting in her Final Death.


The Seven Stakes


All who believed in the Free State and the Freedom of Kindred


Gabriel ?, Christian Black, Marquis Marcel


Derrick ?


Reign (Deceased)


Character Inspirations




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