Tam Dunsirn

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Gang Five Guys and a Pizza
Clan Followers of Set
Position Gang Leader
Prestige Committed, Connected
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Mercenary
Path Path of Humanity ••••
Player Ryan Donaldson



Tam Dunsirn

Alias(es): Soccer-mom Scotty, Scotty

Real Name: Tam Dunsirn

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: Transhumanist p76 Followers of Set (Revised)

Physical description: "Scotty" is a tall wavy haired Scotsman, though his features don't stand out in America as much as they do other countries. He usually dresses relaxed and warm and maintains a look of contemplation.

Relevant Mechanics: Tam is often under Mask of a Thousand Faces, making it so he doesn't stand out in a crowd. If it wasn't ruined by his outspoken charisma, he'd probably never be noticed in a room.

Character Information

Tam Dunsirn had the makings of a useful Giovanni ghoul however, he was never blessed with a Proxy kiss. What it came down to at the end of the day is that there were better choices with the last name Giovanni. Not to be screwed out of spiritual growth and eternal youth, Tam scouted with his limited knowledge of Vampires for someone who wouldn't just murder him. While on a cruise scouting for Toreador, his lack of education in clans ended him in the hands of Night. After exhibiting many of the qualities of the Traveler, one of Set's less famous aspects, he managed to just barely squeeze an embrace out of his sire.

After his Father discovered he had been embraced there was a bit of a falling out, though hardpressed, "Scotty" seems determined to manage both his Family unlife and his Setite obligations.

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Current Activities:

Merit Details: Code of Honor Tam Dunsirn focuses heavilly on the Salvation of Humanity and often ignores vampire politics unless he is trying to save someone. Natural Leader Tam leads a Gang of disrespectful hard liners. While "lead" is probably not the best choice of description, they naturally seem to follow what he says... that is whenever they are around.

Background: Growing up Tam was really interested in the Neopaganist Psuedoscience Religion of Alchemy which is just another way of expressing the endless search of refining a leadened soul weighed down by the world into a weightless golden one. Ironically, Anubis weighing souls against a feather didn't dissuade this internal believe and instead nurtured it into an ever evolving focus on humanity.


Fiver Guys and a Pizza is the kind of gang that changes based on who's around. They are usually a mixer of hyper successful hitters and then Scotty who spends more of his time reading books and trying to grow as a person.

Lexington Parker - Limey

Johnathan - Thug

Jimmy McTavish - Limey Thug (Neither of these is true)

(If you're supposed to be here, add yourself.)


Tech Support - A Toreador with fingers of Gold

Tiffany Wester - His favorite *coughwarriorcough* scholar

Nairi Riad - A well educated intellectual with a lackof prejudice

Delilah Monroe - The only fortune teller Scotty knows that doesn't like to throw bullshit in with truth

Edmund Sullivan - An intellectual schollar with immense knowledge of funeral practices


The Harvester -





Character Inspirations

Adventure of the Speckled Band


Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters Steal My Sunshine - Len The River of Dreams - Billy Joel Fantasy - Mariah Carey Truly Madley Deeply - Savage Garden


"It's more important to know who knows who knows what information, than to know the information yourself." "I didn't want to know that. I'd rather have not learned anything I learned in the last year and a half." "No I don't want to learn about that, but I will..." "I understand you WANT to kill them. Ask yourself for a moment, where do you draw the line at 'Your soul is too corrupt?'" "Don't you take that GIANT FISH, out in public. What do you mean, Where did your Shotgun go?"


Scotty is a Giovanni Spy.

Scotty is a Follower of Set Spy.

Scotty collects Rare and Unusual Powers.

Scotty knows in depth information on every supernatural, organization, and hobby.

Scotty is actually an Elder who's pretending to be a young Kindred.

Scotty loves to learn.

Scotty hates to learn.

Scotty can read your mind.

Scotty is in it now.

Scotty wants you to think of a number between one and 10.

Scotty wants you to double your number

Scotty wants you to multiply the new number by 5

Scotty wants you to divide by your original number.

Scotty wants you to subtract 7.

Scotty knows you because you can do basic math you have reached 3, 3 for threesome.

Scotty knows this is all because he knew your starting number but wanted to turn it into a threesome anyway.

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