Sylvester Svidason "The Crimson Cloak"

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Gang The Sons of Odin
Clan Gangrel
Position Member of the Sons of Odin Motorcycle Club
Prestige Committed, Hardcore
Barony Loudoun County, VA
Political Impulse Mercenary
Path Via Aesirgard ••
Player Sylvester



Sylvester the Crimson Cloak thumb.png

Alias(es): "The Crimson Cloak", Sly

Real Name: Sylvester Thompson

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Anarch, Long Haul Trucker, Mercenary, 1% Biker

Physical description: Sylvester's visage is that of a man of middle age, slightly grizzled with beard scruff from long periods on the road. He typically dresses in torn jeans and has a variety of t-shirts with various beer advertisements on them. He's been known to wear a red corduroy flannel shirt a worn baseball cap and sunglasses over his eyes.

Relevant Mechanics: Sylvester is an ordinary looking man, but hides a drive to succeed underneath that often makes others underestimate him. His surname "Crimson Cloak" is thought to be derived from perceptions of others, though a few may know the story.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • 2009: Slick Thompson appears on the scene in Springfield, IL with his sire Svidi and his brother Nick
  • 2010 Slick discovers that Jamie Svidisdottir lives in Jerusalem and is his sister, and though she has many years of unlife on him, he suspects she was in the long sleep until recently.
  • Sept. 2010: Slick takes the reigns of the Springfield Chapter from his brother Nick, who steps into a role in the Mother Chapter.
  • January 2011 Sylvester travels to Jerusalem to visit his sister Jamie. He comes back without his ghouls and is quite pissed about it.
  • February 2011 After a run in with a mysterious nemesis that is into nefarious things, many of which flaunt or break the masquerade, Sylvester goes to ground to avoid werewolves, hunters and more which all hit him at the same time. His Fame doesn't help matters any as he tries to extend his Transportation empire onto the national scene.
  • April 2011 Sylvester pays a major boon to Dizzy Lockhart, Camarilla Prince of Springfield, IL.
  • May 2011 Fellow society and gang members notice Sylvester "coming out of his shell" as he starts to take control of things important to him.
  • June 2011 Sylvester explodes at his father Svidi in front of his own gang and other allies in Springfield, IL.
  • September 2011 (Nonclave, Norther Virginia) Sylvester, along with his gang and its allies, participates in the first truce between the Cam, Anarchs and Sabbat in order to confront Hadrian, a powerful elder corrupted by that which cannot be named (oc: the infernal). During the battle, Sylvester proves his mettle, charging head first to engage not one but two lieutenants of Hadrian's army, seeing to the destruction of the second with a small group of fellow warriors. For his loyalty, duty and ferocity in battle, his father Svidi awards Sylvester his moniker "The Crimson Cloak." The title comes from the Byzantine era of the Varangian Guard, which consisted primarily of Norsemen. They were well-known for their ferocity in battle, loyalty to their emperor and duty to always protect the empire. They were known during the era as "noble savages."
  • June 2012 Sylvester repays his major boon and a bit more in standing with Dizzy Lockhardt in a bloody fight against the infernalist Kaylin Winters. Sylvester has a direct part in her destruction, and witness the destruction of two of his own allies in Springfield in the process, including Harold Baines, a nosferatu.
  • August 2012 Sylvester faces internal struggles with family and more as he becomes unwillingly linked to a magical box containing three shattered souls of Mages from the 19th century. His family firmly of the belief that he is possessed, they nearly kill one of his few allies in the struggle to overcome the mages' spirits, and he is nearly cast out. In the end, it was yet another trial passed by the canny vampire, and he realizes that his patron is that of Heimdalr, the All-Seeing Watcher and Guardian of the Bifrost bridge. He confronted his brothers and retold his tale and the discovery he made upon it. His brother Bulvi always complained that he would have to "get Sylvester out of trouble." It wasn't until then did Bulvi realize that it was his brother that saw trouble coming first, and in turn that his "trouble" often kept those dangers from becoming worse.
  • September 2012 Sylvester decalres his patron to his family. Heimdalr.
  • Dec 2012 Svidi the Bastard resigns his position as President of the Sons of Odin and declares himself a Nomad of the gang. Krieger Kline does the same. Elections are held and Ellie Xian is elected President of the Club's MC in Loudon County. Bulvi and Sylvester fold the Springfield, IL Chapter of the Sons. Bulvi joins the Loudon County MC. Sylvester hits the road for a while, but does not declare himself nomad.
  • June 2013 Sylvster moves to Loudon County VA. Sylvester's transfer to the Mother Chapter is accepted.
  • July 2013 Vincent King goes missing. All manners of investigation lead to circumstantial evidence of his likely destruction in Conneticut, but no direct evidence is found.
  • Sept 2013 Ellie Xian, President of he Sons of Odin, is destroyed by Kit Dillon, who then leaves the Sons. Bulvi, Sylvester's brood mate and "brother" takes the Presidency of the Sons.
  • Jan 2014 During a time of chaos at Midwinter in Milwaukee, WI, Sylvester announces he will seek to form his own Household and declares himself a Jarl. He begins reaching out to gather his warband of Asatru warriors and others that would follow him to present to his Father for his blessing. Bulvi and Sylvester are noticeably distant and publicly argumentative, but still stand together.
  • Feb 2014 Sylvester is elected President of the Sons of Odin, with Delilah, aka "Little D" as his V.P.
  • March 2014 Sylvester oversees proceedings as Elijah and Sue Jenkins are patched in. Elijah is elected Sergeant at Arms and takes up residence at the Clubhouse in Loudon County, VA. Elijah introduces V, Coal and Javier, members of a local Mid-Atlantic gang to the club. They express interest in being patched over into the Sons.
  • July 2014 Sylvester moves to grow the club as a vote passes within the MC and he oversees the Sons of Odin patch over V and his gang, establishing a new Chapter in the Mid-Atlantic near Baltimore under V's leadership.
  • July 2014 Sylvester attends the Gangrel gathering, where Zacariah is discovered to be behind a nefarious plot to corrupt and destroy the Ghostsingers of Clan Gangrel. Sylvester is among those to draw the blood of Zacariah and lay him low, leading to Zacariah's destruction.
  • Sept 2014 Sylvester attends Nonclave, and others note it's the quietest gathering in September he can recall.
  • March 2015 Sylvester presents himself at the Justicarial Conclave at Glitter 'n Gloom after soliciting several Princes to unknowingly support his right to speak to propose a docket item that consideration be given to the Anarch Movement being recognized as its own Sect, fulfilling the Justicarial promises made during the Year of Fire, 2 year's earlier, as negotiated by his brother Bulvi. The Tremere Justicar Lotharius ignored the request, only after Sylvester had clearly gained some measure of attention. Afterwards, several bystanders noted that they were stunned that Sylvester could have "slapped his dick onto the table like that" and survived. His response: "Apparently you have to be an Anarch to politic in the Camarilla."
  • July 2015 - Sylvester attends the Gangrel gathering in Ohio, where one of his close Allies perishes in flames at the hands of Finn.
  • Sept 2015 - Sylvester attends Nonclave, where he immerses himself in local politics and leads the gathered Anarchs in a contest against the Camarilla, only to be cheated by the Tremere of their prize in the game of Capture the Flag.
  • Dec 2018 - After running the Club for four years, Sylvester chooses not to run for another term as National President, his gangrel blood urging him to take to the wilds and wander. His desire for the road is answered in the return of his sire, who eagerly steps in to fill the role Sylvester had planned to leave. It seems the Norns plans were at work once more.

Current Activities: Sylvester is currently an Executive Board Member and an active member of the Mother Chapter of the Sons of Odin and resides in Loudoun County, VA

Merit Details: None

Background: Sylvester doe not hide that he used to be a "mule on the cup" for his Father Svidi before his embrace. He is well known as a trucker and "mover and shaker."


  • Currently an active member of the National MC Board of the Sons of Odin, Loudoun County, VA
  • Former President of the Sons of Odin; Warlord of Loudon County, VA
  • Full-patched member of The Sons of Odin: The Ironhorse Chapter
  • Former Chapter President: The Sons of Odin, Greater Springfield Area, IL
  • Former Baron of Springfield, IL



Sylvester is known to hate all members of the Vagos motorcycle gang, mortal or otherwise.


Svidi the Ironhorse Svidi the Bastard


Several, though many are vagabonds. Most are known to have come from a war conducted in Palatka, FL against the Sabbat, where it became necessary to embrace on the battlefield. Several still survive, the most recent being a woman named Jenna Oakhart, whom for a short while found her father, then as most gangrel do, she departed to find her own way.


Character Inspirations

  • Much of the inspiration for the Sons of Odin is the TV show the Sons of Anarchy.
  • Ironically, only having recently watched that show in late 2013 do I realize that Sylvester's struggle with his humanity is very closely reflected in those same trials of Jax Teller in the first three seasons of the TV show.


  • I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty [1]
  • East Bound and Down - Jerry Reed [2]
  • Man in Black - Johnny Cash [3]
  • Indestructable - Disturbed [4]
  • The Regulator - Clutch [5]
  • Headhunter - Front 242 [6]
  • Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd [7]
  • The Gambler - Kenny Rogers [8]
  • I Gotcha - Joe Tex (Resevoir Dogs Soundtrack) [9]
  • Simple Man - Shinedown (cover of original by Lynyrd Skynyrd)[10]


  • To Piscin, just before he charged into the battle against Hadrian's brood: "I guess to earn a Crimson Cloak, I am just going to have to wear one."
  • To Anarchs on the Net "No one person has unilateral power to declare reputations, but it only takes one person to create the momentum to establish one."


  • Sylvester was particularly attached to his hat.
  • Sylvester has an obsession with racoons.
  • Sylvester dislikes being called by his former handle "Slick."
  • Sylvester has destroyed other vampires for feeding from Mexicans in his presence.
  • Sylvester is addicted to Kaliph-lace bloodmead.
  • Sylvester's strength is tied to the cycles of the moon due to his addiction to werewolf's blood.
  • Sylvester's "Crimson Cloak" title is inspired by a red flannel shirt given to him by Svidi - the only gift he ever received from the Bastard.
  • The "Crimson Cloak" is actually a title earned by Sylvester in the battle against the Infernalist Hadrian and his brood, as he emerged from the fight with the Zombie Lord and his minions covered in the blood of his enemies unscathed.
  • Sylvester and his broodmate Bulvi are no longer on speaking terms.
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