Svidi the Ironhorse

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Gang The Sons of Odin
Clan Gangrel
Position President, Warlord of Loudon County, VA
Prestige Who is keeping track
Barony Loudoun County, VA
Political Impulse Hardliner, Militant, Mercenary
Path Inhumane
Player [1]


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Monikers: Old Bull, The Bastard, The Ironhorse, Spear-Pierced, The Forgotten, The Short Sighted, The Longhorn, The Thrice-Tried

Real Name: Svidi (to singe or Burn in Old Norse)

Apparent Age: Indeterminate

Concept: Anarch, Hardliner, Mercenary, Militant, Nihilist, 1% Biker, Einherjar,

Physical description: Differing reports of Svidi's physical description have been cited through the centuries. Nearly all of them agree that he only has one eye, but some report that he is missing his left or right eye. All reports agree that he is over 6' tall, and appears to be non-descript except for excessive scarring all over his body particularly his throat. He is known to take the shape of a one eyed, red haired Aurochs and a host of other animals.

Relevant Mechanics: Svidi was a born leader and bears himself in such a manner. His voice is captivating and intimidating.

Known History

Basic Timeline: (burn gangrel and anarch lore to learn more) -Svidi claims to have been active in the earliest nights of the anarch revolt with the feral tzimisce packs that revolted from the Voivodes and Knezzi in the shadows of the Carpathian mountains.

-He has also been heard to exclaim to a select few that he was present in the village of Thorns that fateful night that the Revolt ended and the three modern sects were founded.

-What is known for certain by many anarchs is that he was seen on the west coast of the continental US in the early 1950's with a nefarious band of Gangrel, Caitiff, and Ghouls riding as the Ironhorse Chapter of the Hells Angels.

-In the late 1990's the nomadic Ironhorse Gang settled in Central Illinois and made a permanant base of operations. Svidi recruited the then soon to be archon and sheriff Krieger Kline to the anarch cause, and took him on as his right hand man.

-In the 21st century the Ironhorse Gang morphed into the Sons of Odin MC, and upheld the Treaty of Thorns by slaughtering sabbat across the United States. They always accepted land as payment for their services. They fought their way from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean.

-Svidi is known for spreading the history, tactics, and documents of the movement to as many as he can.

Current Activities: -Recruiting for the SoO


The Sons of Odin


Brunhilde and The Valkries, Grim The Berserks Killer, The Sons of Odin MC, too many Gangrel, Brujah, and Malkavians to list, and many members within and without the movement.


-Brunhilde the Gossip (deceased), no currently claimed bloodfeud.

-Has not fought the followers of the Cursed Kinslayer or the Cammunists since the Debacle of Fire Document that Bulvi signed. Even though some asshole crossed his name off Svidi still follows it due to Bulvi saying he signed it.


A Valkyrie


-Rolf-The Founding Three: Ironhorse Chapter (adopted caitiff/deceased)

-Ulf-The Founding Three: Ironhorse Chapter (adopted caitiff/deceased)

-Nicholas "Nick" Night (SoO: Road Captain)

-Sylvester "Slick" Thompson (SoO: Executive Board)

-Jamie Svidisdottir (Cammunist)

-Neilvar the Blessed (SoO: Prospect)

-Tyr (Sons of Tyr: Ductus)



Character Inspirations

Bulvi- The 13th warrior, Che, Socrates, Camus, Uhtred,


Warren Zevon, The Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, The Clash,Amon Amarth, Motorhead


-"Rule number one is fucking non-negotiable. Dont ever go anywhere alone." said to other anarchs anywhere

-"You put five hardcore motherfukcers on the meadcup, give em combat shotguns, a ballistic vest, a half a dozen malotov cocktails, and burn those bastards out at noon. Take care of your huskarls and they will take care of you." said to anarchs anywhere

-"The Warjoy is rising up inside me. It will be time for the Song of Battle soon enough. Come now my ravens you will feast on the blood and ashes of those unworthy." Heard before many battles

-"I never had a formal ejaculation Roland. We didn't have schools when I was a boy." heard in the Windy City years ago

-"..... I have hung thousands upon thousands for you Chieftan and Spearmaster .... You are the Wishgiver.... You have given Me victory...I have given you Sacrifice Lord Of Hosts" Svidi Rebuking Odin

-" I was destined to be the foolish Forgotten. I will not give up my faith for the songmead. I am the Shortsighted and always will be. You will always be the Chieftan. I have statues to you Lord of the Slain. I have a statue I give BLÔT to of your Son the Silent One ...... Vidar. He will avenge us Lord of Hosts when we finally fall. I worship the Thick Browed Thunderer for many reasons. He is the warrior without peer. I see him as the defender of Midgard. Also I worship him whenever I make something. You are Volkjosandi the Chooser of the Slain. I am Einherjar one of the Chosen Slain. My fate is tied to yours. I will stand with you and die fighting Fenrir when the Fate of the Gods plays out." Svidi praying to Odin


-Rumor has it that he is a pagan that serves ancient norse gods, and performs strange rituals.

-He was a Methuselah due to all his diablaries in the anarch revolt, but was diablarized himself by a neonate in the early 19th century. Some say he ate the neonate from inside out to regain control of his new body.

-It is said he has a severe temper and is prone to fits of extreme violence. Some say he is addicted to bloodmead made with the vitae of werewolves, and is extremely violent when he is deep in his cups.

-Svidi is an addict that survives from one fix to the next

-Plays the piano for a select few

-Has been seen at a zombie fashion show.

-Died but was Infernally wished back to life by someone

-Is now a practicing Catholic.

-Died fighting Moloch and is being impersonated by one of his childer

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