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Real Name: Ruby Cross

Political Impulse: Radical

Path: Path of Humanity-ish

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: STEM Junkie


Physical description: Petite frame, cute, & a total grease monkey. Always kinda messy and disheveled. Very often looks like she just came out from under the hood of a car.

Usual choice of clothes - Cartoon & pop culture t-shirts, jeans, work boots, coveralls, glasses, goggles. Pockets are always filled with tools and toys and tech.

Character Information

What's Been Going on Thus Far

Background: Foolishly tried to hack Aaron Cross' computer network and subsequently became his childe after one thing led to another.

Current Activities: Setting up mad security for Egypt Valley. Learning how to be Brujah. Helping build the Knights. Playing video games, like, all the time. Drinking like a fish.


Aaron Cross






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Favorite Color

Look! A blue Ruby!

Favorite TV Show

How It's Made

Favorite Video Game

World of Warcraft

Character Inspirations

She kinda looks like this.


Ruby's song
Ruby's song
Ruby's song

Addicted to Love


• Ruby and her sire are actually Ravnos...

• Ruby is actually a Will Worker...

• Ruby is one of the three most influential female Anarchs in the US...

• Ruby has a princess complex...

• The Knights are secretly Sabbat...

• The Knights are too like the Camarilla...

• The Knights hunt those who defect from the Anarchs mercilessly...

• Aaron Cross & Annad are the two scariest Anarchs... and Ruby is the nice one...

* Ruby has some sort of tinker-engineer vibe going....

* Ruby is a Setite....

June, 2017

July, 2017

October, 2017

March, 2018

May, 2018

July. 2018

Ruby Logo.jpg

Gang Knights
Clan Brujah
Position Sweeper
Prestige None
Barony Cambridge, OH
Political Impulse Radical
Path Humanity
Player Email


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