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Gang None
Clan Gangrel
Position Sweeper
Prestige 2
Barony Gainesville
Political Impulse Militant
Path Path of Humanity ••
Player Jesse



Rick Calhoun outside the Laboratory
Rick's fight form (Red Wolf)
Rick's Flight form (Great Horned Owl)

Alias(es): Dick, Roller (he doesn't like nicknames though), Moon Moon, London.

Real Name: Rick Calhoun (Rarely gives his last name)

Apparent Age: early 20s

Concept: Country Gangrel finding his way back into humanity and trying to figure out where he sits in today's world. Figuring out how he's supposed to fit in.

Physical description: He doesn't have too many distinguishing features, save for his bestial traits (listed below). Hair's generally longer and unkempt. Clothing tends to be a bit dirty and tattered, yet presentable. Does not smell particularly bad nor good. Mostly that of flora and dirt.

Current animal 'traits': (usually hidden via Mask of 1000 Faces) Thick tufts of fur along most of his torso, some feathers running down the backside of each arm, and yellow-golden eyes.

Relevant Mechanics: Has numerous animalistic physical traits and tends to behave a bit more animalistic as well, often sniffing at things (or people). Very sharp senses all around though. Tends to wear a hoodie to help hide himself from cameras and such. Also is colorblind, but that's not so easily noticeable as the importance of such doesn't come up very often. Heightened Senses helps the situation, though certain colors can be very similar as shades of gray.

Character Information

Country Gangrel.

Known History

Basic Timeline: 1970: Born in Connecticut. Hasn't generally told much in the way of details of his past, but does mention the many travels over time and enjoyment of the outdoors.

~1990: About the time he was embraced. Not much known about the sire while travelling through the Appalachian Mountain trails. Assumed to be some Gangrel that testing him to see if he would make a worthy individual if he survived. But he doesn't know who that individual was. Only knew that the individual was a female as best as he could recall.

2009-current: After spending nearly 20 years surviving and keeping mostly to himself and the animals in the woods there, he would find himself seeking out people at camp sites to feed from seeing as one could only do so much on animal blood. For a while, he let the Beast and instinct hold more control of him. The specifics on what he had to do may or may not be told, but it's not something he cares to dwell on if he's talked about it. Joined the Anarch movement late in 2009 and has been in Gainesville since. Enjoying the freedom of being an individual and able to do his own thing while keeping in touch with his humanity. Though, naturally, his time away from humanity can be easily sen in his demeanor often times as well. Recently was nearly destroyed, and thought dead at the hands of an infernalist. He's recovered, but not completely over the incident.

2011-2012: Many things have happened. Dealing with a disembodied spirit most know of as Joel due to a botched ritual done at Palatka when dealing with infernal-related things, he has popped up again in late November 2012. Though things about him have been silent now along the end of December and January so far. Time will tell if there is more. Also finished dealing with the mercenary gang of anarchs called The Thunderbolts. While their war-minded gang caused many problems, 3 or 4 of them were just outright murdered even though the task was to torpor them and bring them somewhere where they may be more welcome and with like-minded individuals. This event has lead Rick to further question his own growing ease at seeing things killed or killing himself. While he was fine killing when it was necessary, one thing he always told himself and others is that you don't kill another Anarch unless there is absolutely no other choice. Obviously other people have different opinions.

Also late 2012, one he would consider a good friend, Anna, was captured and killed by the Sabbat. The Sabbat from Ocala has really been causing issues as of late. A few times now, they have come into town and caused many problems. First with someone named Pappi Diablo. Found the name kind of funny considering they're against everything Infernal, apparently. Was also apparently one of their past leaders, called a Bishop. First the guy runs over several innocent people with a van where Rick tried to help save those who he could, but most were simply suffering and wouldn't live anyways. So, he helped them move on to whatever lies beyond death.

2013: So far, the Sabbat continue their antics, apparently preparing for something of a war. Believed to have come into the city a couple times now to do their mass-embracing in the city leaving the Anarchs to clean up and do damage repair. Again, time will tell what will come of this.

2014: Had issues with a gang of Anarchs that came into town calling themselves the Thunderbolts. While a few of them were alright, they were what you could say a 'militant' group. Their care for the Masquerade was less than impressive, causing those of us already here to have to clean up their mess. Eventually, there was a dispute that ended up blowing up rather spectacularly, resulting in a big fight that ended with most of the Thunderbolts being killed or torpored. It was not supposed to happen like that, but it did. Rick makes it clear that he did not kill any of them.

2015: Originally trying to find out what happened to the Anarchs over in the Pensicola area (after having no contact in a while from the area), we got side-tracked at Panama City where we came across another group of Anarchs that were seemingly having issues with Settites. Trying to help out, there was much more to the situation than originally known. There was an elder Gangrel there that had been there since the beginning of that City and was growing unsettled how the cities began to crowd out everything else in the area and wanted things the way they were. Or at least, more in his control. Unfortunately, it had to end in his death as he had Blood Bound his childer. Luckily, things were able to be resolved in the area when we were notified of Werewolf problems back in Gainesville due to prior events at a State Prison that got blown up and set on fire by a few of the other Anarchs. Found an old Caern that existed in the nearby area and was sealed somehow by Settites. Breaking those seals released some kind of spirit, it seems and now is emboldening this one elder werewolf that's been the head of this 'investigating' pack that had moved in recently. He's apparently called a Glass Walker. Though I don't know the specifics of what that means yet. Suffice it to say, peace with at least that individual is going to be unlikely.

•Lots of things happened in this year. Found out a lot of the toxic stuff that was showing up in the forests and rivers were caused by the black spiral dancing that we were working with to deal with the werewolves from Tallahassee and using an old place of power with a spirit bound to it.
• Also continued to investigate the ongoing building projects that were happening along the corner of 13th St. and University Ave.
• One of the worst things I had to experience in my life happened this year. The loss of one of my wolves. They helped me shortly after I was embraced. I gave them a gift to have them by my side for as long as I live. And hopefully longer. I cherish the one that is left. And anyone who hurts or tries to harm the animals I care for will not have mercy.
• Had someone trying to do a protection ritual named Scotty, who was trying to help, it seems. But at a cost that we weren't really comfortable with allowing. But he continued anyway. Suffice it to say, most of us didn't quite see eye to eye with him.

• This was an odd year. Came across some 'experiements' done on kindred and others by a fairly demented person working at Tacachale. A place for the...mentally handicapped.
• Ended up having someone stealing babies from a hospital. Left the scent of some kind of canid. Assumed to have been a Black Spiral or Garou.
• Joined up with a new gang with Edmund and Concord, along with Rachel, Duke, adding a few others afterwards. Called it Adversary.
• In June, I had a bit of fun. Didn't really realize there was an old Elysium or haven of sorts that the city had that was mostly from it's Camarilla days before I arrived. Under the area near Lucky's where there was an old building. Got mostly destroyed a long time back. Probably from a couldun.
• This was around the time I continued my focus in just learning stuff. Whatever I could get my hands on, really. Learned that the more you know, the better you can deal with shit and survive.

• Was made one of the Sweepers for the Movement here. Yay?
• More travelling to learn new things. Spent a lot of this year doing that, actually
• Had drama happen with Tera and a mortal searching for her. Apparently having to do with her past family before she was embraced. Unfortunately, Tera has no memory of what happened in her past before the embrace. So this whole thing became an awkward and annoying thing to deal with as she kinda had to figure out if she wanted to learn more about who she used to be, or cut ties and just forget who she used to be and just be who she is now without finding out more about her past. But that's Tera's thing, not mine.
• Totally sorta accidentally made a plane blow up. To be fair, some Giovanni and others were trying to effectively kidnap an anarch named Lyra. Now, I was trying to figure out a way to stop the plane. For some reason, instead of just trying to rip off one of the wheels on the thing, my brilliant thought was to rip off one of the engines instead. Caused the damn thing to blow up! That was not exactly a fun experience. Thankfully, the anarch on the plane wasn't harmed. She was in a suitcase. Got everyone out.
• Had a Sabbat pack in the city who was running from other Sabbat. Apparently, there was some kind of in-fighting and they were seeking refuge. They were pretty new to the Sabbat, but definitely had drunken the Kool-Aid more than a few times. Decided to at least let them stay for a time until they prove themselves that they're willing to at least help us while they stay here. We have hopes that we can try and sway them away from what the Sabbat teaches and instead bring them into the Movement. We'll see.
• Took back Panama City Beach from the group of werewolves that were up there. Was both easy and difficult at the same time. Some of them ran. We were originally trying to prevent that, but at least one or two still got away.
• Had some really strange fungus growing int he sewer systems. Seemed to be almost sentient? Apparently had some kind of spirit involvement.
• Went to a couple Gangrel fires this year. Lot of fun! Great stories, new and old faces. All good stuff.

• Big Gangrel name got killed. Albrekt. Never really got to meet him, but I heard he was a good one around for the most part. Killed by Trevor Kilroy.
• Began fixing up an old hunting club that sorta still belongs to Jean Michelle, old Gangrel that was around the area back when it was a Camarilla domain. Used to be Prince of it for a while, apparently. He tends to kind of wander around now these days.
• Shit hits the fan up in Jax and starts spilling over a little bit down where we're at. Not much at the moment, but still something needing to be kept watch over.
• Decided to go from the Council system we'd been using and testing out for the past 3 years back to a barony. Felt that too often the council members weren't around as often as they needed to be to really succeed at the goal of what they were supposed to be doing. We'll see how the barony goes again! I don't really care since it's not going to affect what I do or how I go about doing it.
• Had shit happening in Starke with Giovanni taking up residence there in order to 'capitalize' on the ghosts in the area by the old prison there. Obviously, we didn't really like them being there, but also didn't want to start an unnecessary conflict with the Giovanni, either. Edmund, in particular, took issue with this. For the obvious reason that he didn't want to see those ghosts being forced into slavery, effectively.
• Still trying to learn more stuff! I have a feeling this is gonna be something that's kinda never-ending. Eh, suppose that's a good thing.
• Travelled up to a kick-ass fire up in Virginia. Helped some Cammies save some people from the Daeva. Considering they're a threat to everyone, I was fine with helping.
• Back in a gang with his ghouls.

• Ah, a new decade. Nice to see some things change and others not.
• As of March, had part of the hunting club destroyed by giant pigs/boars. Apparently, these were some grown by Tzimisce. Along with some stone bat creatures who seemed to act as mounts as well as observers. The pigs were damn huge with the male the size of a large SUV, the female the size of a VW bug or something. And the babies being the size that normal full-grown pigs are normally at. The stone bats were basically sentries. Used to report anything that happened. Definitely need to handle this shit.

Current Activities: Currently doing what he can to help the movement out still, having become friends with many he's met. Protecting the city that he's been calling 'home' for over 10 years now is also a priority. Has come to an understanding how technology has come so far since he had been around last even if he doesn't know how to use most of it. While it's fascinating to use computers and has now used them on a few occasions to type up some things on e-mail, but quickly gets annoyed by them when it doesn't work like he wants it to. So, he tends to use technology in 'small' amounts. He also does have a cell phone, but doesn't use it often. Sometimes forgets to charge it. Travels a lot to meet people, learn new things, and exchange stories.

Merit Details: not really sure what to put here. No obvious merits that can be noticed except for a Mixed Blessing he has of a thick Hide(usually hidden via Mask of 1000 Faces) Blends in with the rest of his animal traits though. He does have exceptionally sharp senses of sight, hearing, and smelling.

Background: Has been known to go around to a few places. Mostly one of the various clubs as the places tend to be an easy place to get 'food'. Also has a couple 'pet' wolves that he's brought down with him. Those two are the only one's he's publicly talked about though. Now also has several more 'pets' including some stray dogs, owls, buzzards, and notably an alligator (though that one still spends most of the time in Lake Alice, or at least around it) Currently has 3 Retainers. One is a wolf (recently had another that was killed by a werewolf), an owl, and an alligator.


previous gangs: 43rd Street Gang Vanguard Gang Malignant Narcissism The Adversary

Current Gang: Currently none. Though claims to be in a gang consisting of his ghouls


He largely trusts many of the Anarchs he knows, but is most familiar with Delilah Monroe and Tiffany Wester. But due to some events in the past, he's had more difficulty giving his trust to others until he knows them well-enough.

People he knows:

Justus - Been through thick and thin with him. But after he left for another gang and essentially leaving me behind multiple times, I tend to stay more detached from him than I used to.

Luther - Don't know that much about him actually. Mostly soft-spoken and professional.

Aidan Donnally - Deceased

Jackal - Deceased

Lexington Parker - Possibly Deceased?

Jose - Deceased? Decent guy. Tells good stories. Has some odd things about him though. I still don't know if his gang members were actually real, or just a figment of his imagination...

Johnny - Don't know whether he's a genius or dumb as rocks sometimes. He's a decent talker, but will talk you in circles all day long. I think at least half the times I've frenzied since my embrace has been because of this fucker.

Jimmy McTavish - Entertaining guy. Very outgoing, but really quick to excite. Been gone a long time. Rumors about him making deals with infernals. Not sure if any of that shit is true. But he hasn't stuck around, either.

Edmund Sullivan - Deals with the dead. After getting to know him, he's a cool guy. Went through a time where he was seriously hitting the coke a little too hard. Was in a gang with him a while. I consider him a good friend and a good ally at this point.

Elvis - Shady guy if you ever knew one. Very secretive and rarely see him ever unless he's talking with his gang. No clue what happened to him. Dropped off the face of the Earth, it seems.

John Marshall - Complicated person. Emotional but keeps coming back to the things he doesn't like. Not sure where he's gone now.

Alexander Winner - Sometimes happy to see him, sometimes want to punch him in the face. Not sure what's happened to him though. Crazy fucker, but seemed to have a good heart most of the time.

Martin Boshardt - Guy's been through a lot. Good guy though from what I know of him so far.

Victor Parish - Don't know much about the guy. Though I think he went a little crazy on wanting revenge when a couple of his gang-mates were killed. This was back when I had just joined the 43rd street gang.

Oswald - Deceased

Jack "Davis" Henry - didn't know the guy that well. Not sure where he is today.

Mad Dog Boone - Asshole sometimes. Tries to be a comedian and often fails terribly. I think he's well-intentioned, but its almost impossible to figure out if he was being serious about something or not. Not to mention, it was never easy to tell if what he said was truthful or just delusional. Hasn't exactly been active lately. Think he decided to travel a bit.

Trent Silver - I think he's dead now. But he was an interesting guy. Nice to talk to actually.

Night - Dead? I don't even know now. It's been forever since I've seen this guy.

Michael James della Passaglia - He was alright to talk to. Perhaps only one of a few Giovanni I'm willing to deal with. I don't trust a damn one of them though.

Draven Green - Deceased. The past finally caught up with him and he sacrificed himself pretty much. Definitely crazy in the head though. But generally an alright guy and quite the imagination.

Delilah Monroe - Another crazy one, but one that's been around a good while and is a good ally. She can see some crazy visions, but they've been kinda scarily accurate a lot of times.

Anna - Deceased. Good friend. Taught me how to use computers on a basic level. Helped me out in a number of situations. She will be missed.

Jakkie - Good person from what I've seen. A bit shy almost, but she's informative and doesn't mind helping. Was gone a long while, seems to be coming by a lot more often now. Good to see.

Maury - Probably about the only Cam guy I care to deal with at all. Even then, only limited. Stays on UF campus.

Void - Deceased. He was a...strange one.

Nairi Riad - Sometimes comes off a little stuck-up, but I tend to agree with her more often than not. She's got a good head on her shoulders even if she butts heads fairly frequently.

John Stiletto - Still not too sure about him. He's decent at talking and making deals. Amusingly carries a stiletto heel shoe that works as a stake. A bit secretive, but seems like a decent guy.

Briar - Interesting guy. Fun accent. Likes to push a few buttons. But what brujah doesn't, right?


(more to come)


Sabbat in general. No particular individuals so far in any of the other sects yet though. Still remembers the Lasombra that killed Dusty when in Cedar Key and would like him dead. Also pissed at whoever was responsible for Aidan Donnally's death. Also seriously pissed at a particular werewolf that killed one of his animal retainers he held rather dearly.


Currently unknown (may be interested in a PC sire as it would make for interesting story). Left in the forest along the Appalachian Trail in the mountains but was not seen again.


None known or at least admitted to


Character Inspirations


Currently thinking of "Of Wolf and Man" by Metallica


(others can feel free to add something to this if they'd like)

  • "Damn it, Rick..." -- said by many after he accidentally assisted werewolves in reclaiming a cairn, and most other incidents that Rick is involved in.


  • Rick is in a gang of just his retainers.
  • Rick blew up a forest.
  • Rick is a were-puffin.
  • Rick is Tera Jacob's brother.
  • Rick has a dresser that is built into a tree, with drawers and everything.
  • Rick likes to blow things up
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