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Gang Unknown
Clan Gangrel
Position Unknown
Prestige Unknown
Political Impulse Unknown
Path Unknown
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Raquel, Raquel Fjordarsdottir, The chooser of the slain

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 17/18


Physical description:

Raquel looks young, but her face seems to be consumed by the imortal ages, showing deep dark circles under her eyes. Somehow, anyone who gets close can feel that the beast inside her is strong. Her caucasian european-like face is usually dirty and her natural blonde hair is always messed up, sometimes with grass and leaves on it. Her left eye's iris is white, just like wolves' eyes, and her right eye is dark green. Raquel's skin is covered with deep scars all over her body. She seems to be used to feeling pain. Her fangs are bigger than usual, being apparent even with her mouth closed. Her clothes appear to be used for a long time, the red long sleeved shirt has some holes and her brown pants has scratches. She never wears any kinds of shoes, prefering to walk with her feet only. Raquel wears two necklaces. One of them is full of different types of teeth (some of them seem to be human) separated with a red rounded seed, and the other looks like a claw of a huge animal, with a Leopard sculpted on it's edge.

Character Information

Known History

Raquel's refuge is in Florianopolis long time before Florianopolis's Domain was created. When the Camarilla of Florianópolis was formed (around the 60's), she became the primogen and kept this position untill march of 2011, when Tulio Deschamps did a Praxis and became the Prince. Raquel left the Camarilla at 2012's december, when her Elder was killed by Amilcal. Raquel joined the Anarchy in 2013.


Hiding her scars and pale skin


Luigi Falcone

Hans Grunnin Von Hunsrück


João Caneca

Cecília M. Stills

Lucas Bonfim




Miguel dos Santos

Rafael Vexille

Heitor Santos

Caio (Deceased)

Barry (Deceased)

Adolf Von Dunkel (Deceased)

Ronaldo Bertolucci (Deceased)




Alexey Dimitrov




Lucas Viccari

Alícia (Deceased)

André Sampaio (Deceased)

José Boiteaux/Condesse (Deceased)

Laura Luíse (Deceased)




Luiz Eduardo, Hraustr



Character Inspirations


Orion - Metallica

Metal contra as nuvens - Legião Urbana

Of wolf and man - Metallica

All nightmare long - Metallica


"Franguinho!" - ["Chicken"] - To the Ancient Toreador of Florianopolis's Domain, while he ran away from a combat.

"If this was my land, you would certainly be destroyed..." - A powerfull Prince of other domains to Raquel

"Too bad it ain't" - Her answer to this same Prince

"Raquel: Um poço de delicadeza" - ["Raquel: A well of ternderness/delicacy] - Heitor Santos about Raquel

"I swear over my blood that I'll come back from hell to kill you" - To Alexey Dimitrov when he attempted to destroy Raquel (and failed)


It is said that Raquel was present on the moment of death of almost all her enemies.

They say that after the Camarilla was attacked in Joinville, Raquel was hunted by the Sabbat for three years and had to cross Brazil by foot to get back on her domain.

Soon after Florianopolis's Domain was created, an Ancient Tremere set fire to most of the Members present at a Camarilla meeting. Raquel was one of the targets and, while still on fire, punched the Ancient Tremere's face.

Some say that Raquel broke into this same Ancient Tremere's refuge after the attack, invading it for some reason. Nothing happened apparently, but months later she vouched for this Tremere to be the Prince on Florianopolis's Domain.

When Andre Sampaio was the Prince of Florianopolis, he placed Barry, an important ally for Raquel, under a Bloodhunt. Sampaio ordered her to destroy Barry, but she argued and refused to obey him, claiming that his reasons for the Bloodhunt where stupid and selfish. Later that night, Barry's Bloodhunt was removed and nothing happened to both Barry and Raquel.

Raquel invaded a Werewolf's home by mistake, fought him and left alive.

Raquel was part of the successful Hunter "hunting" at Florianópolis. She destroyed lots of Hunters and didn't suffer a single scratch.

They say she fought a human-torch creature with her bare claws and fangs and didn't got burn.

Raquel went in the same car as Maharbal to find his real intentions. Hours later, she came back, also without a scratch.

Raquel won the Giovanni's Poker game at a Giovanni Party in Florianópolis. She learned to play poker 5 minutes before the game started.

She was the chosen one to keep Andre D'Zunega's Sword.

Raquel fought Patrick De Laman in the victorious battle that got him destroyed.

The Brujah Justicar himself, Jaroslav Pascek, ordered all the Brujah to protect Raquel on the battle against Patrick De Laman.

Raquel was one of the few survivors of the battle in Caixias do Sul against the Baali who corrupted Patrick de Laman. This Baali is known as Leviatan, child of Moloch, and Raquel was part of the seven kindred who ended the battle standing up (all the others ended up in torpor or destroyed).

Some say she's got her permanent scars on Caixias do Sul battle against Leviatan.

In a small group formed by Raquel, a Ventrue and two Malkavians, Raquel was able to rescue the seneschal Erico Martins de Abreu who was being kept by the infernalists. She entered alone in the place he was being captive, rescued him alive and, again, left without a single scratch.

Art Morgan traveled to Brazil to come to Raquel's Gangrel gather.

She was the one who chopped off Alicia's head, a powerfull Lasombra Sabbat leader on the south of Brazil, and had to go through fire to do it.

Alexey Dimitrov, responsible for killing at least three very old members at Florianopolis and the only blood-hunted kindred in decades on the region, tried to kill Raquel and failed.

She fought with Amilcal, the Ancient killer who destroyed Boitata (the oldest Gangrel in Florianopolis) and many other ancient kindred. She was left without a single scratch.

As a revenge for Amilcal destroying Boitata, Raquel invaded his refugee with other gangrel, burnt his house and killed his Infernalist allies.

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