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Gang Currently None
Clan Unknown
Position Baron
Prestige None?
Barony Nomadic
Political Impulse Undeclared
Path Path of Humanity
Player Gerard



Chef Bob at Ohio's Grand Elysium 2012, probably hunting down a refill

AKAs: Bob North, Chef Bob the Anarch, Chef the Florist, Diablo Alejandro Dimelo Gandhi, Golden Fingers, Robert Randolph, Player One, Lord Alabaster's House of Pleasures, Monsieur Thenadier, DJ Poohmirror, Silky Sampson, Silky Swagson, Sugardaddy Warbuxxx, The People's Choice, Everybody Knows, J.D. Moxley, The Hookup's Hookup, The Sunday Family Penny Reader, Agent Double-Oh Y.O.L.O, and many others.

Real Name: ???

Apparent Age: Mid 20s.


Physical description:

Relevant Mechanics:

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline:

  • Early 2000s: The Vampire known as Bob did a very brief tour of the west coast during the early 2000s, though strangely enough he didn't make much of an imprint or stay in one place for more than a night or two.
  • 2003 - 2006: Unknown. Bob, by and large, falls off of the radar for about three years.
  • Summer 2006: Bob pops up for another tour along the west coast, this time throwing in his lot with the Anarchs.
  • Fall 2006: Bob falls off of the side of the planet.
  • 2006 - 2012: Unknown. Presumably, Bob has adventures...or falls into torpor...or writes a book...or something.
  • January 2012: Bob re-emerges in Western New York, offering some of his services to the local Barony. Very few things explode, for better or worse.
  • April 2012: Western New York suffers some kind of cross-dimensional threat. Bob is nowhere to be found.
  • July 2012: Bob pops up at the Grand Elysium in Columbus. Within about a half hour, he's accused of attempting to sexually assault a Camarilla Primogen. Despite this "minor misunderstanding" with the local Camarilla authorities, Bob remains to spend a ridiculous amount of money on their auction and drink wildly.
  • September 2012: Bob's big-spending ways continue, this time at the Buffalo Auction (Hosted by Whip Luca Fantochini of Toreador). Evidently, this was an eye-opener for the domain, who previously assumed Bob was merely a "Broke-assed Anarch".

Current Activities:

  • Bob is known amongst some Vampiric circles (Some Camarilla, but mostly Anarch) as being a "Chef," and seems to generally enjoy offering "samples" of his "Down-home Cooking" to the curious.
  • Very recently Bob has shown an interest in trading baubles and curiousities, both mundane and supernatural.



  • Jack Quin(Deceased), who introduced Bob to the game of Cat-A-Walling. Someday, we'll pour one out for you. Quin, I mean. Not so much the cats.
  • Chris Smith, currently on the side of a milk carton.
  • Jack Stiles, Bob's predecessor as Baron.
  • Nobody Important
  • Aegis Cole, mostly due to a shared appreciation for hair care products.
  • Sondra Delori, after realizing they shared an appreciation for tomfoolery.
  • Prince Julius Cole of Philadelphia, whom Bob has taken to publically calling "Mama Bear" on multiple occasions.
  • Kira Sakai


  • Shiloh, who got jealous when he started talking up Rue Massoud in Buffalo. Shiloh gets particularly irate whenever the two are around one another.
  • Warren J. Peace(Deceased), who got seriously hot after finding out that the combined might of his elder council couldn't outbid the "Lowly Anarch." There was also a misunderstanding over a gesture of Chef Bob's goodwill that left things at a simmer.

The Source of my Daddy Issues

Unknown. Bob doesn't like to talk about it, and hasn't come across a Vampiric Psychologist yet.


Mary Christmas
Molly Pure


Character Inspirations (aka The New Math)

Kanye West + "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase + Stringer Bell + [Censored for Content] + _____________ = Chef Bob

"What Does Excess Sound Like, Bob?"

I'm glad you asked.

Wallpaper - I got soul, I'm so wasted
Lonely Island - Afterparty
Kanye West & Jay Z ft. Frank Ocean and the Dream - No Church in the Wild
I Fight Dragons - Money
Daft Punk - One More Time
Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman
Muse - Hysteria
LMFAO - Sorry for Party Rocking
David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj - Turn me on
Sixx A.M. - Dead Man's Ballet
Meek Mills - Amen
Trey Songz - Two Reasons


"Is this Michael Jackson circa 1990 going through a punk phase? I'm a little scared." -Crash
"Wrong decade, Crash. He's clearly stuck in the 1980s. Wow. Just... trainwreck wow." -Burn


  • Chef Bob was paid handsomely to supply a Ventrue primogen's raging drug habit.
  • Within an hour of touching down in Columbus, he was accused of being a Setite, a Baali, and a serial molester. Three hours later he was cleared of all charges.
  • When charged with arranging entertainment for the Anarchs, Bob put together a rolling party of hundreds within an hour. Since then, he's taken to calling himself "The Hookup's Hookup"
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