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Gang Knights Errant
Clan Gangrel
Position Deceased
Prestige Screw Loose
Barony Port Errant
Political Impulse Radical
Path Path of Humanity
Player Kelly




Alias(es): Wildflower, Water-Flower, Mary, Xiang, Mouse, Zochtyl, Castitas Lilium, Mrs. Yang, Fish, Chai Neow, Murdoch, The Random Exception, Skinny, Pintu, Quarter-Blood, Wyldeyes

Real Name: Maggie Summers

Apparent Age: Late teens

Concept: Hippie Artist Oracle...gone feral

Physical description: Piscin might have once looked innocent, with her petite frame that suggests she was probably still a teenager when Embraced. Now, however, her seemingly youthful demeanor belies a feral intensity that speaks to her predatory nature. Her gaze is often distant and distracted, a contemplative smirk typically on her face. She usually dresses in faded jeans and a black jacket, sometimes with buttons or other shiny knick-knacks, along with a bright green scarf hanging from one shoulder or belt loop. Her dirty hair is a bird's nest so tangled it's almost in dreads. A thin chain with dangling bells hangs around her neck, and a collection of bells, chains, beads and bangles cover her arms from wrists to elbows. Her feet are always bare.

Relevant Mechanics: Piscin only sporradically hides her beast traits as a matter of convenience; many have seen her long wildcat's tail, the small horns that grow from her forehead, the iridescent reptilian scales on her forearms, and her tufted lynx ear tips. She has taken to wearing sunglasses, because her wolf's eyes have recently begun shifting strange, impossibly bright colors and glowing to match her mood. Her fangs no longer retract.

Character Information

Anarch Reputation/Notoriety: Screw Loose
Malkavian Clan Prestige: In Abstentia

Known History

Basic Timeline:

Time in the Camarilla: Embraced against her will at Woodstock, Maggie Summers originally joined the Camarilla for protection against her Sabbatist sire. She became pretty influential in the Mid-Atlantic, where she was known for her incredibly high Humanity, her frequent visions, and her found-item sculptures. She held several lesser positions and was working with several Archons and other luminaries during the siege against New York City. Many Camarilla Elders seemed overly protective of her.

Politically Undecided: Seemingly out of nowhere, Maggie changed her name to Piscin and left the Tower (sacrificing no small amount of standing) to join the Movement. After a brief period of wandering and visiting the SoCal Free States, she declared herself Autarch/Independent and entered torpor for two years. Her reasons for this breakdown are open to speculation. Since rising, her political impulsiveness faded, and she re-joined the Movement with renewed zeal. She spent some time wandering, learning about the Cause and earning a reputation for herself.

Committed to the Cause: After aiding in the destruction of a Sabbat pack claiming to be Anarch, Piscin became Baron of a new Free State in Bloomsburg, PA. A few months later, the local population relocated to Williamsport. While she cringes at the title, she acts as the voice of her territory when dealing with the Movement as a whole. She is one of the founding three members of The Knights Errant.

Current Activities:

Rarely in one place for long, Piscin has travelled to fight the the Sabbat, the Camarilla, the infernal, and other enemies - usually as a scout - in various Anarch territories throughout the country. Additionally, Piscin shows signs that the intense visions have not subsided, and she does what she can to benefit the Movement with her unique insights. Seemingly unable to "lay low," Piscin often finds herself entangled in political wranglings with the Tower and the Sword. She has successfully recruited many neonates to the Cause, and has become something of an information broker with her expanding network of contacts.

Nonclave 2011: Piscin was seen interacting with an Elder Brujah named Eshmunamash the night of the battle at the Potomac. Many witnessed a drastic change in her countenance as a result of this meeting. First, the feverish twitching of her insanity was calmed, granting her a considerable degree of lucidity. Additionally, she was pulled away from her beast in an almost miraculous display - she began that evening in a state where any frenzy could be her last, and before the next moon's rise she was more Humane than she had been upon her Embrace.

Convention of Fire and Round Table 2012: Piscin and her gang have been organizing discussions about Anarch autonomy from the Camarilla. She has been traveling between Rants in many Anarch territories, keeping the discussion alive.

Nonclave 2012: Piscin had gained such notoriety that the Camarilla Tremere put her voice in a bottle for a night to make a point. She was also seen with the crew that rolled a local group of so-called militants who were thought causing issues; she dealt the death-blow to that group's ringleader. The political fallout from that debacle haunts her.

Samhain 2012 to Beltaine 2013: On edge, violent, burned out and worse, Piscin went on walkabout.

Summer 2013: Since Beltaine, Piscin's behavior became increasingly erratic. Her associations with otherworldly creatures were noted, and she began to speak more and more about dreams, and transcending her current state. Rumors abounded about attacks against the Sabbat, rivalry with the Sons of Odin, antagonism with the Camarilla, and her list of enemies grew nightly. She went blind from "picking a fight with an Elder," although this did not stop her from attending the Anarch gathering in New York to hear Garcia speak, and later on to attend Nonclave.

Final Death: Piscin was last seen with her hand on the detonation switch for a magical nuclear bomb on Roosevelt Island, loudly threatening to blow it and destroy all Kindred in the area - herself included.

Merit Details:

Prophetic - Not only does Piscin experience visions passively, but she also has the ability to delve deeper into the tapestry and force visions into her consciousness. These visions often leave her distracted and haggard from nightmares.


Malkavian Insight - Until very recently, Piscin had an uncanny insight into the mechanations of the jyhad. This insight was inextricably tied to her Malkavian blood; the knowledge drove her insane, but she found unique enlightenment within the madness. Since her Healing, however, this connection seems to have diminished or perhaps faded entirely.


Knights Errant


Her gang consists of herself, John Russo, Erik Logan, John Stiletto, Phillip Bankrofte, Mac and Henry Jones.

Original Vouches: Perez, Johnny Chang, and Lochlan Paige

Things Change: Piscin re-vouched for Joe Barclay after he destroyed Johnny Chang, a controversial stance that alienated her from Perez.

Within the Williamsport Free State: She gets along with Thaddeus Brown, William McMillian, Kit Dillon, and George.

Rockland/Orange County: Piscin is on good terms with the Custodians and the Bardonia family. She is particularly close with Eric, Tenna and Aaron Cross.

She is also close with The Lunar Wolves, particularly Pitbull and Byron.

Among The Ghosts, Piscin has past ties with Reva Massoud.

It's rumored that she has contacts with some of the Movement's Elders, like Big D and Tyler.

Past Camarilla and Malkavian ties: Jacob Black,Rishi Massoud,Aillish Gallagher, Slash, Irish and Mattias Roman.

Sabbat Contacts: Piscin has mentioned Grendel and The Twilight, although she does not speak of them at any great length or detail, and has certainly never been heard to call them allies. She was close with Cyrus Caine before he left the Movement for the Sword.


She is definitely on the "outs" with Clan Malkavian, particularly those who deny or attempt to "fix" insanity. She has professed open emnity with Doc Rorshack and Jesse Clayborne.

Many members of Clan Gangrel and their allies spoke out, and lashed out, against her "adoption." The most vocal of these were Dicky Redman, Svidi the Ironhorse and Krieger Klein.

Piscin remains distrustful and often vocally contemptuous of Philadelphia and Baltimore. The sentiment, while based on grudges from the past, is generally reciprocated by those who remember her. Relations are tense, at best, with their neighboring Free State in Delaware.

The mention of Adrian Serra's name has been known to evoke any reaction from hysterical weeping to full-blown frenzy.

While it's unclear what the nature of her relationship with Aetius is, or was, she sometimes argues with him when he isn't there.

Corbin Langley and his bloodline, including Joseph Gallagher - These local Brujah have a well-known and deadly grudge against the Anarch Movement.

Johnny Alcatraz - A mercenary and would-be assassin who spread slander and broke the Masquerade in his clumsy attempt to come after her.

Eshmunamash - Piscin speaks of his 'Healing' as spiritual rape. - Ongoing

Jasmine Wantland - A marked traitor to the Cause that Piscin once called ally.

MANY More...


By blood, her sire was a Sabbat Malkavian calling himself Jackson Hewitt, who was *Infamous in the Camarilla for his defection to the Sabbat. - Destroyed

At the Nonclave gathering of 2011, Piscin was claimed by Kelly, Half Blood of the Other-World and the Nine, of Clan Gangrel.

Nonclave 2012: (From left to right) Kelly Piscin Pixie


Aleya, aka Pixie Morrison
(Within the Camarilla, Piscin is an *Infamous Sire)


Connor, an Independent currently on walkabout

William McMillian, aka The Mad Piper, an Anarch in Williamsport

William O'brien, Sheriff of Martinsburg

Dana, Independent in Orange County NY

JC, former Sheriff of The Lehigh Valley (deceased)

Cal, an Independent in Northeastern Pennsylvania (deceased)

Mason, formerly an Anarch in The Functionally Insane (deceased)

Many more...

Character Inspirations

River Tam from Firefly

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Joon from Benny and Joon

Lucy from Across the Universe

The player's own Pisces-like tendencies


Radiohead's "Talk Show Host"

Deathcab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body"

Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

The Doors' "Break on Through (to the Other Side)"

Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence"

The Zombies "She's Not There"

Korn's "Coming Undone"

R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion"

Live's "Run to the Water"

Red's "Let it Burn"


"Ye were not made for these closed windows and locked doors. Ye were made to swing and climb from tree branches, and one night ye will find yer claws." - Kelly to Piscin

"I am a drug." - Piscin

"If you try to put me in my place again, I will turn your mind fucking inside out. It might be an improvement." - Piscin to Joseph Gallagher

"You know that I consider you phenomenal. You terrify me. You are as rare as this moon." - Svidi to Piscin, during the Solstice Eclipse

"How can you live like this?" - Asked of Piscin during telepathic contact
"How can you NOT?" - Piscin's response

"Yeah ... it's not cute. It's either really sad or terrifically terrifying ... or both at the same time. At no point is it cute." - said of Piscin

"You're like a big fluffy squirrel ... with cannibalistic instincts, wired reflexes, a cybernetic musculature, a hair trigger, anger issues, and gnashy teeth... and probably rabies..." - said of Piscin

" I have come to feel closer to you than any other creature, despite the fact that I both fear and accept that such a relationship can only result in the inevitable shattering of my sanity." - In a private letter to Piscin

"I don't fucking know, Piscin, why don't you expand on what you were saying and finish telling us how in the fuck you have proof that the moon is really a giant fucking orange that a jotun plucked and threw into space to save for a snack later?" - Krieger gets exasperated

"Telling me to calm down is known to have unpleasant side effects." - Piscin to Prince Holiday of Martinsburg

"Fixing you has broken you more than any breaking could have done." - Mason to Piscin, Nonclave 2011

"Piscin, you really are the random exception. To everything. I've just come to accept that about you." - Rishi Massoud to Piscin, Nonclave 2011

"To know me is to know that you will always be getting to know me. Such fluctuations between extremes are in my nature." - Piscin, after her Healing

"To be a Gangrel is to own every part of what you are." - Dicky Redman to Piscin, when discussing her 'adoption'

"I hate to tell you there is no Santa Claus, Piscin, but there isn't. No Waulkrie came down from Asgard to raise Svidi - a Vampire did. No Fae folk stole Kelly from his crib and sent him back 'touched' - a vampire bit him. Kurran DeSylvia didn't burst out of Gods arse with a six gun in each hand, either. Once upon a time, they were scared breathers who wanted nothing more then to eat, fuck, shit and sleep. Same with Max and Bellflower and Me. Don't let the shades of gray blind you." - One of Erik's many tirades

"You should talk to Piscin. She knows EVERYBODY." - Said repeatedly in New Orleans, 2011

“I hope you see this pain you Demon Fucker!!!” - shouted while going super-saiyan.

"I'm dizzy. I think that means I feel better." - Piscin, after an uncharacteristically organized and coherent statement.

"Ah Piscin, I want to make some magic thing so I can keep you in my pocket and then whip you out every time someone starts babbling about vampires being unchanging." - David Fletcher

"That's still the Jyhad, though. Just because we're LOSING doesn't mean we're not playing...all in." - said to a new recruit

"Wow, sister - there just isn't much of you left anymore, is there?" - The Twilight


She used to be more Humane than human. There were whispers of 'Golconda.' Few know how she fell so far, so fast, but for a long time, her increasingly tentative grasp on her beast - not to mention reality - was a cause for concern. What will happen now that she has been 'Healed' is anyone's guess.

Piscin's mere presence can drive you insane. People get possessive, fall in "love," lash out and attack...but few escape prolonged exposure with their psyche in tact.

Piscin suffers from Stockholm Syndrome; her "handlers" include Jones, Kelly, Erik and Svidi.

Piscin has past ties with the Camarilla, the Sabbat, Independent Gangrel and many others outside the Movement, causing some to question her loyalty to the Cause.

Piscin has killed everyone who has questioned her loyalty to the Cause.

Wait, I'm confused. Is Piscin a Malkavian or a Gangrel?

Piscin is a Setite Apostate. Or maybe a Ba'ali. I mean you've seen the horns, right?

Piscin is prone to unpredictable, and often violent, mood swings.

Piscin and her blood sire hunted each other for decades. She claims that he died by her hand. Some believe he is, or was, Archbishop St. Peter.

Piscin is some kind of addict, but few know her poison.

Piscin and Jackie Gifford are the same Kindred.

When she was still in the Camarilla, Piscin knew Garrett Dannington, Jacen Pompeii, and other members of their so-called 'coterie.' Some say they were allies, others that they were enemies. Pompeii was visibly angry at the sight of her just prior to her mysterious disappearance into torpor.

Piscin claims to have met the Final Death and awakened in her own ashes.

Piscin once vouched for someone who turned out to be an infiltraitor. They disappeared, permanently.

Piscin recruites neonates that are ignored by the Tower, much to the local Camarilla's dismay, and plays "den mother" to them.

Piscin tortures neonates into joining the Anarchs, and then brainwashes them to hate the Camarilla.

There is a substantial bounty on Piscin's head.

Piscin often talks about things she shouldn't...how does she get away with that?

Her sudden transformation at Nonclave is some kind of trick or delusion. You can't cure a Malkavian, and you sure as hell can't heal someone's Humanity. It's fucking weird, but that doesn't make it a miracle.

Piscin only recruited Henry Jones because he is her lover, and she wants his Thaumaturgy.

Piscin and Kelly are lovers. True Lovers, in fact.

The recent Conclave called on Kelly was entirely Piscin's fault.

Piscin isn't just on Walkabout - it's her honeymoon. She eloped with JC.

Piscin masterminded an attack on New York City for Beltane of 2013 that killed 2 Templars and an Inquisitor.

People have a tendency to die after marrying Piscin.

Piscin diablerized Maggie Summers.

Piscin is responsible for the otherworldly shennanigans at Nonclave 2013.

Piscin made the bomb at Nonclave 2013. The entire plan was hers, and only thwarted because in her blindness she lost her grip on the trigger.

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