Philip D´Angola

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Gang None
Clan Brujah
Position Leader Anarchy in Brazil
Prestige 5
Barony Nomad
Political Impulse Militant
Path Path of Honorable Accord ••••
Player Brazilian coord NPC



Upload when he was a slave.

Alias(es): Philip D´Angola

Real Name: Philip D´Angola Apparent Age: 30 years

Concept: The Legend Anarchy in Brazil.

Physical description: like the picture!

Relevant Mechanics: It would be a sort of Che Guevara, the Anarchist movement. Walking through the country from north to south, fighting all kinds of injustice and oppression.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: 1602 - arrived in Brazil Phillip D'Angola and his sire, a Portuguese ship and start looking for a city to install. 1612 - Phillip D'Angola, rebels to find that his master was supporting a noble lord of slaves. And run off to the Northeast. A less populated and with a small amount of Cainites. Fearing reprisal from his Sire, he began to promote the ideals of anarchy between mortals and some members as a way to shield himself. 1615 - Phillip is responsible for creating several Quilombo. Where inducing ideals of freedom and rebellion in refugees. With that, he begins to form the basis of Anarch movement in Brazil. He enjoyed Quilombos to speak their ideas and preaching abolition. 1624 - With the start of the Dutch invasion in Brazil, Philiph actively participates in the creation of the Palmares Quilombo, along with many former slaves, now ghouls. 1670 - Philiph can add about 20 thousand ex-slaves in Palmares and experiencing a period of relative harmony. 1677 - After the death of Ganga Zumba, one of the lackeys of Phillip, Phillip decides to replace the strategy of passive defense by a kind of guerrilla strategy, the practice of surprise attacks in plantations, freeing slaves and seizing weapons, ammunition and supplies, employing them in further attacks. 1695 - Phillip and yours are all trapped and killed in an ambush by the pioneer, but Phillip manages to escape that badly injured. 1710 - Without the military leadership of Phillip, the Quilombo dos Palmares fell apart completely. 1875 - Phillip landed in Fortaleza and part behind Hendrick and make an alliance. Many anarchists are going to Fortaleza this year. 1878 - Fortaleza were 28 members anarchists. On September 7, Phillip reads your Anarchist Manifesto, along with Hendrick and creates a fortress in the Free State. 1888 - Phillip, along with some Anarch's begin to spread their ideas among the newly freed slaves. 1892 - Philip enters torpor after waging a violent war with Patric of Laman. But with help from members, ghouls and deadly it can survive. But that cost the lives of almost all anarchists the state. 1950 - Phillip wakes from its long rest. It is reported that Hendrick was dead. With the emergence of the hippie movement, Phillip saw the opportunity to rebuild the movement Anarchist. And get to travel through the cities of the North, Northeast, Southeast and South, to establish the foundations of the system in Brazil.

Current Activities: Unknow

Merit Details: More than a revolutionary leader, Philip is an example for the Anarchist Movement in Brazil. He led most of the armed insurgencies in the country. Where inducing ideals of freedom and rebellion in refugees and the oppressed. He pioneered the movement Anarchy by Brazil.




a lot of.


Patrick de Laman (your Sire-deceased) and Edward Iron will (your brother)


Patrick de Laman



Character Inspirations




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